Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I support economic self-reliance of women  #WomenSelf-reliance. Women play a multidimensional role in today’s economy, however women still face economic discrimination, unequal pay and other hurdles that make their lives difficult.  They are also vulnerable to exploitation and it can be said that probably work in unsafe conditions even in most developed nations. But what makes a woman truly empowered is self reliance, which comes from standing on her own feet. Women are the backbone of any Society #EducateWomen. Forward this message>>>>

#Demonetisation, #Saturn, #World Economy- UK, France, Germany, USA, India

#Demonetisation, #Saturn, #World Economy- UK, France, Germany, USA, India
Planets are continually in movement thus, in astrology, we make continual observations of the transit of planets in different Sun Signs. No other planet is so deeply associated with karma, the destiny or fate, as is Saturn. Saturn, seemingly cruel hand and many times frustrating brings changes and transformations in our journey on Earth. Without the help of Saturn, one cannot achieve personal ambitions and goals. It creates sufferings, hardships and, deep discontentment with a view to teach the person the real truth of life. A powerful Saturn in any horoscope stands for money, career ambitions, fulfillments of one’s dreams and leadership qualities. Saturn is powerful especially under the influence of Jupiter or in sign of Jupiter—Sagittarius.
Let’s talk about Saturn movement in the year 2017 and World Economy.
 Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player moves to Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017 at 18:13 hours turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 7th April and re-enters Scorpio on 21st June 2017. From 21st June to 27th Oct Saturn continues its journey in Scorpio and transits to Sagittarius yet again on 27th Oct 2017.
The Year 2017 will see:-
1.      The UK will begin the formal Brexit negotiation process by the end of March 2017, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said.
2.      Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. On January 20, 2017 he will reside at the White House and take charge to fulfill his central promise of radical change in America.
3.      The German elections will be held in the year 2017, on a date yet to be determined.
4.      The first round of the 2017 French presidential election will be held on April 23 2017. Present president though eligible for a second term, but declined to do so on December 1 2016. The Socialist Party will hold a presidential primary in January 2017.
5.      Then in my own country, India, the year 2017 will be important, to see the consequences of demonetizations. Will it give a bolt or a jolt to the fastest growing economy of the world? When I was student in UK for Social Statistics studies, I studied the Economists predictions (they are no better!) for Mauritius.  In 1961 James Meade, a Nobel Prize recipient in economics, famously predicted a dismal future for Mauritius. Approximately 1.3 million people of Mauritius have defied those predictions, transforming itself from a poor economy into a country with one of the highest per capita incomes among African countries. For India, I wouldn’t rely much on dismissal economists’ predictions on Indian economy (they don’t rely much on my predictions too!).  It is difficult to anticipate astrologically, Saturn’s impact on Indian and global economy, since it is entering and exiting Jupiter’s sign January, June and October 2017. However, I am hopeful; though not easy (Saturn is never easy) some government policy changes will be announced in the year 2017 which would have more impact on the distribution of economic gains, which will boost growth. 
World Economic Scenario is Drastically changing and I do not believe in the 'Economists' predictions of the risk of a world recession, as Saturn in Jupiter sign would not let this happen, Saturn will travel through this sign for next 2 ½ years. UK, USA, France, Germany and India will NOT enter economic recession in next 2 ½ years but on the contrary will grow. By the virtue of Saturn in the coming year, astrological projections for the year 2017 are positive, as initiatives will be taken by respective governments to catalyze the trembling signals on economy (including Indian government). Collective fiscal action undertaken by all countries would support domestic and global growth. I would like to add, in the end, it’s important to keep an open mind to the concepts of karma for personal and economic growth. In general, your personal moral and ethical value system will define your destiny and fate, so for Good to happen ‘Do’ Good!!!!

Monday, 5 December 2016

December 2016 Monthly Forecast: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, PISCES

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. From 1st through 15th, the Sun is moving through most friendly sector of your solar chart. It will be a highly social period of this year for you, you will be meeting many of your family members, friends and attending social get-together. From 1st through 11th, will be a very hectic and busy period as planet Mars is traveling through your sign. You will be busy and also tense maybe. If you have any grand plans put them into action now as Mars will support you. Venus, from 2nd through 28th, will also be in your sign, adding extra magnetism to your looks. This is the period, when you may want to investigate new hairstyles, hair colors, new style of clothes or new cosmetics (if you are a Capricorn woman!). Around 13th of December (plus minus 4 days) will be simply most exciting days of this month. With excitement will be stress and exhaustion too. It may not be easy to shed your duties and responsibilities. On 10th of December, your ruling planet, Saturn, will be combust (astha), the day when you will feel duties and responsibilities the most. Since, Saturn rules over your sign, of all the signs of the zodiac, you may feel the effect of Saturn the most (on this day and also one day before and after of this day). From 12th December 2016 through 20th January 2017, money will be your primary concern. Money flows in and also flows out from your bank account. Please circle date—24th, on your calendar, see what happens around this date. It will be sudden, surprising and may be unexpected. The whole month will be so busy that by 29th of December you will be asking for some rest, privacy and ‘me’ time!!

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. December is probably the most important month of the year for you. Professionally and financially you are ready to make major changes in your life. Something important in last week of the previous month, November, may have caused you to re-evaluate your goals and as the month begins you are probably ready to make big changes in your work. Some Aquarians may even apply for new job positions or make changes in their business. Whatever professional and financial changes you make now will stay with you in many years to come. Since, your ruler Saturn will be strong in first 15 days of this month; you may feel the stress and responsibilities more. On 10th, Saturn will be combust, making the day heavy with work and duties. I follow the philosophy that astrology can be used to avert problems and turn what’s negative to positive, so keep your faith and this knowledge of what is likely to happen can used to divert your spiritual energy in positive direction. From 11th of December 2016 through 20th January 2017, planet Mars will travel through your sign. Mars will give you courage and determination to carry forward your ambitious plans. There will be so many things happening during this period to keep you busy and maybe tense. Please circle date—24th, on your calendar, see what happens around this date. It will be sudden, surprising and may be unexpected. From 29th, you will make changes in your life. Venus and Mars will hold your hand, and bring love, friends and enjoyment, wow!!

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. As the month begins, the travel sector of your solar chart will become strong and it seems unlikely that you’ll stay at home this month. From 1st through 15th, you may be planning to travel and/or someone from overseas may visit you. Since, Saturn will be strong in first 12 days of this month, you may need to settle some issues related with passport, citizenship, immigration, or visa. If you are traveling, in any dates, from 20th December through 9th January of the year 2017, please double check your ticket timings, look for flights cancellations (as per my astrological readings it is possible due to weather conditions!) and as far as possible do all your hotel bookings in advance. From 11th of December, your expenditures may increase the trend that begins now and will continue all of January 2017. Watch what happens on 24th of December, Christmas Eve (plus minus 1 day). Something exciting and unexpected may surprise you.  I have kept the best celestial news for the last, from 30th December 2016 through 27th January 2017, will be the most important period of your career. All the extra hard work that you have put in the past six months will pay you rich dividends. You may get some new work opportunity, or a promotion, whatever you will be offered will have exciting possibilities. This work opportunity may in some way be related with your spouse also. I will talk more about all this in my next month’s forecast!