Sunday, 5 February 2017

February 2017 monthly forecast: CANCER, LEO, VIRGO

Moon rules over your sign and is an emotional and sensitive sign. There will be a big shift in your ideas, thoughts and how you express yourself. With Mars and Venus walking hand in hand, you want to explore world, new ideas and learn new things. Publishing and broadcasting your work on Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms will help you immensely. It is also a good time to go in for partnership or collaboration with someone who shares same interests as you. For those who are single, 3 months from now your solar chart looks promising. Now for the big news, last month, on 26th January, Saturn shifted to the next sign. As Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun, it will be in any one Sign over a period of about 2½ years. Saturn will have effect on your health, so as the year begins build up your energy level and adopt healthy lifestyle. From now, you should try to build up on all aspects that Saturn may affect, always a good idea to prepare yourself in advance anatomically speaking; liver, the pancreas, which keeps your blood sugar stable, the small intestines, also spleen and nervous system. Follow your doctor’s advice, ask your doctor to prescribe you vitamins or other supplements if you feel any weakness, go for regular walks, exercises, and most important regulate food potions and food habits. Be aware, anxieties and the tendency to worry can also affect your health. Don’t take chances. February is a Valentine’s month too, Saturn leaving romantic (for singles) and children (for others) it will be extra sweet as all through this month, Mars and Venus, the two celestial partners will be holding hands.

Sun rules over your sign. February is the month when you seem to be involved with money management and working to get new work assignments. It seems, perhaps for some reason you are not too happy at your work place and may look out for new job positions in coming 3 months. Last month, on 26th of January, Saturn shifted to the next sign. For those who are single, it is possible to have a really deep and meaningful love affair. Saturn will spend approximately 2-1/2 years in one sign, so it will be a sort of turning point in your love relationship. If you have young children, you will be shouldering more responsibilities. At work, you will have a stronger sense of purpose. You may perhaps, put yourself on a disciplinary schedule with work your number one priority. Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps you focused on your path. Saturn’s influence may seem heavy and limiting, but that is the nature of the physical realm. For those who are self-employed, you may get new projects and business clients, and how you perform in these 2 months will decide the fate of your future career prospects. Astrologically, it shows it would be good time to sit with your accountant and prepare for filing your taxes. Mars and Venus placement in your solar chart indicates, you may think of taking loan for home or business or another possibility is that you may be able to pay off a big part of your loan in 3 months from February. On 26th of February, there will be a powerful solar eclipse, that will help you in all matters related with EMI’s, loan, real estate, inheritance and court settlements. From this year 2017 all eclipses will be affecting you directly. Eclipses are nature’s way of bringing big shifts in your life. You will be more ambitious as your work and money will become important for you. Anything you want to change, this is the time to plant your most expansive intentions!!!

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Love, romance, family and children will be source of happiness for you this month. You may also get invitation for a party or a family get-together or you may plan a party. February is a special month for love and romance for you. You may meet someone special. If, you have children something special connected with them is indicated in coming two months. If you are in love relationship and want to get married, Mars and Venus holding hands this month may inspire you to take relationship to next level. I have something very important to share with you, Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player has moved to next sign on 26th Jan 2017. From this month onwards, Saturn will exert powerful and life altering influence in your life. Saturn’s influence will affect both your personal and professional life. You may have to shoulder more responsibilities in your home or family life. If, you have any older member in the family, you may take the role of a caretaker. Few Virgo’s may even change home or relocate to a different place in next 3 years. Saturn will also be affecting your career, your name, your reputation and how you project yourself to the world. At first, there may be some frustration with the choices destiny projects in front of you and feeling of being alone and unsupported emotionally may become difficult to handle. Doing astro-remedies for Saturn will help.


  1. Hi Sunita ji. I wish to ask you if your signs are sun based or moon based?

  2. Hi Sunita ji. I wish to ask you if your signs are sun based or moon based?

    1. All predictions are Sun Sign based and most important is to check for your ascendant or lagna. It is easy nowadays to find your ascendant/lagna online. Thanks