Saturday, 1 April 2017

April 2017 monthly forecast: ARIES, TAURUS

Planet Mars rules over your sign. From 1st through 12th, Mars, your ruler will be traveling through your own sign. You may be feeling restlessness. You want things to happen and waiting period is probably not easy. Aries, you are beginning a new cycle of 7 years starting from 7th of April. It will be a period of monumental changes in your life. You may want to break free from your past disappointments, aspirations and restructure your life. You may be storing anger, frustration or an increase in nervous energy. Be courageous as your destiny is opening new doors against all the odds. Watch out the days from 7th through 12th. Impulsiveness is something to watch out for. If, you are not too happy with your work, it is possible that in the heat of the moment you may resign or alternatively, you may take positive steps, if you are unhappy about certain home or work situations. If self-employed, you may hire new people and also at home, you may need some new staff for domestic chores. Aries, three months from 26th of April, will bring new things in your life and big changes, however astrologically, it is advised to think, plan and then go forward!

TAURUS: Planet Venus, the planet of love and relationship, rules over your sign and is presently till 15th of April taking its celestial nap, hence weak, astrologically; this is not the good time for marriage or to start any new business venture. You might also have to face criticism from people you love and care about. You are starting, from 7th of April, a new pattern of life when the need to break away from unpleasant, sad and troubling chapters of life will become necessary. This phase of life will not be limited only to the month of April but for coming many years. Certain events, starting from 7th, will affect you in many ways. Things that are unknown or hidden from you will be brought to light unexpectedly by this universe. Old habits, patterns or people with whom you are emotionally connected and somehow have hold over you and had been holding you back, certain circumstances will help you learn that you have to now let go of your past and move forward into the future with less holding you back. In a way, breaking free from emotional baggage will be a big spiritual relief for you. You can increase the chances of turning things in your favor when you learn from your experiences and consider it to be part of your personal evolution growth. Universe will bring many new people and friends in your life. In 2 months from 4th, interestingly, you will find new and unconventional ways of earning money. From 7th through 15th, are days filled with fun, love and spending time with your loved ones. You may also get invitation for some get-together, late nights parties with good indulgence in foods and drinks. However, holidays and good times can also be exhausting at times, by end of this month when you finally slow down, you may feel physically drained.