Sunday, 30 April 2017

May 2017 Monthly Forecast: ARIES, TAURUS

Planet Mars rules over your sign. Sun is now traveling through your sign until 14th of May. You are presently going through transitional phase of your life, feeling restless and energetic to re-invent yourself in some way. However, it would do you good to be extra cautious, though I foresee it will not be an easy task to do so, why you may ask? Well….the reason ---‘money’. Lately, your expenditures may be running high and they will continue to increase all through this month until 27th.  You may be thinking about how to increase your income, if career change at this phase of life is not easy or possible for various reasons, try to find ways to cut down your expenditures. Review, how you save or spend your money, check the outflow of cash, cut down or minimize the use of credit card. Finding new ways of supplementing your income is also possible. On 12th of May (plus minus one day) planets are beautifully aligned for you, divine light blesses you, so you can schedule important works on this day. Saturn in positive angle to your sign will assist you to stretch your capabilities. Please mark five days plus-minus around 29th of May on your calendar. This is the time when you should avoid confrontations with someone in authority or senior position. It is always good to follow traffic rules, however, astrologically speaking, please be careful while driving on or around 29th of May. 

Planet Venus rules over your sign. As the month opens, many planets crowd into the most secretive and private sector of your solar chart, while Mars, the planet of energy and action, will travel through your own sign until 26th. It is contradiction of sorts, Mars push you to move forward, take some actions but rest all planets wants you to slow down, think, plan and then move forward. You can spend a long time wondering why certain things have happened in your life but this can be awfully stressing. Past is past, and it is best to let it really go away. On 12th, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and prosperity, will bless you and on 14th of May, the Sun will ingress into your own sign. This helps you to see that everything that is happening and has happened in the past has a deeper meaning and a deeper purpose. Address your insecurities or fears whether they are related with your work, money or relationships. If, you are facing any health issues, perhaps you will need the advice of a doctor.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Month of April and May are months when you will work to increase your financial net-worth, increase your bank balance, buy jewelry or land. This month Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus will be retrograde most part. Retrograde means moving backward. Of course, the planets are not really going backwards only to us here on Earth, it appears to be moving backwards. With so many planets moving in retrograde motion, I would not advise you to take big career risks; caution is the word to follow are there are lot of things that you are probably not aware of and things may unfold in totally different manner than what you planned, so avoid taking unnecessary risks. From 7th through 18th, matters related with inheritance, taxes, bills, loans, sale and purchase of houses too will be strong. You may find this strange to read, from 13th of April through end of May, I foresee, many people coming and going in your house. Now for the big news, you are beginning a new cycle of 6 years from 7th of April, you are likely to make many changes in your life that break you out of your usual life routines. Changes to-- how you look, how you speak and even in your mannerisms will all reflect the changes that are going on inside you. It will be quiet exciting, as you will look at situations differently, think and react outside the box. You may also think about changing your location. The only negative aspect associated with this planetary tide is that you will mentally feel restless and more argumentative at times. Because of astrology, you know now, awareness is the antidote, because it empowers you to act differently!!!

