Saturday, 5 September 2015


September 2015 Monthly Forecast: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, PISCES

Saturn is your ruling planet. In Sanskrit, Saturn is called Shani and it is the inherent nature of this planet to bring delays and obstructions in life and because of this it is mostly feared also. Saturn rules over your sign, so, in comparison to others, you may have to put extra efforts and work harder to prove your worth. It is the role for Saturn to do the astrological dirty work by passing on the negative effects of our past karmas but Capricorns do not fear, this month the transit of Sun along with planet of good luck, Jupiter, can transform your insecurities into strength. Your focus this month may be on relationships at the moment. Relationship that you probably share with your partner, partner could be your spouse or maybe related with your work. Whatever is the reason you may now be consumed with the intense desire for change and thus bringing a big transformation. In life making changes in what we think affects our actions. When we change, people around us change, you will be surprised even situations change eventually and this month with planetary support you are about to begin the period of transformation. From 13th of this month, matters related to money, expenditures, bills, tax, insurance, loans, rentals and savings will be strong in a positive way. Someone owes you money or you want to take loan for investment, whatever is the reason this month planets support you. Inheritance matters will be especially favoured from 13th. In the last week of this month or in first week of next month, you may hear some important news or information. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. You may feel an intense desire to bring changes in your life. In 1st century B.C, a Greek philosopher wrote, “People are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them,” and this precisely, Aquarius, applies to you as you may perceive there are problems and life is hard but this isn’t true as life has many shades and depths to it, only we don’t understand life, anyways, this month Sun, the powerhouse of this whole universe and giver of life, will shine upon you. If, you are unmarried, planetary tide from this month can bring that special person into your life. Beginning any new work in partnership will bring amazing benefits in times to come. It is also a good time to make business contacts, promote your work and to make something public. If someone approaches you for work or something equally important, this month planetary tide is such that you may have to make immediate decisions, maybe within 15 days or a month and this will have immense power to charge your life. Mars will be changing signs on 15th, in a sign opposite to your sign, where Sun and planet Jupiter will already be present. You may be outgrowing the dull single life (that you perceived tough!) and with the energy of powerful planets you are all set to move forward in life. All the best! One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Pisces, what a busy month ahead, your efficiency and enthusiasm to excel will increase. During this period, you will be especially enthusiastic and look to expand your activities. From 1st through 6th, retrograde Venus may slow you down, you probably will be working like a machine, however as Venus will rise from its celestial sleep, you will witness a change. You will be socializing and interacting with interesting people. Venus and planet Mars, the celestial lovers will bring zing in your love life and if you are single you may get a chance to meet many interesting people. In six months from 13th, you will see changes in your work life and also office. Your work environment may upgrade and if you have been working hard and felt nobody noticed you, well this is going to change. Higher ups and your boss will notice your efforts. If you are self-employed, it is possible that you may get an amazing work opportunity. Jupiter, the planet of all positive effects in life, is transiting through your health sector and this month it is especially favourable for you. On 28th, there will be a lunar eclipse in your sign, this will herald a period of transformation in your life. Lunar eclipse may bring something totally unexpected and sudden changes in you, your personality, your looks, and (if you are unmarried) even may change your ‘single’ status!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

