Saturday, 1 September 2012

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: September 2012 Forecast for ALL Sun Signs

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: September 2012 Forecast for ALL Sun Signs:    September 2012 monthly forecast   ARIES: Planet Mars your ruling planet will transit in the company of its arch enemy, Sat...

September 2012 Forecast for ALL Sun Signs

September 2012 monthly forecast
ARIES: Planet Mars your ruling planet will transit in the company of its arch enemy, Saturn till 28th, if things have not been too well in past few days, have faith planets will help and support you from next month. Are you worried about your health or you feel you have gained weight in past few months? If yes, planets will support you and not just the month of September but next two months are beautiful to lose weight. Saturn and Mars aspect on your sun sign, show work and other commitments may have added stress on you but it is time to shed all worries(some weight too). Adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyle. The new slimmer and beautiful YOU will help boost your confidence!
LUCKY COLOR: Peachy pink.
TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign. Your ruling planet will enter sun sign Cancer this month. Travel will charm your heart next one and a half months. You may meet and see beautiful people and places. Do not lose heart, if you are Taurus and cannot travel this month for planets have sweet surprises for you, for ‘love’ will fill your heart with overwhelming emotions. Jupiter transit through your sign will increase your intuitive abilities. Do not be surprised, when universe fulfills your small and everyday wishes!
 LUCKY COLOR: Honey brown.
GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Are you on rented place or want to move residence? This month, though not very strong, planets are helping you in real estate, property and all home related matters. Second half of the month and first ten days of the next month are important for personal and career related matters. If and only if, you have been pursuing some professional goal, this month end, or as I wrote above, first ten days of the next month, you may see some results.
LUCKY COLOR: Dark green. 
CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. This month, planet of beauty and money, Venus, is traveling through your sign. You can try new beauty treatments, new hairstyle or buy new stylish clothes, for Venus can give you desired makeover, wow! If, you want to travel, maybe not very far from your living place, Venus can pamper you. This month is also good to apply for new work positions, give interviews or hold meetings. Tensions and stress in your personal life may continue, may be, it is time for you to shift your focus to other matters.   
COLOR: Pale yellow.
LEO: Sun rules over your sign. Last month, the churning process within, may have brought some changes in your personality, looks and maybe how you perceive things. This month and first ten days of the next month, this will continue. You may even bring changes in your looks or how you dress. You may have or will probably join some gym or yoga classes. Be careful, you are in argumentative mood and you may regret later. Loans and bills sector looks heavy in last ten days of this month and first week of the next month but good news is you may receive money too.
 LUCKY COLOR: Gold brown.
VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Oh Virgo’s, you are presently running a phase when money simply seems to flow through your hand. Money comes and money goes. The second half of the month favors ‘you’ and if you are unhappy about certain aspects of your life, probably you should move on or probably bring shift in your perception. Next few months will see a new YOU. You in process of change and many new events and incidences (yes I see this happening) will only be accelerating this change in next 3 months.
LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. First 5 days of this month are best and probably the only few days for relaxation and leisure. As the month begins, your ruling planet Venus will enter your career sector. Work, work and only work will hold your attention later. Mars gives you energy and determination but Saturn holds you back. This sometimes brings frustration when what you want is not happening. You need to learn how to deal with this situation. Saturn is here to stay in your life for another two and a half years and it will change you and your life.
LUCKY COLOR: Electric blue.
SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. Your ruling planet is traveling through a sign where it is feeling not too comfortable. For the last few months, you may have felt you want to do many things but you are unable to achieve or may have felt limitations. Your health or health of someone close to you needs monitoring. I am not saying you will have some illness but it is always good to be cautious. Professionally, you are going through a phase where you need to explore new options and opportunities, planets will help you.
LUCKY COLOR: Bright red.
SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Your ruling planet, from the month of June, is working to bring changes in your day-to-day life before it gets retrograde or in simple words slow. You may get better and many work projects and now Sun, the soul of the zodiac, and Mercury, the planet that rules over your career, will help you in your career growth. It is probably the best period of the year for professional growth but there is small hurdle, your planet will take its celestial sleep from 4th October, so put as much efforts as you can in the month of September.
LUCKY COLOR: Sunshine orange.
CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. Your ruling Saturn is traveling through a sign where it exalts but the presence of its arch enemy, Mars, in the same sign, is not favorable. From 1st through 28th, there may be work problems and these problems may have ripple effect too. You may feel restless and unhappy in this period. You may not be able to change your destiny but you can change how you react towards it. The end of this month and in the first ten days of the next month travel becomes strong.
AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Planet Jupiter’s presence in your solar chart is good for home, property and real estate matters. On 4th October, this planet will turn backward in its motion, so complete all home related issues by end of this month, if possible. Aquarius, small and trivial matters may make you irritable and angry. Presently, this is the phase when you should understand and not let anything disturb your mental peace.
LUCKY COLOR: Silver gray.
PISCES:As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Presently, money is probably a strong issue with you. Rising credit card, telephone, electricity etc bills may make savings probably impossible for now, do not worry or stress yourself, for universe understands your situation, and by end of this month or probably in the first ten days of the next month, it will help you in some way. Sitting cross-legged, being spiritual or traveling and meeting new people may give you immense satisfaction.   
Your Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra