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Solar eclipse: 10th June 2021

Solar eclipse: 10th June 2021

Eclipses, they shake us up, bring sudden changes and ask us to adapt to changing conditions., wherever an eclipse falls in your chart is an area of life that is going to undergo some change, or need more attention than usual. My solar eclipse predictions are Sun sign based but I will ask you to read for your ascendant or Lagna too. If, you do not know your ascendant/ Lagna, go to google page and type “calculate ascendant/lagna free + Vedic astrology”.


Planet Mars rules over your sign. The effect of solar eclipse for you will be significant and will remain strong for next 6 months. It is possible, there may be discord or disagreement in your family and may be the reason of for disagreement is ‘money’. There is a chance of you getting involved in unnecessary arguments or discussions on sensitive topics. Keep your cool else you may regret later. You may lose work or there could be insecurity related with your work (at least in your mind). Do astro-remedies it will help you.


Planet Venus rules over your sign. The solar eclipse, of 5th June, will fall in your sun sign, so you can expect maximum drama and confusion in your life in coming 4 to 5 months. It will be a period of big changes in your life. It may also coincide with changing your appearance and also, because of dealing with difficult and challenging covid-19 situation, your perception and views may have undergone major change. Life is a big teacher and every color life shows helps you grow as person, keep this thought with you. Coronavirus is very much in the air, even with the vaccination; please follow all government and medical guidelines.


Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Your health, your money, your dreams and deep buried emotions, your relationship with your family, all of it will be important and a period of personal transformation in life. There may be many thoughts and views that you will not share with others in your family and loved ones. Please avoid clashes and disagreements with your family especially where money is concerned. ‘Money’ will be root cause of all problems and if you have disagreement because of money, someone close (and important person in your life) may have trust issues with you and in long run it will only harm you. You need to take care of your physical health and also mental well-being. Do meditation and yoga, it will help you. Eat healthy diet and adopt healthy lifestyle.


Moon rules over your sign. You are probably working hard to keep your sanity and peace in this covid-19 situation. Because of anxiety and stress, you may have disagreement with your spouse. I foresee, this solar eclipse will affect your source of income and your relationship with your loved ones in coming 6 months. You may be forced to bring changes in your career, because such will be the situation post-covid-19 lockdown. Life is ever changing, no matter how you feel today. Every choice every decision you make is responsible for that change. Keep your outlook positive.


Sun rules over your sign and because Sun is affected in solar eclipse, so all Leo’s may feel this eclipse the most. You need to bring changes in your daily routine and work. You might want to expand, diversify or look for better career opportunities or status in society. This might involve quitting a secure job with good pay in order to take up the opportunity to pursue your inner calling. Overall I would say there will be a slow but steady career changes in coming months for you.


Planet mercury rules over your sign. Virgo, you may want and long to travel in coming months and probably dream of faraway lands. Coronavirus was tough for everyone and now with countries slowly opening and coming out of lockdown, this desire may gain new wings. There are probably certain matters in your family that’s bothering you and you are probably unhappy but feel helpless. Are you worried about your children, their future or there is something else? Well, give time to sort things for you.


Planet Venus rules over your sign. Mars and Saturn in tough angle plus solar eclipse also falling this month, there may be work and family situation slowly arising in your life. If, there is inheritance matter or matter related to money (EMI’s, loans, debts) you may have disagreement or clash with your business partner. Situation is tense; please do not lose your cool. You may need money to pump into business and taking care of your family. If, someone owes you money, you may try to make settlement with them. But there is silver lining to present situation, Venus, your ruling planet is very well placed, it will take you to right people, at right time and right place.


As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. Your sign falls under the shadow of the eclipse. This eclipse highlights your personal relationships. If, you are single, you may look for deeper and meaningful relationship. You may also get married (if you are interested). For those who are married and having problems and difference of opinion with your spouse, you may now finally either find solution to your problems or may think of ending relationship (God forbid!), please do not take any decision in haste.


Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. You may feel physically drained, exhausted or mentally tired of whatever is happening in your life, either there is too much work or there is too little, whatever may be the reason, you feel the stress. It is important to be aware of your physical needs to avoid illness and also in present covid-19 pandemic, do not take any unnecessary risks, follow all norms and get yourself vaccinated, whenever your turn comes and you are eligible.


Planet Saturn rules over your sign and is strongly placed in your own sign. If, you are single and in relationship, you need to be careful as you may have difference of opinion and conflicts with your love. For those are married, they can plan a baby (if you desire) but may need some medical treatment and need to consult your doctor for the same. It is not best time for those who invest in stock market especially if you invest in futures.


