Tuesday, 28 February 2017

March 2017 Monthly Forecast: ARIES, TAURUS

Planet Mars rules over your sign. As the month opens, your ruling planet, Mars, enters your own sign. This is a very powerful placement. You will be making important career decisions, and working on increasing your source of income. Not everything will be limited to your work or money only, you will also be making new contacts, reaching out to your friends, cousins and close relatives. Mark the date 13th on your calendar, plus minus 5 days close to this date shows you will be surrounded by many friends, near and dear ones. Possibly, in few of these days, you may be troubled over little things. The good news is, with a slight shift in your attitude, you can tide over this phase too. The profound reason of astrological forecast is to appreciate the adventure of everyday existence. On 4th, planet Venus, of love, romance and money, will retrograde. In astrology, it is an ancient belief that all things that are assigned to planet Venus in its portfolio goes weak once this beautiful planet retrogrades. Keep a check on your expenditures. Your solar chart shows, from end of this month, you may have some plans and with unforeseen occurrence of events this month, you may want to keep them secret!

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Taurus, your ruling planet, Venus, will retrograde, on 4th. What retrograde means? Although the planets always move in the same direction round the Sun, the apparent motion as seen from the Earth, is not always the same, sometimes planets appear to move backwards (as seen from the Earth). Since Venus rules beauty, astrologically this is not the best time (that is starting from 4th March through 15th April) to bring any big changes to your looks. It is astrologically not recommended to make any dramatic changes to your appearance, such as to get different hair color or cut your hair in a very different style. As there is a possibility that you may not like or enjoy the results. When Venus is retrograde, it is also not best time for getting married. However, someone you loved or liked could come back while Venus is moving in backward motion. Professionally, this month is important. Even though, your ruling planet is taking its celestial sleep, but all efforts you make this month to advance your career and social status can give amazing results. In 3 months from February, professionally it is a period for growth, promotion, expansion or to start a new career path. You can change job, get promotion or expand. If, your work is related with creative field, media, telecommunications, finance, films, politics, hotel industry or government, you can expect great results and opportunities in coming months. Since it is retrograde period, the tendency to suffer and despair may also be more. Planets may initially bring some obstacles in your life but don’t stress yourself, understand in life this is also probably necessary to push you out of your comfort zone and initiate a period of change.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly Forecast; AQUARIUS

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Aquarius, one chapter of your life is ending and a new chapter of life with new events will unfold in coming months. In the month of February, 26th, there will be a powerful solar eclipse (though not visible in India) will be the last in series of eclipses in your sign.  The month of begin slowly but by 11th planets will start to affect your life. Physical and mental well-being of someone close to you may affect you. Spirituality, humanitarian concerns, philosophical or maybe religious outlook will be more in first 20 days. From February 8th through September 18th, circumstances will be such that you will be forced to bring changes in your everyday life and in 6 months from 26th, it will be a beginning of a new chapter of your life. If you are holding onto some past hurts and regrets, let them go now. A wise and happy person is the one who when faces an undesirable situation and works with it willingly. Some sort of crisis or event or sudden awareness of lack of opportunities, a sort of ‘calling’, will motivate you to move forward and destiny will provide you with opportunities to explore new paths.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly forecast: PISCES

