Tuesday, 4 August 2015

August 2015 Monthly Forecast: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, PISCES

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. Major emphasis now will be on relationships in two months from 17th. There is a big focus on marriage and relationships for you. Planetary combination of Mars and Venus favors marriage. Romance can develop into something important and long lasting as Sun and Saturn give their blessings. If you are romantically involved with someone, you may think of marriage now. If you are single and looking for a match, you may get suitable marriage proposals. If you are married and have compatibility issues with your partner, planets may push you to sever your relationship or sort your mutual differences once and for all. There will be no in-between situation. Resolving to make efforts on smooth relationships that are mutually supportive is a good idea at this time. But what I have written is true only for those who have troubled marriage but not for all, a healthy married relationship based on mutual understanding will grow even stronger under this planetary influence. You want to find a deep and genuine connection with a wonderful person who will be your friend, your loving partner, and a faithful companion on your journey through life, perhaps even someone you can grow with spiritually. This is the time to nurture and allow your relationship to become the source of joy, support and love that they were intended to be. TIME is biggest and master of all, so for you from 17th is the time to move forward and make relationships work. 

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Your days will be busier than ever before. Your ruling planet will be in perfect harmony with Sun, the soul of the zodiac. Sun shifts to next sign on 16th, for one month from this date your days will be busier with pleasant surprises. It is possible that you may travel, possibly for work or probably for higher studies. In 4 weeks from 16th, on your work front, you may wonder why things have become so hectic, as planets-Mars, Venus and Sun-stir the pot and bring in plenty of work. Your office will be busier than it has been in past seven months. If you are presently unemployed and looking for work, planets from now should help you find work. More projects, clients and assignments will pour. Saturn will send a beautiful beam to the Sun, you thought you work hard but no one acknowledges or notices it but Aquarius they were! This indicates that your hard work will easily bring you attention. Mars will transit through its fall sign but whenever this month Moon-Mars move to certain astrological angles it will become more powerful and yoga giving planet. The focus now may shift to your physical and mental well-being. Exercise will help counteract some of the family stress. You may try new diet regimes, join gym or yoga classes. In two months from 17th, you may involve yourself more in handling details, and increasing your efficiency by re-organizing work. Now, let me share something interesting, you may now be in ‘shopping’ mode. Venus is moving in backward direction so please be careful or lest you may end up spending more than you intended to, especially with ongoing ‘Sale’!

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, rules over your sign and this month, from 4th through 23rd, will walk hand in hand with planet of intellect, travel and enjoyment-Mercury. What a lovely month ahead for you, Pisces, you work hard and party hard. From 14th onwards, celestial love mates-Mars and Venus, too will walk in each other’s company. If single, Mars will give you magnetism and boost your attractiveness in a noticeable way. The best time of the year for love and romance, and if you feel attracted towards someone ‘special’, ask him/her out. Everything that brings fun and smile on your lips is what you’re most attracted to now. You always need to make initiations when you know you have the strength of the universe behind you! If you feel you've been working hard and not concentrating enough on your family, you can devote more time to them now. You may plan a baby and if you have children Sun and Saturn in harmony indicate pleasant time for them too. Creativity will be especially high, if you are an actor, singer, and writer or related to these fields in some ways, this is an especially good time. You will have a fabulous power of expression and creativity, which could bring you success.

Monday, 3 August 2015

August 2015 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

LIBRA: Venus is your ruling planet and presently, from July 25 to September 6, is moving in backward direction as seen from earth, a situation that happens approximately every two years. I have a big big news for you Librans- in 6 months from 14th, planets will support you in career, money, family life and also marriage (if you desire to get married that is). As the month opens, Venus, your ruling planet, will first hold talk with planet of good luck, Jupiter, and then it will hold meeting with Sun, Moon and Mars. Imagine how hard it is to get all these planets to meet, work together, and to help you in a very powerful way. Nowadays, I find I can't even get my friends to meet me for lunch or coffee, let alone get big-deal planets do this. 6 months time starting from 14th, will be a critical time for making a name for yourself in your career, so if you are serious about your work, start finding new and more prestigious clients/projects (if self-employed) and if you are employed, you will need to start lining up interviews. Planet Mars in its meeting with your retrograde (read it sleepy slow planet!) Venus and made it very clear, that you will have competition, and will bring unexpected situations. Now, how to handle this amazing but challenging tide? Answer is not simple, as I foresee, some very unexpected twists and turn. For work, you must try for new position or job but do your homework on the company you are interested in joining, as you won't want to look uninformed when the interviewer or your client asks a question. If unmarried, you may now have to review and take firm decision and for married Librans, something important related with your spouse is indicated. You may also need to spend money to fix your family or property related situation. Sun and Saturn will be beautifully aligned giving you long-term benefits. Venus being retrograde things may happen frustratingly slow but you should not immediately reject what I have written for you in this forecast. Some wise words of musical superstar, John Lennon, who was a Libran, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Be patient and persistent in your efforts.