As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. you have eclipses fall in most important sector of your solar chart. Last month (26th of May) there was a lunar eclipse in your career and this month you have solar eclipse affecting your personal happiness, home and real estate sector. Eclipses generally, bring situation you never saw coming towards you and suddenly you have to confront them. Jupiter is very well placed in your sign which is a good thing and will protect you.


As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. It is time to expand and break the walls of your restricted thinking. Sudden and unexpected events, meetings, interactions or a phone call may surprise you to take necessary actions. Please avoid unnecessary discussions and communications on sensitive issues. The period, from 10th of June, will be very busy for you (so much so, there will be times when you may have to switch your phone off!).   


Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Lunar eclipse: 26th May 2021

 Lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will take place on 26 May 2021. Full Moon will be conjunct, ketu, the south node of moon. Lunar eclipses start having their effects plus minus one month. Scientific research studies from the previous eclipses have shown correlation between storms, cyclones and eclipses. I am citing few below, you may search online or personally observe whether there is any correlation between eclipses and occurrence of cyclones, storms. As they say there is nothing more useful or real than your own personal experience in life.

 ["This story goes back to 1901, when a guy named H. Helm Clayton thought he saw a change in the wind directions on account of the eclipse," said atmospheric physicist Giles Harrison of the University of Reading in the U.K. Clayton published a paper saying there was such a thing as an eclipse cyclone—"a cyclone of winds around the moon's shadow," Harrison said.] https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/120328-solar-eclipses-winds-weather-sun-earth-space-science

Studies have shown that the total eclipse could also have an effect on temperatures and even winds. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/502885/will-solar-eclipse-have-impact-weather

Astrologically ketu and Venus will fall under the shadow of this eclipse.

As per astrology, Ketu is related to our subconscious mind where all our past memories in life are stored. Keu is chaos in life but brings peace and enlightenment after suffering in life. In this lunar eclipse, Moon and Ketu ( South Node) are in conjunction. You may feel isolated or feel separated from emotions of self and others. There may be confusion or fears in your mind.

Lets see how this lunar eclipse will affect ‘you’ (please read for your sun sign and also your ascendant/lagna, if you know) and remedy for this lunar eclipse is at the end of this article:-


There is a good chance you will have to transform or change something in your life and usually letting something go that is depressing or worrying you down in life.  Don’t hold onto things that are not in your control. It is very important phase of your life, related to your finances (related to other people’s money) and emotionally. Financial issues could come up, perhaps if someone owes you  some money or you may settle an outstanding debt.


Your sign falls under the shadow of this eclipse. Your relationships with your spouse, your business partner, your clients, business agents will all be in focus now. If, you are having problems, eclipses give you a chance to solve them once for all or simply walk away, if you choose to. As per astrology, there will be some ‘open enemies’ challenging every idea you share.


The period of plus minus a month, from 26th of May, (April through June) may have been a period of a health problem (your or someone close to you. In present Covid-19 situation I pray for you and your family well-being). Please do not feel sad or disheartened, for you now have a better chance of making changes in your life, if dissatisfied. On a positive note, you could find a new work project.  


If you are single, you may find new love or make new friends. You could see something important in your love affair. Going out and having fun is probably most important for you now but with present covid-19 restrictions and you may feel stressed but don’t worry all this will soon end but you need to follow a path of caution and safety.  If, you are newly married, this will be time of planning for a baby. And for those who have grown-up children something important is indicated in their life.


The home, real estate, your family and your personal happiness couldn’t be more important now than ever before. You could finalise any matter related to your house, or settle a problem in the family. Since, home is highlighted in this eclipse period, it is possible you are doing ‘work from home’ (with covid-19 situation) and spending too much time at home, you may now desire to step out for work. You could be thinking more of what’s going on in your life and how you will solve problems. Well, Leo’s, now even universe is working with you!


Emotionally, this will be a very challenging phase as you could have to deal with an issue related to your brother/sister. You may also have to deal with something in your neighbourhood. This period of about 2 months could be hard for you to get your point across or understanding others. People may seem to be unreasonable or difficult to understand. You may have an important telephone call or zoom meeting.



Everything related to your finances, could come up now. Moon in your solar chart relates to your career and presently you may finish paying something off or have a change in how you save or earn.  Professionally and financially, next 6 months will be significant for you. However, I would also like to ask you to watch your spending. Research studies have shown correlation between financial net-worth and personal self-esteem or shall I say personal confidence. It is not important what others think about you and what you have accomplished in your work, family, or life.



