Monday, 29 April 2013

Mars-the planet of energy Vs 'Karma'

Astrology is not to bring the fear or superstition, instead, the purpose of astrology is to rise above cosmic influences and take control over our own lives. From April 15th planetary war is escalating and next 13 days the intensity of the event occurrence may increase. Mars is the planet of Army, police, law, defense, accidents, unrest and force; matters related to Mars may suffer and Sun placed in its exalted sign with Mars, meaning people placed at high positions and common working class, too may feel the heat of this planetary war. On an individual level, it is not the best time for risky or speculative investments. Prices of gold, petrol and currency are best parameters to understand this planetary war. Just as the energy of the planets affects all of us it also gives us the power of ‘choice’ and free will to exercise, and future course of events eventually depends on the choices we make. It is a ‘law of universe’, constructive and positive choices or karma will invariably bring positive results in life. A simple definition of ‘karma’ is a boomerang theory; whatever you send out negative or positive comes back to you. There may have been many nations, religions, faiths and cultures who may have held belief in the doctrine of rebirth and the theory of Karma but India is probably the only country throughout past 40 centuries, yes centuries, that has steadfastly to this belief even today.  The idea of ‘rebirth and Karma' may be found in nearly all philosophies and religions at some period in their history but modern new developing India, not only in past, even today holds firmly this belief needing no proof. West has a belief ‘body has a soul’ whereas we Indians believe ‘soul resides in a body’ thereby giving greater importance to soul rather than body.  Present challenging planetary influence represents a time when you should see whether you are doing right ‘karma’ in your life or not.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Taurus (April 21 to May 21): Taurus and the year 2013: The main theme or focus for you this year from June onwards will be on ‘MONEY’. If you put your best foot...

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

Taurus and the year 2013: The main theme or focus for you this year from June onwards will be on ‘MONEY’. If you put your best foot forward now you will receive the appreciation and support. Raises and promotions are highlighted for you.

Taurus and their general characteristics:  Taurus, the second Sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by planet Venus and is all about material aspects of life money, jewelry, bank balance. Taurus is in a constant search for stability in life and financial security. Taurus have a very strong will to purchase and buy property, houses, land and real estate – all in order to support their need for security. Though, they believe they are flexible but they do NOT like change in any form.
They possess, or rather want to possess all the best qualities of the bourgeoisie. As they have a sense of material values and physical possessions, the respect for property and money is also great. Who doesn’t want and desire for comfort and luxury but think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this Sign. Along these lines, they also favor good food, after all food brings satisfaction, in short, Taurus like all good things life can offer in all its guises. 

They are practical and extremely determined. Taurus is an earthy and fixed sign, they will do everything in their power to maintain the security of the status quo and be somewhat resistant to change. Unless provoked, they are even tempered and slow to anger. However if provoked, they can explode into violent outbursts of ferocious anger in which they seem to lose all self-control. 

They are actually among the most practical of the Zodiac. Taurus being an earthy and material sign is at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility, where there is little need of urgency and even less risk of change. They are best where the rewards of their productiveness come from their own work and not that of others. 

Taurus and health: Taurus governs the throat, neck and respiratory tract. They are prone to throat infections, thyroid, goiter and respiratory ailments such as asthma. 

Taurus and color: The color of choice for Taurus is white.

Taurus and Birthstone:  White coral and Diamond. 

Taurus and Caution: Bull brings rigidity and resistance to change. 

Spiritual thought:  ‘Change’ is the law of the nature. Change is only possible when you take risk. Calculated risk may turn your life either way, no idea is without its built-in problems, but you will learn and will always grow. Every experience good or bad can be a stepping stone in life. They will frequently experience loss of money to learn to let go of the physical world’s domination over their lives.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Partial Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) on 25th Apr...

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Partial Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) on 25th Apr...: Partial Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) on 25 th April night. The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia (...

Partial Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) on 25th April.

Partial Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) on 25th April night.
The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia (except N-E), Africa, Europe and Antarctica.  Eclipse will be visible in India and begins at 25hrs 22m (this would mean early hrs of 26th April) and total duration 0hrs 31m.
Astrologically, all eclipses are significant, and may affect you in some way in coming three months that is from 25th April through July, however according to Hindu beliefs, unless eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance and Hindus don't consider it for any religious activities. 

On lunar eclipse day there is “full moon”. The full moon, as social research indicates, affects environment and also reflects on the mood and mind of a person. The high tides in the ocean and mood changes may occur in every full moon and that is the reason why in India mythology it is advised to control the mind by observing fast either on ekadashi ( 3 days before full moon) or on the day of full moon. 

Sutak – (nine hours period before the lunar eclipse starts)  is considered to be inauspicious time before Chandra Grahan and is known as Sutak. The ‘sutak’ is observed in Indian mythology as a period of physical and mental fast so as to avoid the effect of eclipse on the mind. During this period, if possible, do pranayama (breathing exercises) and/or meditation.