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. In six months from 16th, you will probably make efforts to initiate something new to expand your mind and to experience life. There probably will be energy and a spirit for adventure in you. Something philosophical, religious or spiritual may inspire you. As per ancient Vedic astrologers, education, studies and travel to faraway lands to see and understand different cultures expands mind and gives different perspective to life. You may now travel either for work or leisure. Some, not all, Scorpios may feel the impulse of learning further in a certain area, doing a specialization course or may now think of writing, joining a media group or may have a desire to publish a book. If, you do not travel, then probably someone from overseas may visit you or else you may receive some news. Scorpio’s, you are very fortunate to have Jupiter placed in your solar career house. This month on 4th Mercury will join Jupiter to bring advancement in your professional life. Venus, the planet of money, will stay briefly till 13th and leave but with a promise to come back later in month of October to bring financial gains along with career advancement. You might be asked to sign an agreement, contract or give a written legal binding. You may have to travel for work or complete any negotiation to nail the contract. Publicity, promotion, sales and marketing will favor you from 14th through 31st. There is positive energy in universe. You can go on vacation, if you so desire and you will come back with amazing memories. Having certainty in your ability to do what is right is the key to overcoming your doubts and your limitations.

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Your ruling planet will be holding hands with planet of intellect, Mercury. Relationship with your spouse will be upper most on your mind. It may be a time when need for intimacy and deep levels of sharing are heightened. Money, relations and emotions all feature in this process of transformation, if only to get a sense of what you truly are. You may delve more into physical aspect of all relations. This is period of maturity of mind, until you do not overcome your fears and crisis of life you cannot grow further in life. You may focus your energy upon getting in touch with what really matters to you and act upon this to make it happen. Life becomes much more effortless when you are living in alignment with what is important to you. Mars (the planet for you rules over children) will be pleasantly aligned with Venus, your children means so much to you and may need your support. If you plan to have a baby and need any kind of medical treatment or advice, the period after 14th is promising. That said, I foresee, this is a favorable time to start a financial plan, savings plan and, it is a possibility, you may take out a loan, make investments or do some kind of financial accounting. Insurance, tax, commission, rental or income from a source that is over and above earned salary or regular income can also be generated at this time. Money for instance in form of gift or inheritance, an insurance settlement or paying of your bills, sending in your expense report to your boss, sending deposits, etc etc in short purchasing all  money matters may be on top of your mind.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

August 2015 Monthly forecast: CANCER, LEO, VIRGO

CANCER: For those born under the Cancer sign or those who have Cancer ascendant, August 2015 will be an amazing time and a period that can initiate new beginnings in your life. Sun, Mars and planet Venus will be traveling through your sign and will bring the energy that is needed for you to change the direction of your life in a positive way. Turn your sorrows and past hurts over to God, and allow positive spirit to flow through you as you are initiating an amazing period of growth. By freeing your mind and soul, you can clear the way for new and this inner release of pent up emotions may also be reflected outwardly, for you may style or color your hair differently, make wardrobe changes, buy new clothes, follow new diet plans, make efforts to lose body weight and adopt healthy lifestyle or there may be some change in expressing and presenting yourself, whatever be the change, you will definitely look very attractive. Planet Mars will give you will power and energy to sustain whatever changes you wish for. This month, from 4th, planet Mars, will help you, if you want to make a change, this would be a good time for you to start. As per astrology, planet Mars does not feel very comfortable in your sign, being a red fire planet but when this month Moon, your ruler moves in sync, it will create a powerful Vedic yoga. Mars will make you more determined and courageous than ever before. Sun and Saturn will also be in sync, suggest your actions whether for work or for anything else will have permanence. Some exciting transformation, from 14th, is eventually in store, even if you don’t know exactly what that it is now!!

LEO: Sun rules over your sign and will enter your own sign on 16th, this is a birth day month. Happy Birth day to all Leos! Planet of good luck, Jupiter, and Mercury, the planet of intellect and for your sun sign also money, will travel through your sign, this is an amazing combination and as per Vedic astrology this combination gets directional strength too. These are times when you may want to close the door and sit alone so that you can concentrate and make future plans and set the future course. Listen to what the small voice within you is telling you to do, for you will know this to be true without yet knowing why. You may think of sale or purchase of property or the enhancement of your home. Mars placed in its detrimental sign may give preoccupations related to real estate, home or family situation but Saturn position in your solar chart shows your plans will be related to something long lasting. I foresee, your work going as usual but you may feel a little more agitated than usual, and this could be the reason for you to find it difficult to relax. Surprisingly, in my experience, these planetary conditions may give tendency towards addiction like alcohol and others. For some Leo’s, it can also be a time of withdrawal and some sort of retreat in kind of soul-searching. Soften your hard edges by being more tolerant of contrary opinions, interfere less, and flow, like water, everywhere there is an opening. The period of your life, starting from 16th, is the period to review past, formulate future plans and recharge your spiritual being. You should of course prepare for a magnitude of possible surprises, most of them will be so positive. August and also September will be the months of surprises for you and may bring many positive developments when you least expected them. 