You may sense or feel you need to focus on yourself and you may find yourself feeling your emotions more intensely, that may be a good thing or a bad thing depends on you. Try to keep your cool. Anything that is missing or unfinished or you are waiting for some conclusion, it may be done now.



In this eclipse period of about 2 months (May through June) you may have to deal with psychological problems that may be so deeply buried in your subconscious, all things, your aspirations, fears, dreams etc that you keep hidden deep inside of you could bubble to the surface. Instead of avoiding, may be it is time to allow yourself to get in touch with your internal issues and may be better face them and heal. I have experienced, through my work, people are afraid of being alone but it is time for you, may be, to do at this time, reflecting, digging deep, and healing your internal wounds. Enjoy this time, get plenty of sleep, and surprise surprise….. you may have very vivid and intuitive dreams too!!!


With covid-19 situation prolonging for more than a year, you may now long to be out and meet your friends and family. However, be cautious. You could be focused on your source of income. If, you are unemployed, it is time to meet and apply for new job position, do whatever you can do to find new source of income, don’t think of any work as small or too big, just say yes and then follow the lead that universe shows you.


You are probably unhappy or dissatisfied with your work, work environment or family situation, and holding deep thoughts within you. With this eclipse period, it may now be difficult to hide yourself away from prying eyes of others. What others think of you will be of great importance than ever before and may be it would be good to watch you say or do in public and try not offending someone (maybe a woman), as your social status could take a hit.


In this eclipse months (April through June), you could feel more connected with your inner self, may be spiritually more connected with your inner self. Your view of the world may be undergoing change, you will desire to expand and explore more, you will open yourself to new ideas and grow immensely. No matter how disheartening present is, you may feel more open to having fun and surprisingly more adventurous (it is very for Pisces to be). Growth mentally often leads to growth in life, all spheres be it career or financially.

Remedy for Lunar eclipse:

Developing good habits of eating and reducing negative thoughts through prayers and meditation and speak politely with everyone.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

April Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES



As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. You will enter the month of April with beats of drum and rolling of carpet for, on 6th of April, Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter your own sign. From 6th April through 14th September and again later in the year from 20th November onwards, you will get a beautiful chance to expand your horizons. Whatever you wished for, in past 12 years, destiny will you a beautiful chance to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Work hard and pursue your dreams and aspirations, as this is a period, if you miss, then you will have to wait for another 12 years.  This may sound bizarre but try to look back in life and see whether there was a strong force of universe behind many of the important events of your life 10-12 years back. Life runs in cycle but we don’t experience the same events, as we all move forward, but there is certain theme, that gets repeated. If, you want to get married or have important concern related with your spouse, children or anyone in the family, please be assure planets will help you. Rahu, the north node of moon, is traveling with Mars, the planet of action, in your family, home and personal happiness sector of your solar chart, probably bringing with it a wave of restlessness and anxiety, for past 2 months. However on 13th of April, planet Mars will move away to the next sign, breaking this unfavorable combination. For you, your family and monetarily the next few months will be favorable.


As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, is traveling through your own sign and on 14th April, Sun will enter its most powerful position in your solar chart. There is more celestial news for you this month—Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter the quiet and most secretive section of your solar chart. From 6th April through 14th September and again later in the year from 20th November onwards, you will get a beautiful chance to expand your horizons, you may have plans and ideas and may need some ‘me time’ to give shape to your ideas before you share it with the rest of the world. As I mentioned earlier above, on 14th April, Sun enters an important place in your chart (astrologically it is called exaltation of Sun), for you are probably working on certain projects, have plans or ideas (may be related to overseas) and these ideas will bring in money for you in coming months. Jupiter and Sun transit is favorable for you, from 14th of April, so do not let this period of 4 months slip through your fingers, work hard, do whatever efforts you can do to make your dreams and ideas a reality. Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury and comforts, will be beautifully placed in your sign, this means in month of April and May, you will be spending time and money to look good too. You may probably get a haircut or style your hair differently, probably may order new clothes, buy new face creams or perfume, all the things that you may probably hesitated or avoided due to fast spreading coronavirus, you may now indulge in 2 months from 14th of April. Changing the way you look makes you feel good and how you feel or the way you think makes you feel good about yourself. A person’s self-confidence can have a tremendous effect on their productivity and overall happiness.


