Monday, 28 April 2014

Why Communalism?

Human beings first
 Human Beings FIRST

Communal-ism, as we understand it in India, is blind loyalty to one’s own religious group. In our soul journey on this earth, we are born first and religion and our name are given by our parents or family later and when we die our soul leaves our body first and all religious rites are performed later, so as human beings ‘we’, our soul or spirit, comes first, so how can we ever forget to be good souls!!! How can ‘we’ not understand, religion is there to guide us not ‘mis’-guide us in our journey on this earth. In our karma we will keep falling and keep suffering if we forget to fulfill our primary duty as human beings that is to uplift our soul. We all should on our own personal level, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, strive to bring this change, and do not let people with vested interests to promote tension in our society. Efforts, again as I said before, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem should be made to promote feelings of humanity. Human beings and souls are above everything else. All the political parties which thrive on communalism should be given message to adopt different strategy. Psychological factors play an important role in the development of communalism. I have done my bit how about YOU……

Monday, 14 April 2014

Lunar Eclipse of 15th April, what it holds for you!

Lunar Eclipse of 15th April, what it holds for you!
On lunar eclipse day there is “full moon”. The full moon, as social research indicates, affects environment and also reflects on the mood and mind of a person. The high tides in the ocean and mood changes may occur in every full moon and that is the reason why in India mythology it is advised to control the mind by observing fast either on ekadashi ( 3 days before full moon) or on the day of full moon. 

Sutak – (nine hours period before the lunar eclipse starts)  is considered to be inauspicious time before Chandra Grahan and is known as Sutak. The ‘sutak’ is observed in Indian mythology as a period of physical and mental fast so as to avoid the effect of eclipse on the mind. During this period, if possible, do pranayama (breathing exercises) and/or meditation.

As per Vedic astrology, this year's first lunar Eclipse occurs on April 15, 2014 from 11hrs 28 m ends 15:03 of Libra sign (opposite sign Sun will be in Aries), affecting mainly Librans and Aries born most significantly but for every Sun sign where an eclipse falls in your horoscope chart it will affect.

In brief, the one month (plus minus surrounding this date) period from 15th April  for all Sun signs: -

Aries: Pressure on serious relationships could occur. It's could also be a time of marriage, signing business contracts and making serious commitments.

Taurus: Daily routine and health and work habits. A health issue could come to your attention. On the flip side, you could find a daily routine that ultimately suits you better.

Gemini: Global marketplace and individual performance, children, fun and creativity. Romance could enter or exit your life. A desire to express creativity could suddenly come alive.

Cancer: Your home, your house, your past, inner emotions and your mother. Issues over your home life will take precedence. Where you live and your family will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse.

Leo: Your car, computer, travel or any form of transportation could break down. Communications may get heated and it is possible, not necessary, squabbles with your brother/sister or neighbors may occur.

Virgo: Your own income, values, sense of security. Money and how you spend, save and accumulate it will be of major concern.

Libra: Self and close relationships. Taking a strong stand, changing your appearance and independent thinking will be highlighted. This can be also be a time of greater self-awareness.

Scorpio: Great spiritual insight or an event may cause one to seek a retreat. Loneliness and self imposed isolation may be present during this time (it’s only for few days). Alternatively, you may tap your intuition and hidden talents affecting daily routine, health and work habits.

Sagittarius: Hopes, wishes and dreams. Friendships, group activities and what other people think will matter more as your reputation could be analyzed by others, for better or for worse.

Capricorn: Career, profession, vocation, reputation and life direction. You could rise to power or fall from it. Your public reputation comes under scrutiny for better or for worse.

Aquarius: You might decide to pursue some hobby or may go back to university, explore a religion or spiritual area or you may want to step outside of your comfort zone altogether and may be travel foreign shores.

Pisces: Transformational period. It is also a time of debts, other people's money and sexual relationships. Money matters you share with another could also be affected during this time. Eclipse affects your income and that of your partner of any other joint resources as well as loans, tax, insurance, joint property and inheritance.