Thursday, 28 June 2012

‘Vastu’ tips for your home—1st in the series

I am starting a new series where I will give vastu tips. Vastu means ‘land to live on’. Houses, offices, factories, industries and all building structures when made in accordance and harmony with the magnetic forces( between north and south poles of the earth) and the five elements (earth, air, sky, water and Sun) can attract powerful positive forces in our lives.
The first thing to look for is the shape of the land.
1.       I personally recommend square or rectangular shape of land.
2.       It is not always possible to have perfect shaped land. I believe perfection is myth. So, next I recommend gaumukhi (narrow in front and wider at the end) or shermukhi (wider in front and narrow at the rear).
3.       I strictly do not recommend triangular, diamond or L-shaped lands. The house, near to the place where I live, is an example (I would like to share with this with you all) of how houses build on ill shaped lands can affect peace and tranquility, this house is build on a triangular shaped land and residents of the house are involved in litigation, are always tense, angry, have health problems and house inmates do not get along with each other. How can anyone then progress in life?????
4.       Lands that are cut at the corners should also be avoided.
5.       Lands that are humped at the center, like a back of a camel, and slopes at the sides should also be avoided.
6.       The East, North or the Northeast side of the building when is obstructed by say any other tall building/tree/electric poles etc, it blocks the light of the Sun hence is not considered good for prosperity. Sun is the main source of life energy on earth. There is natural flow of light (solar energy) and polar energy brings prosperity in life.
7.       The land close to any public place say school, hospital, temple, etc should be avoided. There should at least be a distance of 80 feet from any such public properties. 

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