Monday, 5 April 2021

April 2021 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN



Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. From 22nd of February through 13th of April, planet Mars was traveling under the shadow of rahu, the north node of moon. Emphasis in this period may have been on your physical health and your daily routine may have been very chaotic, not allowing any personal space and time for you. Mars will thereafter pack its bags to move to the next sign and, for you this placement will bring a mix bag of both ups and downs.  From 14th April through 28th of May, may bring enormous aggression and strength in you, you will always try to hold the upper hand in all the cases and will be very straight forward in putting your views. For those who are single, the 2 months period from 14th of April, destiny will bring love and romance. For all others, it will be a period when you will get a chance to spend time with your family and children. Strange for you to read this but I see (from your solar chart, of course!) many people in your house, could be that you have some renovation work or it is some faulty faucets, air conditioners for which you need the help of plumber, electrician, these are just few examples only. From 6th of April through 14th September, Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter a new area of your solar chart and this is the most important celestial news of the month or probably the year. It will be a very busy period of your life. There will be too many changes in life which may put stress and pressure on you. Opportunities may come through travel or visits, and this is also a good period to publicize your work, send messages or emails, promote your work, and some sort of positive news is also possible (from April through September).



Planet Saturn rules over your sign and is strongly placed in your own sign. As per Indian Vedic calendar, April is the beginning of a New Year, the cycle of zodiac, from Aries through Pisces ends and new cycle of life begins, from 14th of April, giving you a chance to write a beautiful chapter of your life by making conscious choices. Now, I will share with you the most important celestial news of the month—on 6th of April, Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter a new sector of your solar chart and will directly aspect your sign. The aspect of good luck planet, Jupiter, from 14th April through month of 14th September, is favorable for you. Capricorn, you will be thinking a lot about money--How to increase your income? How to save money? Where and how to invest money? You may also reflect on what types of changes you might like to make to increase your income, like upgrade your skills, publicize your work or apply for new work positions. With coronavirus pandemic still very much among us, you may take job works where you may work more from home, though possibility of frequent travel or communicating for work is also indicated. From 21st February through 13th of April, your ruling planet is under the shadow of rahu, the north node of moon, a period when one feels unsure and uncertain in life. From 14th April, you will focus on your health, may be start a new exercise regime or diet. Physically, you will remain very active for next two months. You will have more energy for work and your daily routines. Channel your energy in constructive works.



Sunday, 4 April 2021

April 2021 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO



Planet Venus rules over your sign. Your ruling planet, Venus, from 16th March through 10th of April, is placed in a sign where it is helping and supporting you to overcome obstacles towards professional and monetary growth. You would look for better work projects, clients and also find ways to decrease your debts. You may have to face opposition and enmity, but like a true Libran, you will be diplomatic and avoid disputes. Please be careful, from 11th of April Mars (planet of aggression and action) will move to next sign, you will have little or no patience for those who disagree with you and sense of adventure or risk taking ability will increase. You will be always on the go, from 11th April through 3rd June, (a very busy period) sometimes forget about a meeting or miss a well-scheduled party with family and friends. From 11th of April through 4th of May, your ruling planet will be looking towards your own sign; this will be a favorable placement. All the hard work, difficulties or troubles, you have been facing in past few months will slowly diminish in this period.  Now, I will share with you the most important celestial news of the month—from 6th of April through 14th September, Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter new area of your solar chart and will be in beautiful angle to your sun sign. It is a good time for growth and you will benefit by promoting your work. This period, from 6th April through 14th September, is not just about work but is also a period of happiness that you derive spending time with your friends and from your children. For those who are single, this is the period sparkling with love and romance!


As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. From 21st February through 13th of April, your ruling planet is under the shadow of rahu, the north node of moon, a period when one feels unsure and uncertain in life. If, you are single (looking for a life partner) this period may have brought its own share of ups and downs. This period may have been difficult even for those who are married or in a relationship. In month of April, you will also spend time and money to upgrade your physical appearance, like for instance get a haircut or buy new clothes. Not just physical appearance, you will also look after your health, by going for regular walks, doing physical exercises and also bring changes in your diet and lifestyle. Scorpio’s, you are probably not too happy and hence looking for change. The shadow of rahu, does bring self-doubt. There is no magical solution for problems in life, but all our efforts, however small, take us step by step towards our goals and may be with present planetary tide, you may find that you don’t need ‘THAT’ big solution you thought you needed, maybe there is another path or way to do things. From 6th of April through 14th September, Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, will enter a new area of your solar chart and this is the most important celestial news of the month or probably the year. Don’t stay stuck on what you lost or the opportunities you’ve missed, pay attention to the new opportunities that may come your way in this time.