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How will be the month of April?

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: April 2013 Monthly Forecast for All Sun Signs: ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. This month is the transitional month or period of change for you. Your ruling planet ...

April 2013 Monthly Forecast for All Sun Signs

Planet Mars rules over your sign. This month is the transitional month or period of change for you. Your ruling planet will enter your own sign on 12th , the south node of Moon, ketu, is already posited in your sign, and then rest of the planet brigade-Venus and Sun will also enter your sign. Generally in my experience, our reaction towards change is not proactive. You may feel anxiety, tensions or problems in your life. It is the nature of this universe that we will have to keep growing whether we want to or not. The transitional phases of life are really an opportunity to think of how we can push ourselves further, to achieve our goals. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates and, if you do feel tensions or problems, on or near these dates, think it is divine wish to bring better things in your life….

Planet Venus rules over your sign. This month there is a ‘mob of planets’ affecting your physical and mental well-being. You are probably not too pleased with your daily work routine and money matters and probably universe understands this. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. Planet Jupiter, the divine planet of abundance, is due to leave your sign in another two months. Whatever happens in next 3 months will bring more money opportunities for you but you may have to work extra hard to fulfill your wishes.

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Not just the month of April but coming 6 months professionally there are some big changes indicated in your solar chart. At work place, some administrative changes / management shuffle is possible or maybe you get a good offer from a rival organization. Cut throat competition, rivalry, anxiety and tensions looks high at work place but then results too will be dream like. Divine planet of good luck and abundance is due to enter your Sun sign in next two months, but high drama will begin before. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and avoid making career decisions, on or near these dates, if possible. 

Moon rules over your sign. Your professional and personal life is at crucial planetary angle this month. There is a kind of a planetary training drill beginning from 10th of this month that will last for another 5 months and will transform your life but the greater our potential, the more likely we are to fall – many, many times until we get it right! Probably, you feel isolated or alone, however please do not worry all this is about to change. Everything that happens in our lives happens as part of a larger process. Sometimes we need to undergo trials in order to find a better life that we never could have imagined for ourselves. Three months from 10th, some new and positive career opportunities for you is indicated but avoid taking any important career decision near or on 18th, 25th through 28th.
COLOR: Pink.

Sun rules over your sign. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac on 13th April, a Baisakhi day. In astrology there are 12 Sun signs and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolizes new beginnings. First Venus, the planet of prosperity and money, the Sun and planet Mars will lay emphasis on your learning, publishing, media, communication and travel sector. For students, especially those who want to apply for foreign universities, next two months are very good. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. Astrology is all about timings if you act when time is favorable you get success in your endeavor!!
LUCKY COLOR: Pale yellow.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Money, money and money….well this is the theme for next 5 months for you. You may invest money in real estate or need money for some important business project. You are about to take some important monetary risks but please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. Life is something that happens to us randomly, bringing happiness one day and sorrow the next but life always changes and this is the wisdom that we acquire over many years. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is about to enter your career sector from 30th May, so whatever happens in next two months has some greater meaning but my astrological advice is not to take any big career or money risks this month.  

Planet Venus rules over your sign. For you Librans, the high drama of life begins from now…..Saturn and Rahu(a node of Moon famous for keeping secrets) placed in your sign and big mob of planets- Sun, Mars, Venus and Ketu looking at your sign directly, and to top it there will be a big lunar eclipse on 25th in your Sun sign, even a film writer couldn’t have written better suspense script than this….. life is reaching its tipping point and what happens in next one year is your ‘destiny’. According to the laws of universe, in each person’s life circumstances are created, be it obstacles or for growth,  measure for measure what is needed to grow in a way that is unique for his/her soul, there is a precise balance that exists, though we human being do not understand this. Without actions of change, our destiny path remains unlocked or dormant. 25th through 28th, will be difficult for legal or matters concerned with government.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign and this month your ruling planet will enter its own sign of Aries. Next three months is a busy time for you, 24hrs a day may seem insufficient to complete your work, family and social obligations but Scorpios, this is no reason to neglect your health, and I foresee, you won’t. You may join gym or yoga classes. You probably feel lonely or sad for some reason and to fill this gap you may keep yourself super busy in next three months. There is a big lunar eclipse in your physical and mental well-being sector, on 25th. Sometimes, not always, universe discloses some secret or hidden meanings and manipulations during eclipse time.    
LUCKY COLOR: Golden yellow.