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. All through the month of February, planet Venus, the planet of money, good looks, and love is traveling hand in hand with its celestial partner, Mars, adding more charisma, attraction and luck to you. From 21st of January through end of May, Venus will remain in your sign. On 4th March, Venus will retrograde in your sign, a time when you need to be extra cautious in love, romance and also money but we will talk more that next month. This month, your personal growth will emanate from the new people you meet. Plus minus 5 days close to 10th, if you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day or are invited for some party get-together do go as planets will bring fun, love and enjoyment. Venus, will bring socializing and group activities a celebratory note to this romantic Valentine’s month. You will start to see your social life pick up. Any changes you make to your looks and style will add extra star to your personality however, Pisces, as I have written above, month of March is not best period for any dramatic changes. I have something very important to share with you, Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player has moved to your career sector on 26th Jan 2017. When Saturn enters one’s career sector it exerts powerful influences in life. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. So, this means this is once in 30 years influence on you. This is one of the most important times astrologically. Saturn makes sure the career changes that occur will be strong enough to stay in your life for next 30 years. Your name, your reputation and your career will undergo major changes in these three years. Saturn will stay in your career sector for three long years. Most people are used to working in a job that has a specific description but your new work is going to unfold and change, so you need to be flexible. Saturn is famous for being a hard master but with hard work you will gain position and power in your work. No doubt you will be working hard but planet Jupiter of good fortune will give you monetary rewards for the same. Watch out for what happens in 3 months from 26th of February!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly Forecast: SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. February will be a very busy month for you. This is a favorable time for learning something new, feeling at ease in social situations, taking care of the details of daily life. All through the month work pressure will be high, you will be meeting many people and may be traveling too. Planet Mars of energy rules over you, things you don’t like don’t necessarily have to remain the same. Travel, meet people, interact more, expand your mind, and look for answers, read or maybe you will like to be more active on social media. Now, I have big news to share with you, Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player which was traveling through your sign has moved away from your sign on 26th Jan 2017. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. So, Scorpio, what it means is that Saturn will not enter your sign for next 30 long years! Saturn transit over your sign always brings some stress, major re-evaluation and change. This is one of the most important times astrologically. In Vedic astrology Saturn, also known as the “Great Malefic,” a period to be observed with fear and many astrologers warnings to client about pending bad luck, great loss or punishing circumstances. However that’s not entirely true. Saturn’s hardest lessons and trials lead to the richest and most hard-won rewards. Remember it leaves behind a treasure of kuber.  From now onwards, you are more likely to invest your hard earned money in low risk investment areas than in the areas which have financial risk. This may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Your investments will remain rock solid over the years.

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. I have something very important to share with you, Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player has moved into your sign on 26th Jan 2017. When Saturn enters one’s own sign it exerts powerful and life altering influences in life. Saturn’s influence will affect your life in many ways. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. So, this means this is once in 30 years influence on you. This is one of the most important times astrologically. Saturn makes sure the changes that occur in your life and experiences you have will be strong enough to stay in your life for next 30 years. Saturn is too often projected by astrologers like a villain in a movie, however it is not true, Saturn will teach you in next 2 ½ years the secrets of life. Please discard all fears.  Doing astro-remedies for Saturn will bring great benefits and security in your life. Whenever in life you will look back you will realize how important this phase was in your life. Let’s talk more about the month of February; one area of life that is highlighted this month is ‘money’. Preparing your books or ledgers, talking to your accountant, preparing your taxes etc is indicated in 35 days from 10th of February. Financial organization and finding ways to make your money grow will be important for you. Another area that will be highlighted is your -health and wellness- from 10th ONWARDS. You may need to consult some doctors or get some treatments but Sagittarius reading this you should not worry as planets are in favorable trine angle. Please circle 2 dates—10th and 26th- and see what happens in 10 days close to these dates!!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA


Planet Venus rules over your sign. Professionally and personally, 3 months from now will be the most important months of the year for you. Although, February has fewer days but this year it will initiate a new phase of your life. Plus minus 5 days from 10th will be important for you professionally. If, you have been trying for something new like for instance had applied for new job position, new dealership, business collaboration or your work brings you directly in contact with public, your position, name and popularity will increase. All through this month you may take steps to improve your career, family and home life. Librans, you may have to take some critical decisions be it concerned with your work or your family situation. Whatever decisions or actions you take in the month of February may change course of direction of your life. Now let’s talk about important celestial change that occurred last month, on 26th of January, Saturn, the planet of stability, delay and karma shifted to next sign. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. Your mind will be serious but patient and orderly to help you concentrate on important subjects of life. if, you had problems in past with your brother, sister, close friend or neighbor, they may come to head from now onwards. You may become a person of few words. Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps you focused on your path. You may sign some important agreement or contract papers. On 26th of February, there will be an important solar eclipse giving importance to following aspects of your life-- Love, children or speculation, depending what phases of your life you going through, the next 3 months will be very important for you. If, you are single, you will find love, if you trying for baby your wish may get fulfilled, if you are trying for new career opportunities you may see results, if you invest in stock market or want to bring in your own IPO this is also possible, so all in all, 3 months starting from now will be very crucial and in some ways full of surprises, things will go not the way you thought or planned but totally different!!