Monday, 6 August 2018

August Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Maintaining good health and general well-being should be the main focus this month. It is important that you keep yourself fit and strong this month, do not undervalue your health. We do not give importance to all the things that we are blessed with and probably this is the message that universe brings for you. On 11th of August, there will be a powerful Solar Eclipse. All eclipses are natural phenomena but in astrology they hold great significance. Trust that no matter what you are going through that it’s all for your good and your work situation will begin to change in 3 months from 11th of August. If, you are unhappy at work (for any reason), this probably is the best time to begin your search for new job position. You have the ability to handle legal disputes and conflicts. Unfounded fears, opposition and sudden unexpected may at times frustrate you, however, keep your morale strong. Probably astrology can help you understand the bigger picture of your life. Having the knowledge of good and bad times through astrology allows that inner-wisdom to help you grow. On 17th, Sun shifts to the next sign, from 17th through 31st of August, occurrence of certain events or incidences may overwhelm you. Saturn has an aspect on your sign and Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck, is also holding its hand over you, so whatever occurs during this period is of great importance and will stay with you for long time. Wishes do come true, have faith!!!

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Past few months may have been challenging for some reason but Pisces, universe understands your dilemma, confusion and sadness, so it is no wonder that it is opening its door of happiness for you (how lovely!!). On 11th of August, there is a powerful Solar Eclipse. The 5 months period starting from 11th of August, is the period of enjoyment and happiness. You may spend beautiful fun filled period with your loved ones and family. Monetarily also this period will be good, as Mars, the planet of action, will be influencing this eclipse. You will meet new people and at work also this period is good to increase your source of income especially if your work is connected with internet, computer, communications or online selling/purchases. On 17th Sun shifts to next sun sign, from 17th through 31st of August, Saturn and planet Jupiter will be in beautiful angle. Physically and spiritually it is a period of fulfillment. It is the period, when your deep needs and inner happiness bring contentment. Strange, as it may sound, you will like to indulge in good food and drinks. A word of caution, you may overspend money but if you enjoy doing so, maybe it is worth it!!

Sunday, 5 August 2018

August Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. The month of August is transformation (in some way) for you. On 11th of August, there is a powerful Solar Eclipse, following this eclipse in 6 months period, new events, new circumstances, interactions with new people or probably it is nothing outside but within you there are many new ideas and thoughts, whatever it is, will bring new light and help you to move towards liberation and freedom from all the emotional baggage that you probably been carrying it over for past years. If, you find it difficult to overcome your personal or emotional problems, it may bring physical illness in form of pains and aches. Next most important thing on your mind would be—money. The resources that you share with your spouse, money in bank, loans, EMI’s, rentals and also the money that you get invest over which you earn commission or interest is also indicated in next 3 months from the month of August. What all this means is that you will look to invest your money and for which you will get good money returns. Please don’t forget to pay your taxes. On 17th of August, Sun will move to the next sign and from 20th through 31st of August, it is simply beautiful time. You may spend last 10 days of this month with your close friends, brother/sister, cousins or just travel with your loved ones.

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. Capricorn, there was a very powerful Lunar Eclipse in ‘your’ sign last month and this month on 11th of August, there will be another eclipse-Solar Eclipse, which will directly aspect your sun sign. All in all you are running a period of major changes in your life and you will see all this in coming 6 months. All changes are for good in our lives, no matter how many challenges destiny throws at us. Capricorn, the period that started in your life, from 3rd of May, when planet Mars entered your sun sign, is probably very busy and full of tensions, but universe has assigned Mars, this celestial duty to transform your life. Mars will leave your sign on 6th of November 2018. For you, money flows in and money flows out. You may also feel the mental dilemma and confusion. Generally, the transit of Mars, in our own sign is good but presently Mars is moving in negative motion. You may come into conflict or argument with others over trivial matters. You may face a competitor at work. On positive note, you may sign contract or agreement papers. If, you are unmarried and looking for a partner, the transit of planet in coming 6 months, are beautiful and if you are married, this highlights and indicate some kind of change in your spouse life too. Last 10 days of this month are good for money matters.   

Friday, 3 August 2018

August Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Libra, 6 months period, starting from 11th of August, are probably the most important period for your career. The celestial drama begins on 11th of August, the day of Solar Eclipse. There will be tensions, anxiety and competition at work place but all this will raise your status and bring work opportunities. Mars is retrograde, till 26th, so I would not advise you to invest big amount of money. From 27th, the planetary tide will turn favorable. Please understand, I am not saying you cannot start any new business or work, what I am saying is ‘wait till 27th’ to invest big amount of money in any new project. August onwards planets are favorable for your career growth and advancement. Jupiter, the divine planet of luck, is transiting through your sun sign for few more months and with solar eclipse, it opens the new doors of opportunities for you. On 1st of September, your ruling planet, Venus, will also move to your sign, and this time Venus will stay unusually long in your sign. This, Venus and Jupiter, transiting through your sign in month of September and solar eclipses in month of August, indicates you will be probably the universe favorite in coming ‘months’, that is, you will be in right place at right time. Last 10 days of this month, from 21st through 31st of August, are divinely beautiful; you can spend lovely time with your family, loved ones and children.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. Your ruling planet, Mars, is exalted and placed in its sign of exaltation. On 11th of August, there will be a powerful Solar Eclipse and your ruling planet will fall under the shadow of this eclipse. It will be a very busy month for you. If, you are self-employed or work in telecommunication, media, TV, publishing, teacher or want to pursue higher education, the coming 3 months from 11th of August are favorable for you. Some of you may even change their place of residence. It is possible, that you are worrying unnecessarily about money, work, and business or about relationships going wrong, whatever is the reason of your worries or anxiety, you are now thinking ways to heal spiritually. You may visit place of worship or meditate for the same reasons. It is possible that you may either travel or you may have a guest from overseas, if either of these does not apply to you the other possibility is of receiving some important news from overseas. Please be aware, there is a possibility of you having heated arguments with someone. Personally and professionally, planets change for you from 17th of August but you start to see the effects around 26th. Luck favors you in last 10 days of this month, so do all you can to improve your work or relations (if that is more important for you).