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Your personal life and your children’s welfare will be something you will be concerned this month and this is positive tension, nothing negative about it. If, you are unmarried, then matters of heart will make your heart flutter. At work, high level manipulation is indicated that is, someone posited at top management level or your boss may play office politics. The challenges or difficulties we face in our lives are never the real problems, it is problem only when we believe we cannot overcome it. Planetary tide, from13th of April through 17th May, will not be easy for all of us no matter what Sun sign, we all can expect to be affected in some way or the other, however learning to rise above these cosmic influences is the main advantage of reading astrological forecast in advance.   

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. Are you planning to buy a property or a house? Are you planning to take a bank loan? If your answer is ‘yes’, planets will help you this month. Selling/buying of real-estate in next 2 months from 13th is indicated for those who are interested but remember everything that you desire (regarding property/real estate) will happen with great effort. Astrology is all about timings if you act when time is favorable you get success in your endeavor. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. For you, an astrological advice, avoid confrontations or heated arguments over sensitive issues with anyone in family.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. This month is super busy month for you. Yes, you can generate extra source of income or can even make good savings and if month of April-May is annual increment time, you can expect good salary increase, however such circumstances will be created that may bring heated arguments. Someone, I foresee an authoritative male, may act difficult. If, you are feeling stressed about something taking advice from your sibling (probably elder brother) or a friend will be enormously helpful. You may make travel plans and book your tickets in the months of April and May. Please mark dates 18th, 25th through 28th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, transits through your sign and will shift to next sign on 13th. Your focus may be on your personal values and all matters concerned with money will become very strong from 14th. Avoid 18th, 25th through 28th for money transactions or investments. On 25th, there is an important lunar eclipse in financial sector of your solar chart.  This eclipse also has to do with your own personal transformation, sexuality, relationships, and joint financial situations.  One or all of these topics may become a source of anxiety and frustration for you but in actuality you are being shown by universe to make changes for your own Highest Good. Try to be flexible. Opportunities for many new beginnings are all around you. All eclipses are unpredictable in nature, so how and what happens is hard to predict, sometimes, not always, you may have to face some challenging situation.  Months of May, June and July will be monetarily very good for you.
LUCKY COLOR: Honey brown.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Anger Management, Spiritually

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Anger Management, Spiritually: Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac. Aries are ruled by planet Mars and the main theme for this Sun Sign is—Energy. Energ...

Anger Management, Spiritually

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac. Aries are ruled by planet Mars and the main theme for this Sun Sign is—Energy. Energy is divine gift to us and can be of two types—constructive or destructive. Constructive energy is good and helps build our lives. It is my belief, life’s philosophy should be to focus on the positives in our lives, and positivity should be the predominant manner in which we may construct our day-to-day practice. Emotions are a way in which we automatically react to circumstances and ‘anger’ is one such emotion. Occasionally anger is so ingrained in our personality, like ego, that we do not even recognize it. This negative emotions is present not just in Aries but entrenched in every one of us and is, I think, very, very normal or natural but in no way spiritual. Negative qualities are energy black-holes; they drain us quickly by taxing our attention and focus and diverting us not only from our spiritual path but also create blockages in our personal and professional growth. Imagine how much lighter our journey will be, how much freer and more focused we would be, if we were able to rid ourselves of some of these anchors in our life……

 Anger is also of two types, (I hope this is not puzzling you while reading). One type arises from a sense of nurturing or protection and the other to some extent from judgment, hurt or ego. We tell someone, especially the ones whom we love and care about, in anger that they shouldn’t have done something because we understand, through our own experience, the consequences of their actions would bring. But it is the other anger, the one rising from judgment, hurt or ego that is detrimental. But the question is how to deal with it, so that it does not harm us in our spiritual, physical and material growth. One of the method is ignore or withdrawal; the problem with this reaction is that when we withdraw, we disrupt the circuit of energy and we may as a result have health problems (I think doctors would agree to this). There is another way to respond to anger--- Spiritually. I understand it is not easy and we need to practice this all through our life but if we want to take our life to another level we will have to learn, maybe slowly in the beginning. In science (here again my science background helps me understand the philosophy of life) there is a term called ‘conduction’. Conduction is when energy is flowing because something is touching it and transfer of energy between the conductor and charged body takes place. What I suggest when the other person is angry, we don’t take on their anger. No conduction no flow of energy. We may pause for a second, ‘think and walk away’, both physically and emotionally, from the other person’s reactivity. Our life should progress, remember that we cannot progress without change.

Now to talk about the General characteristics of Aries:-

Aries are the initiators, whether or not everything gets completed is another question altogether. The Arian is a pioneer both in thought and action, very open to new ideas. Aries are ruled by planet Mars and are a bundle of energy and once channel in right direction progress rapidly in life. Monotonous work routines bore Aries and the dawning of a new day with all of its possibilities is pure bliss. Physical and mental challenges stimulate and are must for growth.
An Aries won't shy from taking risks in life and that includes resigning or moving away from work or situation at the heat of the moment. They are quick-witted but sometimes foolhardy and over optimistic, lacking thoroughness and the ability to evaluate difficulties in the undertakings into which they often rush impulsively. Restlessness and impatience needs to be controlled which will surface if they don't get quick results.

 It's these times when you may wish Aries's were a more subdued creature perhaps the great need of Aries is to exercise iron self-control, to discipline the qualities and tendencies of their character to the advantage.

Aries governs the head, and Arians are said to be prone to headaches, migraines hypertension and depression. They are also prone to accidents and physical injuries.

The color of choice for Aries is red.

Birthstone is the red coral.

Caution: Aries planet Mars rules over your sign. Anger and taking decisions on the heat of the moment are your negative pitfalls and may only produce greater problems.
Spiritual thought: Anger is like a fire that burns dreams and relationships, and brings permanent scars. Growth begins when you burn anger!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: You (common man/aamadmi) -the power (1) and money ...

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: You (common man/aamadmi) -the power (1) and money ...: Ambition drives us all forward and makes us want more, always more,   more power, more money, higher office, relationships, no m...

You (common man/aamadmi) -the power (1) and money (6)

Ambition drives us all forward and makes us want more, always more,  more power, more money, higher office, relationships, no man can stop when he/she is ahead, this drives a man to greatness and then ultimately to destruction. You may wonder how or why….It’s man’s nature to ‘want’-power and money, and can it ever be enough? Unless we look inwards and understand the true meaning of life may spend our entire life running after an illusion. We live in a material three dimensional world and Sure!  It is not evil or wrong to desire a nice car (Aston Martin!!), fancy home, and earn money. But I say, desire or want those things but with good karma or actions. 

The year 1000-1999 AD was the era of 1 Number, this era saw the rise of many leaders and pioneers and the era 2000-2999 AD is the era of learning to live together in harmony and cooperation.  In each era there are many 1-9 cycles. 2013, the current year has vibration of 6 Number and in the year 2016 (9 Number) this cycle will end and from 2017 we will see entire new beginning. The year 2012 was the year of change (5), the rise of middle class or aamadmi. 

Have you ever wondered the only way any government of any country can spend billions is by tapping middle class?  Power or Number 1 is also in some way connected with money, very rich people and very poor people vote for money; poor people vote for anyone promising to give them money, rich people for getting important contracts but the middle class that’s where income comes for governments.  Because 2013 is the Number 6, the number of --money, women and love, you may see great tilt towards these. 2014 will bring 7 Number, the number of research, learning, scientific growth and believe it not ‘spirituality’.