Tuesday, 6 June 2017

June 2017 Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. In first 8 days of the month, there will be much going on in your personal life, your relationship with your parents and other family members, your home and most important what brings you happiness will be important for you. In coming 3 months from now, you will be inclined to bring changes in your home, either beautify your home, make improvements to your home or probably think of shifting to a new home. 4th through 17th of this month, are crucially important for your career. People’ perception about you, your name and reputation in society will be equally important for you. If, your work is related to films, television, media, communication, designing or any other creative field, you may suddenly find yourself in limelight. During this period, how you perform at work will accordingly bring productive results and benefits. If, you have applied for some new job position then it is possible that you may get a reply. On 21st of June, Saturn will temporarily shift back to your career sector in your solar chart to finish all pending works for you and will finally bid you goodbye on 27th October 2017. Saturn will not to return to your career sector another 30 long years once it leaves your professional sector. Saturn threw harsh challenges not only in your work sphere but even in your relationships. Every change or challenge you face contains precious jewels of wisdom, lessons, and the opportunity to grow into a more capable person. It is not possible in life to grow but remain at personal ground zero level. From 24th, your social life will pick up. Overall June is a busy month for you!

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, rules over your sign. You will be surprised to read this, in the month of June, I foresee many people in your home, people coming and going. It will be a busy month, what with you traveling and people visiting you at your home. Maybe, you have house guests. Some of you may even think of re-doing the interiors or buy furniture for your home. From 1st through 14th, travel sector of your solar chart is highlighted. From 1st through 7th, Mars will be active, so you will spend a lot of time on road, traveling, trekking or maybe sightseeing. If, you are not traveling then it is possible that you may shift to a new neighborhood. From 4th June through 17th, it is possible that you may receive some important news or have some people visiting you and be your house guests too. You may have more communications with close relatives or friends, whether it’s in person or over the phone. During this period, your mind will be expanding and you will be gathering lot of information. Some of you may sign some important papers too. Jupiter, your ruling planet, wakes up from its celestial sleep on 9th; thereby gaining strength, moreover on 21st Saturn removes its aspect temporarily from your work area. Jupiter also rules over career sector, hence all efforts you do for promoting your work will start to give dividends from last week of this month onwards. From 23rd of June, again your attention shifts to your home and family. For some reason, your family may require more attention from you. It is also possible you may work from home in 15 days from 23rd or start some new business venture from home, probably for ease or economic reasons. Innovative ideas (maybe you don’t even realize it, they are brilliant bordering on genius!) at work will bring not only growth and money but will also help bring work stability in coming months for you. Please mark 15th on your calendar (plus minus 4 days), Saturn will oppose Sun on this date, avoid any confrontation with seniors at work or with anyone in authoritative position. It would be best to avoid important works near these dates.

Monday, 5 June 2017

June 2017 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. From 1st through 23rd, your may try to bring some changes in your daily work routine in an attempt to escape monotony of daily life and also in your work life, if you are unhappy with some aspect of your work life. At work place, there may seem to be too much internal pressure, deadlines to meet, jealousy or negative competition among co-workers. Sometimes during this phase you may impulsiveness find yourself wishing to quit your job on a whim but do not take any actions unless you have future prospects in your hand. If, you are self-employed with Sun, the soul of the zodiac, so positively placed with your ruling planet, Jupiter, your hard work will help you get good projects and business clients in coming 3 months. You may also be more focused on your physical fitness or mental well-being. Sagittarius, there will be a great focus this month to be physically fit and also you would want to stay healthy and calm. You may try a new diet regimen too, however be careful not to be too obsessed about any new diet fad (which is a possibility).  Healthy eating (whether it’s raw food, paleo diet, gluten free, wheat or dairy-free, or a general preoccupation with “superfoods” ) can also become an unhealthy obsession, as Mars, in your solar chart, rules over wellness sector, and will aspect your sign all through this month. From 4th through 13th, some things not revealed, hidden from you may now come to light. Being angry, stressed will not help you instead, being spiritual and having 100% faith in your god will help you sort many issues in your life. Have faith, your life is moving in right direction, only you need to open your eyes to see the gifts that are abound!!