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. From 7th of April, you have ended one 7 years cycle (bringing transformational changes in YOU) and initiating a new 7 years phase of your life. Self-confidence and self-esteem are two jewels that you have collected in these past few years. Changes will continue to move through but this time in your life will impact your ‘finances’. Changes will prompt you to reinvent your financial plans. There will be time in next 7 years when money flows in like you have never ever seen above but again there will be period of lows too. You may adopt more adventurous outlook towards making ‘money’. You may change jobs or even profession. Keep some money as ‘safety’ or reserve for emergencies aside. In month of April, from 1st through 13th, you have Sun, the soul of the zodiac, traveling through your sign with Venus, the planet of love, romance, marriage and also money. Venus gets exalted in your sign and will bring magical improvements in your life. Venus is also the planet of beauty, so whether you are a man or a woman, it may suddenly seem important to look good. You may style your hair differently and wear stylish clothes. All outward changes will reflect changes within. Now a word of caution, this month planet Venus, till 15th, is retrograde in your sign. So, wait till 15th, to make any dramatic changes to your looks and also matters related with money. All expensive purchases should also be made after 15th. Venus will continue to travel through sign all of April and month of May, so important money, marriage related decisions should only be initiated after 15th of April. From 7th through 18th, something related with your spouse is reaching culmination. Monetarily, 27 days period starting from 27th of April looks very promising. If you want to take a trip this month or in month of May, by all means do, single or attached, trip will be romantic and immensely enjoyable.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign and presently is retrograde in transit. You, Sagittarius, is beginning a new cycle of 7 years starting from 7th of April, when something deep inside you cannot tolerate anymore any kind of rules or constraints. You will find unconventional ways of expressing yourself, either through your creativity or hobbies. This is also the period when your relationships, especially love relationship and with your children. If, you are single, you may attract romantic partners with unusual background (in some way different from yours!). If, you are in a relationship, you may now plan a baby and again something unusual and surprise factor involved. Saturn transit over your sign is highly significant and will bring greater responsibilities and changes in your life, not just the month of April but many more months. Now, let’s get back to the month of April, from 1st through 24th, indicates something important is happening in your personal life. Upheavals, if any, in your personal life need to be addressed with rational and calm mind. Making improvements in personal relationships will also be important as emotions run deeper. Now, if Sagittarius, this does not apply to you then probably it is something related with your house, buying or selling of property or making improvements is one possibility and another possibility is relocating to different place. Last 5 days of this month will be good for you.

CAPRICORN: Planet Saturn rules over your sign. From 1st through 24th, your chart shows opportunities for travel and if you do travel, you may be drawn to places close to water. You will enjoy immensely, if you travel in any dates--7th through 18th, may even make sudden travel plans. Besides travel, from 7th through 24th, it is possible that you may sign some important papers. You may also receive a phone call totally out of blue, email or may start something new. Now, the big news, starting from 7th of April, you are beginning a new cycle of 7 years, I foresee, your home life may be in a state of uncertainty about what should be done, usually, Capricorn, this could be because of some important event preceding this, for instance, it is possible that you move house, relocate, but even if you don’t, there could be some disruptions in your home life. Some unexpected changes in plans or events in personal life (may be related with your parents) may make you feel a bit out of control at times. Travel and change of neighborhood is something indicated for you in next 7 years. This process may be literal, that is moving away from your roots or it could be the move is not so physical, but still there is a need to sort out your true selves away from the shadows of someone authoritative. In month of April, many planets are in state of flux, confusion and lack of clarity, may bring some conflicts. So it is very important for you to start each day with positivity and connect with your soul by letting go of everything that is troubling you. You are in a process of transition.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. The most important news of this month- 6 years from 7th of April, you are professionally beginning a new phase. You are ready to make some dramatic changes in your career as you may realize that your conservative approach (looking for security rather than opportunity!!!) towards life and especially work has kept you with the status quo for quite some time. In the beginning what’s happening presently at work may seem difficult and impossible but planets will find ways to take you forward.  From 1st through 26th of April circumstances may be such that you may need to initiate few changes in your daily work routine. There could possibly be some changes at your work place too. You may buy a new laptop/computer or may introduce new technological advancement for improving your work. If you make efforts, you may even get a rich client or money giving work project. Good news is that from September 2017, planet Jupiter of good luck will enter your own sign, so all the good work you do before September will start to show you good results thereafter. From 1st through 17th, besides work, you will also be focused on how to keep physically fit and in positive frame of mind. Recent research studies have shown positive outcomes (good health, good luck and happiness!) in life are linked with positive thoughts so this month planets are reiterating the same and it is critically important to take control of your internal self-talk. Learn and practice to push negative thoughts from your mind. If you are struggling with thinking positively, just keep at it as planet Jupiter in 12th sector of your solar chart will assist you. From 7th through 18th, some things that are secret, hidden or not revealed, to you or about you, may come out in open.  From 12th of April through 26th of May, Mars will change sign putting great emphasis on money such as recurring expenses, taxes, legal and medical bills, inheritance, insurance, commission, loans or debts. This may be the time for financial reassessment. If something or someone is annoying you, you may now prefer to do something rather than wait on the sidelines for things to improve on their own.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign. From 7th of April, you are beginning a phase when you feel the pressures of irregular work schedules, work tensions and perhaps for some Scorpio’s even disruptions at work. Now to give an example, for instance, there may be times when you have little or no work or new business client, or say not enough liquid cash to push your work forward.  All this may now seem too difficult to cope ‘mentally’. This month and 6 years ahead, you probably want to break free from the confines of routine and irregular business, if self-employed. You might now think of moving towards a more unconventional job, part-time or freelancing (see if this applies to you). You would now like to adopt a fresh approach towards your work with an idea to re-invent your work life. Saturn this month has temporarily shifted away from your sign and this probably gives you an opportunity to re-invent yourself.  Scorpio’s, if you are connected with creative fields like for instance, fashion, Television, writing, films, painting or media, you may find wonderful work opportunities from 1st through 24th. In matters of heart, it's easy to get caught up in the romance, as Venus, the planet of love is retrograde and can obscure reality and can make you so happy. Have fun but don't get carried away. It is not advisable to make major relationship decisions during this period. Venus goes direct on 15th of April but it will take some time for Venus to gain full strength. Watch what happens on or near 10th. You may also take an interest in new diet regimes, healthy routines, and alternative health methods. You would benefit greatly from yoga, morning walks or joining gym now for workout.  