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign and this month it is in mood to socialize and, making contact. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be holding hands with planet of good luck, Jupiter. Last month, June, was an opportune time for career advancement, to seek a new position, get a promotion, or if self-employed to attract new business and this planetary tide is still be at play, so keep doing your efforts. It is a good time to develop your career plans and goals. This is a phase when you will be busy with career and public responsibilities. Mars will bring a lot of enthusiasm, energy and probably competition. Do your best as concerns the career, apply for new positions, hold meetings, ask friends for recommendations, etc and you can advance a great deal. Additionally, this month friends and relatives may also want to include you in their activities. August will be a truly relaxed and enjoyable time for you provided you open your mind and heart. You will also take steps to meet the people you love and care about. It is time for making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. Whether you are employed or in business, you can make efforts to increase your earnings from 15th of this month. Venus, the planet of money, will from 14th help you in financial matters. I would also like to add here, Mars, the planet of tensions and fiery energy, will walk along with planet of money, Venus, this planetary combination will give strength to financial matters but at the same time there may be some money issues to trouble you too, for example credit, loans, inheritance or some money you need to spend on your children. Virgos smile and do not get worried reading about expenditures, as I foresee, whatever expenditures you have to make will be for positive reasons, yay!!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

August 2015 Monthly Forecast: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI

ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign and during this month, home, property and family matters may be a focus. Mars, your ruling planet, will travel through Cancer Sun sign, the sign of its fall, but this month whenever Moon will hold hands with your guardian planet, it will form an amazing and powerful Vedic yoga. You are used to standing on the sidelines to wait for the right moment to act, but that won't be the case in August. Finally, you have your moment to call the shots, and others around you will have to follow what you say. From 4th through 13th, planet Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be in beautiful transit enriching your life with creativity and love. In two months from 14th, is a good time to do any type of re-modeling or buying of the home. You may probably think of redecorating your house, moving out, or probably change your furniture. In this period, activities related to the accommodation, house and real estate investments will be in focus. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, will be in an amazing angle with Saturn, indicating that you would have a good meeting with a banker or other financial person for loan or credit, if you need any. August will be the most social and fun month of the year for you, you will get chance to attend important social event, packed with many friendly people. Jupiter will favor you but it is not that you will not have any problems or difficulties this month but you must accept that and therefore you must zero in on what matters most and commit to it. Undoubtedly, August is the month for love and romance as the stars shine for you. 

TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign. Taurus, what a busy month ahead for you, you will try to connect more with your friends and family, may be write emails or make phone calls. You will have plenty of opportunities to travel. From 15th, meetings, travel or maybe something you discuss over the phone or email will bring amazing opportunities for you in times to come. Be more active and interact more. Venus, your ruling planet is moving backward, so you may find many of your goals, personal and professional, proceed slowly but be assured things will happen no matter what, nature is such from seed to fruit, a plant takes time but when seed is sown is destiny and you are about to enter this important destiny point. Saturn will be beautifully angled to your ruling planet bringing stability and long lasting results, if you make efforts. If you are in business meet your clients and if you are the client, you will be on the same page as your suppliers. Your cousins, friends or siblings may visit you in second the second half of this month, generally a relaxed period. Now, as Jupiter meets planet of intellect-Mercury, probably is the favorable time for learning something new and developing a mental rapport with others. It is a time when you will be more aware of events and things happening around. If you are a student, it is a good time to fill out forms or start a new course. Generally speaking, anything that is connected with learning will be fortified, and if you have to study for an exam, to take a some short term course, to write a paper, give presentation or an interview, it may turn out good but, there is one condition, do not do anything in haste. The most important thing is not to give up and try to cross other people as little as possible.

GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign and this month planet of good fortune, Jupiter, will hold your hand. Financial issues may come into focus, although first half of the month is good but especially lucky are the days, from 17th, you may discover ways to increase your income and/or savings. Setting realistic personal budgets, as well as formulating sensible financial planning projects, will become imperative as Mars will also travel through the same financial sector of your solar chart. Planet Mars can bring you a lot of money, but it can also urge you to make excessive expenditures or get you into hasty financial decisions, which may now seem very lucrative but may later prove to be unprofitable. Avoid taking financial risks in the next two months, regardless of how tempting the propositions might seem. In two months from 17th, will be year’s best period for increasing your personal net-worth, and you will be thinking about money in all its forms and this would normally be your perfect time to ask for a raise, negotiate a new salary for a new job, and if you are self-employed, you can bring new business.
Saturn, the planet of delay and stability, will be beautifully angled, this means whatever efforts you will make to increase your bank balance and financial net-worth can sustain with you for rest of your life, isn’t this amazing planetary tide!!! Attentiveness and patience are your credo for the August (as things will take time to fructify). Follow it and do not doubt yourself. Divine planet of good luck, Jupiter, transiting with your ruling planet, is setting a new foundation of probably a new era of your life, wow!