Monday, 6 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA


Planet Venus rules over your sign. Professionally and personally, 3 months from now will be the most important months of the year for you. Although, February has fewer days but this year it will initiate a new phase of your life. Plus minus 5 days from 10th will be important for you professionally. If, you have been trying for something new like for instance had applied for new job position, new dealership, business collaboration or your work brings you directly in contact with public, your position, name and popularity will increase. All through this month you may take steps to improve your career, family and home life. Librans, you may have to take some critical decisions be it concerned with your work or your family situation. Whatever decisions or actions you take in the month of February may change course of direction of your life. Now let’s talk about important celestial change that occurred last month, on 26th of January, Saturn, the planet of stability, delay and karma shifted to next sign. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. Your mind will be serious but patient and orderly to help you concentrate on important subjects of life. if, you had problems in past with your brother, sister, close friend or neighbor, they may come to head from now onwards. You may become a person of few words. Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps you focused on your path. You may sign some important agreement or contract papers. On 26th of February, there will be an important solar eclipse giving importance to following aspects of your life-- Love, children or speculation, depending what phases of your life you going through, the next 3 months will be very important for you. If, you are single, you will find love, if you trying for baby your wish may get fulfilled, if you are trying for new career opportunities you may see results, if you invest in stock market or want to bring in your own IPO this is also possible, so all in all, 3 months starting from now will be very crucial and in some ways full of surprises, things will go not the way you thought or planned but totally different!!

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