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. From 1st through 12th, you have lots of energy, you want to have fun, a need for freedom and quest for something new and move away from stagnancy of life ASAP. You may be presented with a dilemma in your life, probably related to your career life, love relationships or probably related to children. It is a possibility that you may be invited for some social function or get-together, and Capricorns, make it a point to circulate a lot in these months. This will be the period full of possibilities for fun and reconnecting with friends, cousins or close relatives. You can let your hair down and have a good time. Depending on your circumstances, a new romance may also bloom and in existing relationship could be especially more passionate during this time. You might also be more interested on children and their activities. After 12th, planetary energy and your focus will shift. You are more prone to fevers or infections. So, eat healthy! You will be driven to work, be busier during this time and completely focused on getting every little task done. You could have some issues with people you live with or your coworkers. All the stress and pent up energy could also bring some health issues, nothing big though, perhaps because you have workload larger than usual. From 15th through 30th, Sun and Mars, two fiery planets, will be holding hands, you might it hard to maintain harmonious relationship with people around, feel especially angry or restless, and this could lead to disputes or distress. Knowledge of what lies ahead, through these forecasts, being self-aware, can assist you to use even negative circumstance to nudge your life in a more positive direction. It is the nature of this world to help you grow, you can choose to change proactively and rise above limiting circumstances!!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

June 2017 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Six month from 1st June, there will be a huge emphasis on financial matters. There will be many options you will be checking to increase your finances, to name a few—Starting a side business of your own, pay off old debt, probably sell non-productive asset to pay off your loan/debt, liquidate your capital, once your debt is paid off you would think of investing ‘that’ money. Libra, stars in six months from now will help you formulate a plan with a long-term perspective. This effect, Librans, will not be limited only to the month of June but may hold true for coming six months. From 4th through 15th, all your past efforts can yield good financial returns especially, if you are sharing resources with some partner. The only negative aspect of present planetary tide includes discord; clash of ideas with someone important and in some cases may even bring legal hassles. There may also be a tendency to get into arguments and the urge to take risks too would be high with planet Mars traveling through airy sign as yours. Mark date, 15th (plus minus 3 days) on your calendar, and avoid any kind of confrontation near this date. By end of this month, you will be in expansion mode and Sun so beautifully placed universe and God will help you move forward. In month of September, planet Jupiter of good luck will shift to your sign, so all in all life is moving through amazing phase.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. This month, there will be a great emphasis on improving your relationship, it could be—with your business partner, spouse, office colleagues and even with those who are your competitors. Improving your existing relationships and turning your energy into positive will have a great overall effect on your life. For instance, in business, improved relationship with your partner may be helpful in getting some important project. Of course, you cannot undermine the effect your relationships and emotions have on your health and well-being.  If you are self-employed, it is also a good time to for your work also especially if your work is related with public in some way. From 4th through 16th, something of enormous importance may come to surface now and maybe not emotionally easy to deal with but remember, the benefit of reading astrological forecasts is not to stop us moving forward in life but on the contrary, it is to rise above the influences of the karmic cycles and take control over our own lives. Developing positivity is definitely an important key to accomplishing most anything in life. On 21st of June, Saturn will shift back to your sign and will remain in your sign for few more months but after this it will not return for next 30 years!!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