As per Vedic astrology, lunar Eclipse occurs on April 25, 2013 at 25hrs 22 m of Libra sign (opposite sign Sun will be in Aries), affecting mainly Librans and Aries born most significantly but for every Sun sign where an eclipse falls in your horoscope chart it will affect.

In brief, the period from 25th April -July: -

Aries: Pressure on serious relationships could occur. It's could also be a time of marriage, signing business contracts and making serious commitments.

Taurus: Daily routine and health and work habits. A health issue could come to your attention. On the flip side, you could find a daily routine that ultimately suits you better.

Gemini: Global marketplace and individual performance, children, fun and creativity. Romance could enter or exit your life. A desire to express creativity could suddenly come alive.

Cancer: Your home, your house, your past, inner emotions and your mother. Issues over your home life will take precedence. Where you live and your family will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse.

Leo: Your car, computer, travel or any form of transportation could break down. Communications may get heated and it is possible, not necessary, squabbles with your brother/sister or neighbors may occur.

Virgo: Your own income, values, sense of security. Money and how you spend, save and accumulate it will be of major concern.

Libra: Self and close relationships. Taking a strong stand, changing your appearance and independent thinking will be highlighted. This can be also be a time of greater self-awareness.

Scorpio: Great spiritual insight or an event may cause one to seek a retreat. Loneliness and self imposed isolation may be present during this time (it’s only for few days). Alternatively, you may tap your intuition and hidden talents affecting daily routine, health and work habits.

Sagittarius: Hopes, wishes and dreams. Friendships, group activities and what other people think will matter more as your reputation could be analyzed by others, for better or for worse.

Capricorn: Career, profession, vocation, reputation and life direction. You could rise to power or fall from it. Your public reputation comes under scrutiny for better or for worse.

Aquarius: You might decide to pursue some hobby or may go back to university, explore a religion or spiritual area or you may want to step outside of your comfort zone altogether and may be travel foreign shores.

Pisces: Transformational period. It is also a time of debts, other people's money and sexual relationships. Money matters you share with another could also be affected during this time. Eclipse affects your income and that of your partner of any other joint resources as well as loans, tax, insurance, joint property and inheritance.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Success and failures

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Success and failures: Life has its ups and downs and everybody experiences success and failure. Please fill a form of Life (?) where you tick-- Married, c...

Success and failures

Life has its ups and downs and everybody experiences success and failure. Please fill a form of Life (?) where you tick-- Married, check. Children, check. Career, check. Money, cross. I know it sounds funny but isn’t this what we are actually doing all the time. Very often we have a romanticized idea in our mind as to what our lives should be like, but inevitably, life never ever happens like that. Lord Buddha once said about the future "whatever you think it will be, it will always be something different"! This future is known to the wise as uncertain, unknown and so unpredictable (again funny an astrologer writing this) but what is success and how do we categorize it?  Is it something going by TIMES or FORBES list of 100? Or how many followers you have on ‘Facebook’? Success and failure are terms that do not necessarily call for a universal definition, since every one of us has his/her own definition of what success and failure mean. Generally, a person can be successful in his/ her job, or he/ she can lead a successful personal life, or achieve success in his/ her hobbies. Possible examples of success in professional life could be getting your dream job or receiving a hefty pay raise etc etc . But in a time of a dramatically increasing number of burnout cases, being successful in our job could also mean not being stressed out or burned out. Leading a successful personal life could mean being in a happy relationship or having great friends. Has it ever happened that we achieve something great today but then feel empty afterwards? Many times, we believe we will be happy and ‘successful’ once we find our dream job, or find our soul mate, or acquire ‘x’ amount of bank balance – only to discover (presuming you do achieve!) that after the initial excitement settles, a tremendous emptiness sets in, a feeling of, “Well, now what?”
 In my opinion, the principal rule to determine success is mental strength. How positive a person we are? Optimism or positive thinking can help in becoming successful in any area of life. Life, as in my own limited knowledge and experience, is always changing. Either we are growing forward or falling backwards. There is no constant; there is only change and this is “the law of universe or nature”. Success could be the destination and failure is how you get there. Like, the way we do exercises in gym or yoga class, we must develop and strengthen our mental strength with lots of exercise and now the next question comes-What is ‘mental exercise’? Answer- ‘Meditation’ !!!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: VASTU, The architectural design of your house—3rd ...

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: VASTU, The architectural design of your house—3rd ...: “Home Sweet Home” -- the place where you want to return to after a long tiring day. How a house is constructed is very important. When ...