September 2015 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

September 2015 forecast
Planet Venus rules over your sign. On September 6, your ruling planet will go direct in its motion and this is a big planetary event for you. As per Vedic astrology, a retrograde planet bring delays and frustrations in life. In my August monthly forecast for you, I wrote this for you-- in six months from 14th of August, planets support you in career, money, family life and also marriage (if you desire to get married that is) -- and because your ruling planet, Venus, was taking its celestial sleep in month of August you may have found things were not happening at the pace you wish them to but from 6th of this month things will slowly gain momentum. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, this month favours you, so make a wish, yes make a wish to God or to the universe, and express your desire, especially on 13th or in the ten days from 13th, strange it may seem to you but this period is very potent and filled with possibilities. Saturn will be in beautiful angle to your ruling planet, you can probably surrender yourself to the almighty. One date I would like to warn you is 26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign. On 15th September planet Mars changes sign and for you, Scorpio’s, there begins a very important period of career growth and advancement from now. Nothing happens in a day but series of events starting from 15th will help you grow professionally up. Jupiter, the planet of growth and advancement, is traveling through your career and professional advancement sector for complete one year and when your ruling planet, Mars, also enter the same sector, both planets will promote you in your work. If you are employed, you may ask for raise or promotion and you can even apply for new job positions, if you wish so. If you are self-employed, your ability to take your work many times up will be enhanced as luck will support you. If you get some work offer and feel confused. Astrologically I would say take your chances and investigate all possibilities. If you are related to television or movie business, you can get name and fame for your work too. Name, fame, popularity, promotion and growth all are written in your stars only you have to do your karma in right directions and leave rest to the stars!! One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” If we don't look beyond our surface frustration to the depths of our life lessons we are obviously missing something. You feel in life something is missing, “yes” it is, I agree, but this is how life is! However, having said that I would like to tell you, starting from 14th of this month, luck favours you and this amazing period will stay activated for next 4 months. Retrograde Venus with Mars transiting through crucial sector of your chart highlighted money, health and other important matters. Venus relates more with money and women related issues, so having Venus in sleepy mode is not good but now Venus becomes direct on 6th and Mars after dealing with your inner conscious or soul leaves you on 15th. For all Sagittarius, three months starting from 13th, are the best days of the year so make the most of it. Don’t wait for things to come to you, initiate the process and then let destiny hold your hand. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is also the planet of miracles and this month from 13th, whatever you wish for and make efforts in the same direction, luck will support you. Foreign travel or news from overseas will delight you. Something sudden and surprising may astonish you, in very emotional way, in the last ten days of this month or in first week of October. Being spiritual and philosophical in addressing tough areas of your life could also bring positive developments in your life. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September Monthly Forecast: CANCER, LEO, VIRGO

Moon rules over your sign. Mars, the planet of energy, is transiting through your sign. As the month opens, from 1st through 15th, you have lots of energy and busy days. I have some amazing news to share with you-from 13th, the whole universe will support and motivate you to increase your personal net-worth. If you are unhappy with your money situation and money worries are draining away your energies as you are alsways stressing about money then this is it, the best time of this year to rectify the situation. Your work and the need to improve your financial net-worth will be heightened. Smart strategic ways to earn and save more money will go a long way. From 15th, joint finances, inheritance matters and other long-term financial matters could see the manifestation of a stabilizing money situation. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will travel with Sun, the soul of the zodiac, giving you a chance to bring many positive changes in your life and especially related with money. In seven months, from 15th, you may likely see a strong influx of cash to your bank account, making these seven months, starting from September 2015, be one of your most prosperous periods that you've ever experienced. However, as I always say, astrology gives the time frames when or how things are likely to occur but it is upon us and how we do our karma, or how well we make use of this opportune time, as indicated by astrology, and so Cancer I would say that planets are helping you in money matters ask for a raise, find ways to save money, and if you are self-employed, you can now find ways to diversify your investments. Sun is placed in the sign of Leo, the sign where matters related with government gets special benefits. At the end of this month near 28th   or probably in the first week of October, you may receive some important news.

Sun rules over your sign and this month you, Leos, probably will benefit the most and starting from 13th, the next six months may prove to be one of the best month in recent years to initiate new beginnings in your life. Destiny will open ways and doors for you in ways you never ever thought would ever be possible, isn’t that great! From 15th and all of October and also part of November, will be an ideal time to begin something new and planets favours you to make a fresh start. In over the next few months luck supports you, you will find yourself in right time at right place. It is also a time to reinvent yourself and this may also be reflected outwardly in some personal way, such as with a new hairstyle, new style of dressing or may be manner of expressing and presenting yourself. You may even focus on changing personal habits and may be lifestyle in ways to improve your confidence in yourself. You may also get a chance to meet some people who will help you in your work. Now, when I say starting from this month it is good period, I don’t specifically mean only work, it could be related with marriage, making new friends, improving your looks, money and if you are single planets may bring someone special in your life too. In previous forecast sign (Cancer sun sign) also I mentioned this but again I am repeating for you Leo’s- astrology gives the time frames when or how things are likely to occur but it is upon us and how we do our karma and how well we make use of this opportune time, as indicated by astrology. So, planets are helping you now, even if you had difficulties or disappointments in past, this is the time to do karma with right conscious and intention. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. This month, your ruling planet Mercury, will transit its sign of exaltation. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be under the shadow of north node of Moon, Rahu, and from 17th it will also become retrograde in its motion. The planetary tide from 1st through 17th, gives you a chance to dive deeper into self and do some kind of soul-searching to resolve old hurts and painful incidences of your past. When I say- ‘past’ -I don’t necessarily mean ten or twenty years ago but it could be past few years too. Our past or the painful events and the people who harmed us, or people about whom we constantly think negative in our mind, prevent us from moving forward in life and it doesn’t matter how successful you seem on the outside if you are miserable on the inside you will never ever enjoy life, so let it all go and probably this is the message universe brings for you this month!