June 2017 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. Leo’s, professionally you are entering the most important career phase of the year 2017. Six months starting from 1st of June are professionally very important; in this period there will be career advancement, changes, you may start on a new career path, diversify and if you are due for promotion, it would be a good period for you to ask for. It is important, that you absorb this career opportunity that universe is presenting to you. Since, planet Mars will also be strong during this period, nothing will come easily to you, I foresee, competition, tensions and anxiety will also be high but as I always say, we do not read astrological forecasts to stop us from moving forward in life but on the contrary, the purpose of these astrological forecasts is to rise above the influences of the karmic cycles and take control over our own lives. Your name, your reputation and how others think about you will also change with elevation in your status in coming 4 months from now. One date, 15th, I would like you to encircle on your calendar, when Saturn opposes Sun, your ruler, and this date and days close to this date, it would be good to be careful in legal, judicial and all matters connected with government, including tax matters, issues with parents, bosses, or other authority figures. You may feel physically (your muscles or bones) and mentally (maybe sad and quiet!) drained under this planetary aspect; however this influence of Saturn will go away from 17th. Rest assured that your situation is about to change in coming months in a big positive way (keep this thought with you whenever you feel low in energy). You will be working hard, which will be good for your work. Personally, relationship with other family members will be strong, from 4th through 15th, and during this period something related with home and real estate may also reach fruition stage. From 24th, love of your life and friends will keep your social diary full. If you are single, (strange as it may seem) I foresee you having liking for two people and with Mars, the planet of energy, strong, it is normal for a person to feel a degree of anxiety and excitement. Alternatively, if it is not love than it maybe something related to money and tensions with your business associate/partner are possible. Overall, starting from June coming months are promising for you.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. In the month of June destiny is giving you the opportunity to expand your horizon, bringing with it new information and experiences in your life. You want to do something different from your everyday life, there may be some restlessness and dissatisfaction with regular everyday routine anything that takes you away from mundane activities in your life. You may want to pursue higher studies or hobby, may be travel and would love to meet new people who are of diverse backgrounds. Your beliefs and views about people and world may also undergo a change, as you explore life. With Mars, the planet of energy, strong this month, ideas that come to you now require planning and a long-term commitment, so it would be a good idea to take small, daily steps, instead of giant leaps. From 4th through 15th, you will keep yourself very busy, meeting people, maybe traveling, running small errands, doing some paperwork, communicating and interacting more on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and of course answering phone calls. By end of this month, some of you will be looking for new work opportunities. Mars all through this month will be traveling through your name, reputation and career sector of solar chart, so even though you want to explore world, travel, meet people, see new places, but your reputation and work will be something always on your mind. You could have issues with those who try to be dominating and authoritative. Once you move past these negative emotions, you will be free to achieve and create what you want in life with much less stress and effort.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

June 2017 Monthly Forecast: GEMINI, CANCER

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. This month, from 1st through 23rd, is the period to be cautious, for there is lots’ going on behind the scenes that you are not fully aware of. There are things hidden from you, at work or in relation. Gemini’s, it could be that you have some plans and ideas that probably you do not want to share with the world yet, actually it is a good idea you could do more work this way. If, you are disturbed by some events or people’s action, maybe it is time to plan some kind of strategy. After 23rd, you can then put your plans into action, by that time Sun, the soul of the zodiac, would be traveling through your sign. All through this month, Mars, the planet of action, will be moving through your sign. In astrology, planet Mars, is considered to be the ‘Time-keeper’ meaning nothing gets activated without its presence and this transit takes place once in about 2 years and lasts for about 1.5 months. So, you are moving through crucially important phase with Sun (from 15th) and Mars in your sign. From 4th through 15th, Ketu, the south node of Moon, aspect on your sign, you have to understand your co-workers’ motivations to avoid any misunderstandings. Anything worth achieving takes time and dedicated effort and with planets so beautifully aligned this month, forward is the only way to go but keep a check on your temper and restless, as it is possible with two fiery planets, Mars and Sun, in your sign. “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” ~Chinese proverb

Moon rules over your sign. Two months from 3rd of June are filled with exploring your dreams, wishes, meeting friends, family and net-working. Something related with one of your child (if you are a parent) may have been causing great mental anxiety and stress in past few months, however now planets will provide you with celestial help, especially watch what happens from 4th through 16th. You may feel strange to read this, but I have seen, under present planetary influence, you may suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness) or may have vivid dreams. As you widen your circle professionally it may possibly bring money gains too. Venus and Mercury are beautifully placed in career sector of your solar chart, work especially connected with new technology or maybe online promotion, making connections with others or strengthening ties in a group/organization are the focused this month. If, you are invited for any event, be sure to go and alternatively it is possible, you may throw a party or get-together event. When it comes to love, days from 4th through 12th, are beautiful, whether you are single or attached, you may enjoy the romantic implications. On 20th, Saturn shifts signs again, giving you another chance to manage or take important decisions related with your children or someone you love. Saturn brings stability and decisions taken now can last for many years to come. Saturn will remain in this sign until October, so you have ‘time’.