VASTU, The architectural design of your house—3rd in the series

“Home Sweet Home” -- the place where you want to return to after a long tiring day. How a house is constructed is very important. When you buy, construct or live in your house it is very important that you should have positive thoughts and vibrations. Home is the place where the spirit of those who live resides. To make your home a truly auspicious, constantly inspiring and lifting your spirits, you need to enhance positive and block negative energies. It is my endeavor to help you select your house where you prosper, grow and be happy. 
Your house should be in harmony with laws of Nature. The Stapatya Veda that comes from the Atharva Veda, which is one of the four Vedas, gives great importance to different aspects of house and building construction to be lucky and favorable. There is a mythological story that when Lord Brahma, a Hindu demigod, empowered by God to create world, was creating a multitude of auspicious and inauspicious beings at the beginning of the creation. 

While so engaged, Lord Brahma and the demigods attempted to create the aura, but instead a formless demon named Vastu purush appeared.  Vastu purush was the manifestation of unrestrained chaotic energy. This chaotic energy, demon, needed to be contained since he was threatening to wreak havoc throughout the universe. Lord Brahma and the demigods devised a plan to stop him. They threw him to Earth and sat on him. Being pinned down in this way, with Lord Brahma in the middle and many exalted demigods and sages surrounding him, the Vastu purush was completely purified.  In a very philosophical note, as per the teachings of the Vedas, both the body and the house are our temporary temples or dwelling place; therefore we should utilize our time in this sphere to attain the eternal realm where everything is completely auspicious. That’s how Vastu Shastra, the ancient architectural design, originated.                   

The house you buy should not only give you protection from heat, cold, wind etc but should also give protection from subtle negative influences and attract auspicious energies to help maintain and increase your general well-being, prosperity, and wisdom. 

When you go to buy a house take a compass with you to help you locate the four directions-- East, South, North and West. The rising and setting of the sun can also give you a very good sense of direction. The Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Keep your face towards the sun (east) and spread your arms like a bird. The right arm would mean south direction and left arm would mean west direction and of course your back is towards west. East, North or Northeast facing houses are considered to be the best for living.  Why? Simply, because the East or North, Northeast facing houses allow the benefic rays of Sun to enter. Sunrays are considered to be most benefic it brings vitality and prosperity that is why in olden days and even now Sun is worshipped in Hindu and many cultures. It provides prosperity, wealth and health to the worshipper. Hence your house should be east, north or northeast facing. I never recommend south-facing house, which according to my astrological analysis brings loses, clashes and conflicts among the people living in the house.
After selecting the direction of your house carefully take into accounts its shape, size, proportion, extensions if any, slope of the house, etc. the special emphasize should also be given to its surroundings too.  The house should never be near school or burial ground. Also there should never be any obstructions near the house that is no huge and big trees near the entrance or big pits. The house should not be at the dead end of the road. It is generally considered to be highly inauspicious and may bring obstruction in your work. If you are buying an apartment you may not have much choice for changes but you should consider the shape of the plot on which the apartment is built and direction of the main door. As far as possible basements should be avoided, living underground basically defies the basic nature of human beings and also you do not get benefic sunrays. I always look at nature to give me answers and you too can follow the same rule, look at the nature for answers. My attempt is to provide you guidelines to buy a house that is free of destructive radiation, structures and is in complete harmony with the cosmic forces. This in turn harmonizes with the basic five elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. The walls of the basement contain high humidity due to the moisture present in the soil and there is not much ventilation and fresh air to breathe in. So you may suffer from ill health which directly/indirectly affects your career, finances and also relationships. 

After the direction next importance should be given to the planning of the building. The placements of various rooms, halls, water tanks, toilets, pantry, kitchen etc are given due importance. Each direction of your house, as per ancient belief, is owned by a planet and the concerned planet regulates that direction according to its inherent nature, Sun rises in the east so east direction becomes magnetized and it ensures protection and regulates cosmic energy. More vacant space in east direction is favorable. Place of worship is also considered favorable in this corner of the house. North direction is related with the inflow of finances so keep your money (safes and vaults) in this corner or you can have your garden or keep green plants in this direction. As per Vastu, in the Northeast of all buildings lays the head of the Vastu purush and it is therefore very inauspicious to have a toilet in the Northeast direction. Water storage should be in the northeast direction. Car parking area/toilet in the Northwest direction is benefic. Kitchen involves fire element so provide a kitchen in the Southeast portion of your house and if it is not possible than shift kitchen platform to Southeast corner of the kitchen. South direction, as I have mentioned earlier, is not considered very auspicious so keep heavy furniture items, heavy indoor pots of plants, cupboards, etc. You can keep indoor plants in the North direction (growth) but never cactus. Provide a store in the West or Northwest direction for luck. Sleeping or studying under have heavy beams in rooms brings mental tensions and anxieties and hence should be avoided. 

A building or a house constructed according as per Vastu norms mitigates bad effects. If a house or a building is already constructed and is probably not as per   the norms of Vastu shastra than it is not necessary to go for reconstruction but Vastu remedies (rearrangements) can be applied and to some extent malefic effects are reduced. After all as we say in medicine surgery is always the last option….Vastu is very helpful and sometimes work like magic!!!!