Sun, the soul of the zodiac, will enter your sign on 17th but on the same date Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn into backward motion, again this helps you to look into your past and, if possible, make peace with it too. Mercury will go retrograde from September 17 to October 9. In four months from 14th, it is time to deal with all property and family related matters. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September 2015 Monthly Forecast: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI

monthly September forecast
Your ruling planet, Mars, will shift to next sign on 15th. The first 15 days of this month your ruling planet will be traveling in company of Venus, the planet of money.  Money in today’s world is very important in our lives and this fact cannot be disputed but Aries you will be thinking much more about your net assets this month. Possibly it is your children’s education, loans, debts or you have some important event coming where you may have to spend big money. If you are hoping to redo your house like white-wash, paint or buy furniture, planets favour you. I have some excellent news to share, once Mars shifts to next sign on 15th, it will be placed in company of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and good luck. Your focus will then shift from money related agonies (uff!) to things that are more important in life like for instance love, children, and enjoyment and in general you may now want to enjoy and have fun. You will get time and also occasion to enjoy life with friends and close relatives (nice!). Your love life will improve. Now for those Aries who are in creative field like writing, television, cinema, and such related fields, will find the month of October and also first 15 days of November the best rewarding days of this year (wow!). Please circle date 26th on your calendar and don’t make any hasty moves on or dates close to this as your ruling planet will be in aggressive mood! At the end of this month, near 28th, you will want some rest and may want to complete some tasks that needs your personal attention and privacy. You may have some important thoughts and plans that you may yet not want to share with others. Another possibility, something totally unexpected surprising may be revealed to you.

Your ruling planet, Venus, this month on 6th, will finally rise from its celestial sleep. Please mark dates 6th and 7th on your calendar, and see what happens on these dates. It may not be something big or life changing but even small trivial everyday matter will also have something potent to take you forward in life. This month, from 13th, luck supports you as Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, will be transiting with Sun. Your home, your family, your personal happiness, or like buying/selling of property, all will specially favour you. Taurus, is a person of immense patience and likes stability in life, if family or home is your priority, then start acting and taking your ideas and plans forward from 13th, whatever seeds you plant now will flower and give you fruits in next few months. You may find this strange, this month starting from 17th,  I foresee many people in your house, one alternative could be-you are getting your house re-decorated and have plumbers, artisans, and other such people coming and going, second alternative- you have house guests, and third alternative (not a pleasant one though!)-there maybe a difference of opinion or clash of ideas among family members, however, do not stress yourself the chances of this happening is improbable. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood. Otherwise this month is so good that if you are eligible for a raise, promotion than go for it. Putting business plans into action will also bring positive results, see Taurus, and how good can planets be for you!! Surprising outcome in meetings with close relatives, friends or business associates at the end of this month is also indicated for you.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. This month, your ruling planet Mercury, will transit its sign of exaltation. Mercury this month will be under the shadow of north node of Moon, Rahu, and also from 17th it will also become retrograde in its motion. So, as you enter the month, it appears money is big on your mind as money. You may spend money, writing big checks, or putting heavier than usual charges on credit cards but Gemini do not stress yourself reading this, as I also foresee, money will flow in too. Financially, your outlook remains strong and positive as Venus will become direct in its motion from 6th. From 14th, you may feel the need to expand your horizons. Travel, read, write, send emails, text messages and in general will remain very busy. You may receive some news from overseas or people from abroad may visit. From 14th, your outlook may also be more spiritual and humanitarian too. This month transit of planet of energy, Mars, will give you more energy for work and to fulfil your daily work obligations, of course planets understand you have a larger workload than usual. From 1st through 28th, you may be more eloquent and hence this may be the best time to pitch for sales, meetings, or apply for jobs but Mercury will go retrograde from September 17 to October 9, so I would astrologically advise you rather sign contracts or any such legal papers, if  needed, after October 9th. One date I would like to warn you is-26th, on this date planet Mars and Saturn will be in confrontational mood.