Thursday, 2 August 2018

August Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. From 1st through 17th, there may be confusion or mental dilemma as Sun, your ruler, and travels through the most secret part of your solar chart. On 11th of August, there will be a powerful solar eclipse in the same area of the solar chart. Generally, solar eclipses have the power to affect you even many months after its occurrence. You may be working very hard but somehow money may continue to slip through your hand. As Mars opposes this eclipse, everyday work environment may also be full of tension and anxiety. You want to cut down the outflow of money but Leo’s it will not be easy. You may feel physically and emotionally quite draining to maintain close family connections or emotional entanglements. In my experience, I have seen people under this planetary tide have disturbed sleep and probably vivid dreams. You may perhaps drink more alcohol to escape the burdens of life. Leo’s, it is the inherent nature of life, to bring introspection, self-analysis period and may be difficulties before you jump into the next phase of life. Being spiritual, religious or getting involved in charitable and philanthropic activities is better way to handle this transit. Life is changing for you in a big way and you have to get this understanding through your sub-conscious mind and see all this with enlightened understanding. On 25th of August ( effects can be seen from 20th through 31st of August),  Sun will be beautifully aligned to Saturn. If, your work is in any way connected with government or semi-government agencies, this is perhaps the luckiest period of the year. Growth, promotion and government related tenders or orders during this period are possible. Marriage and marital relations will also be important for you in this period.

Planet mercury rules over your sign.  Virgo’s, this is the time when destiny gives your hopes and desires a chance to succeed. On 11th of August, there will be a powerful solar eclipse, retrograde and negative Mars will fall under the shadow of this eclipse. You will be focused on increasing your wealth and improving your relations. In 3 weeks from 11th of August, you may hear some news. They say, under this planetary transit, be careful what you wish for as it is possible it may actually come true. Planetary tide also show that you may unnecessarily (or maybe there is a reason!) worry about your children. August is not all about worries or tensions, it is also the time when you will socialize more, meet and interact with your family relations and friends. Venus, the planet of love, romance and also money, will be traveling through your sign, from 1st August through 1st of September. If, you try you can increase your wealth or source of income but remember, this is an eclipse month so nothing comes easy for you. Monetarily, transit of Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck, also favors you for all money matters. On 17th of August, Sun moves to the most secretive and lonely place of your solar chart. From 17th through 31st of August, you may experience restlessness for some reason and this may even affect your physical and mental well-being. Usually doing exercises, walks, yoga or generally being busy will help give outlet to negative side of this transit.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

August Monthly Forecast: GEMINI, CANCER

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. From 1st through 19th of August, your ruling planet will be moving in retrograde motion. A retrograde motion of a planet doesn’t mean that a planet is literally reversed in its orbit, it means just slowed down, and ‘appears’ to be going backwards from our perspective on Earth. Also, on 11th of August there will be a powerful Solar Eclipse and your ruling planet, Mercury, will fall under the shadow of this eclipse. The real focus this month and also coming 3 months (starting from 11th of August) will be to establish stability and structure in your life. How can this be achieved? From value based system it will be material and financial net-worth. Possibly in coming months there will be a lot of attention placed on money and family. Your speech and food habits will also affect your general well-being. Since, eclipse will be in close degrees to your ruling planet, Mercury, there is a possibility of some drama in your personal life involving money. Some Gemini’s (not all) may indulge in drinking alcohol and may also have verbal disagreements with people close to you, could be at work or in family. ‘Knowledge is power' is a popular proverb advocated by Social philosophers reflecting on this idea the usefulness of knowing what planets can throw at you, you can modify your actions. From 20th through 31st of August, luck favors you, you can schedule important works during this period. This period, from 20th through 31st August, is also good for travel. If, you do travel during this period it will be dream-like experience, something you can file in your personal diary. Gemini’s, do share your experiences and leave your comments with us here on this blog.

Moon rules over your sign. The month of August will be phenomenally important for you as there will be a powerful Solar Eclipse on 11th of August in your own personal Sun sign. In 3 months from 11th of August, there will be worries, anxieties and confusion but all leading to something important. Over the past few months you may have shut yourself from rest of the world and kept all secrets and events locked in your heart but now it’s time to activate your social life and get more involved in your community. Of course there will be confusion and challenges but there will be greater enthusiasm and need to excel. During this 3 months period there will be expenditures but money will flow in too. You may also focus on strengthening your inner foundation, the very basic part of your personality that you build yourself on, and will try to bring more stability into your life through that. You may desire to ensure that you have financial and family security that will last for a long time. Living arrangements may improve, perhaps due to better relationships with family member. Since, Rahu, the shadow of Moon, is transiting through your sign, you may have experienced sudden ups and downs in past one year. This period of 3 months is the period of building new structures, broken relationships and improving finances. Watch that you aren’t avoiding or clinging too much to the familiar to the detriment of other life departments. From 20th through 31st of August, all your past efforts to improve finances will start to show results. Last 10 days of this month are also good to clear past debts, investments and some form of pooling of resources. However, I would like to caution all Cancer Sun signs, please do not I repeat do not fall for financial schemes or assurances, suggested or lured by crafty people. Read important papers before you sign them or better still get an expert to look at those papers. Rahu-ketu, the nodes of Moon, sometime brings confusion and hide facts. Do astro-remedies it will help you.