Monday, 3 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. Money, money and money and nothing but money, yes, this will be the focal point this month. From 1st through 27th, I foresee you taking important financial decisions. Leo’s, I would like you to encircle dates from 5th through 15th (especially 10th and 14th) on your calendar. These are important dates for all matters related with money, something surprising, totally unexpected and out of blue related with money may surprise you. Do not stress yourself reading this, for I foresee, whatever planetary tide is bringing towards you, has great future prospect, though initially you may get discouraged and ruffled. It will be crucially important for you to sort all money matters, and if you have any outstanding taxes, bank loans or debts, it would do you good to keep an alert eye on all such matters. You may also get to earn money in the form of a rent, sales, bonus or commission. Investment in landed transaction or business investment is also possible. This is an example of how you may redirect your resources, however it is alternatively possible that you may receive money through venture capital, a bank loan, or through some other source of financial aid, and no matter what form the money comes to you, chances are, there will be lot of anxiety and tension associated with it, due to presence of planet Mars. In coming months, you will get you may get many chances for travel. Travel could be in a land away from your birth place. The people that you meet may stir you into new ways of thinking, a kind of eye-opening. For some Leo’s, not all, this is also a good time to pursue higher studies especially if it involves computers and new technology. From 27th of April through 15th of May, the planetary combination for travel will become very strong in your solar chart. You may also be attracted towards new religions or philosophies. Something spiritual or religious that you learn or experience may renew your perspective about life.

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Mercury, your ruler, will retrograde from 9th April through 3rd of May. Retrograde means moving backward. Of course, the planets are not really going backwards only to us here on Earth, it appears to be moving backwards. If you are unmarried, chances are that in next six months from 9th, you may strongly think of marriage. If, however you are already married, something important is indicated in your spouse life.  The good news is that this will be last of ups and downs in personal relationships. From 7th through 16th, some things that are important for you will need your time and attention. Your emotions and feelings will run high. Jupiter traveling through your sign indicates it may mostly likely be something good and happy. From 17th of this month, you are initiating a very important new 6 years cycle of your life. There could be some unexpected happenings surrounding money and your intimate relationships. How you save, invest or handle money will become significant in 3 months from 26th of April. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, will enter financial sector of your solar chart. It is also a favorable time to start a financial plan and if you resist this change, certain events or circumstances will force you to act. Something important to you may now be reaching its finalization phase. Okay, Virgo’s, now something important, personal relationships and home life will be greatly affected by the presence of Saturn in April and also in the month of May. Jupiter transit through your sign from now will bring monumental changes in your life!