Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Aries Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Aries Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra: ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. Raksha Bandhan Day, the festival of Hindus, falls on 2 nd , the full Moon day of the month of ...

Pisces 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

PISCES:As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. The days on and after 2nd are beautiful for love, romance, party and you may express few small but happy desires to the universe for it is in fulfilling mood for YOU. It is hard to predict the actions you take, or actions that may suddenly be taken against you as planet Mars and its arch enemy Saturn meet for their annual boxing bout on 15th. If you have conflict of opinions, extinguish the anger, and release the tension in the heart before the situation worsened. In life remember, whatever we resist persists. One wrong move and you get swirled and caught up in the storm. It is not the time to act on impulse and in astrology when you choose to act is always critical. Keep a strong grip on your spending and finances from 12th August through 30th September. For it will be only afterwards, when bills including credit card bills, will announce how rash and impulsive your purchases and spending was. For legal settlements and other money investment it is not the best period of the year. 

Aquarius 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Saturn and Mars meet in angry mood on 15th and this cautions YOU how you handle emotions during these crucial times is important. In personal and family matters, thirty days from 14th are probably explosive. Some hidden emotions and thoughts may come out in open and this can be a bit disquieting but you read astrological forecast so you can skillfully avoid everyday difficult situations. It is essential to try to discover what is going on. Your life by any destiny plan was not meant to be difficult. Sometimes when you don’t seem to be paying attention and then it’s a kind of planetary wake up call. Words, events and your experiences are imbedded in your subconscious, they will always be there. Everything happens for a reason and even if you don’t understand. Reacting on impulse is never advised. Let these days go and then say or take any actions.
LUCKY COLOR: Burgundy.

Capricorn 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

CAPRICORN:Saturn rules over your sign. Saturn and Mars are at war with each other on 15th. You should avoid leaving or changing work in next one month from 7th. Also, you might feel unusual stress. Balancing both home and work situations will not be easy at this time. It is possible, due to the presence of a certain person you may hesitate, feel threatened and worry a lot. But situation will demand immediate actions and answers. So, it will be good to keep this prediction in mind and stay alert. Sometimes these upheavals are necessary break from restrictions. If you are not too happy and feeling discontent, it will be a kind of Universe wake-up call and, this is when people suddenly cast off the shackles that keep them from fulfilling their destiny. You might leave a stagnant stressful position at work, or suddenly decide to follow a long-buried dream but these are not best of times, wait and act only after September.

Sagittarius 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Last year you may have spent a lot of time asking yourself -why are you in such a situation? What you actually want to do? Probably in answer to these questions your destiny or bhagya will bring few turns and changes in your life. Saturn will leave your house of career and reputation on 4th and will not come to the same position for next 30 years. Add to this, there may be few management level changes in your organization in next two/three months. Your circumstances will change a bit everyday as the month begins and something new will be thrown into the equation. Even though we intellectually know that change is constant, we fight to keep what is familiar. When we decide to change, we usually jump in with both feet, excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. When change is forced upon us, we rebel. We look for every reason that the change imposed will not work. Handling change successfully involves recognizing reality and making informed choices. So, avoid taking any rash or impulsive decisions.
LUCKY COLOR: Bright yellow.

Scorpio 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

SCORPIOS:As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. Your job is important and six months from 20th are probably the most important months of the year for your professional growth. So give your best and explore new ideas. Mars and Saturn are at planetary war on 15th but you may feel the heat even before and probably a month after also. May be you or someone close to you may feel low in health and may also need medical attention or (god forbid) may also be hospitalized. All experiences serve an important purpose though you may not want to admit it but your worst experiences are always your best teachers. Spiritual evolvement sometimes occurs when you are still dwelling over a situation that happened in your life and can’t find answers. You may have forgotten what the true purpose of your life is and what is more important to you other than money and worldly pursuits. Jupiter’s aspect sets you on path of higher learning. ‘Spirituality’ and inclination towards humanitarian causes will be strong in coming seven months. Jupiter aspect on your sign will encourage higher learning for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.

Libra 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

LIBRA:Planet Venus rules over your sign. Librans, six months from the month of July you are running professionally and personally (even for property matters) an important period but you may say ‘I don’t feel so’…well, this is because Saturn and Mars are at war with each other and on 15th these two planets turn heat on YOU, as this is the day when they will be completely conjunct, after this date the influence slowly ebbs, in your sign but you may continue to feel the heat and impact till end of September. Saturn usually brings limitations, responsibilities and stagnancy. It is this stagnancy, however, that creates opportunities for you to push yourself harder beyond your own limits. If you are working where you find little job satisfaction, or perhaps stayed with this one job for a long time, Saturn in its transit will urge you to change what you are doing and find work that is more meaningful. This is a two year cycle; you don’t need to immediately act upon it. Two weeks from 18th, are good for money, love, children, but wish carefully for you do not know universe is in generous mood to compensate for the responsibilities and duties it intends bestowing on your strong shoulders!
LUCKY COLOR: Chocolate brown.

Virgo 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

VIRGO:Planet mercury rules over your sign. The first week of the month, is simply beautiful for love, romance, party, socializing and also for your children. Where relationships are concerned, you may enjoy, may be party but still duties and responsibilities too will weigh heavily on your mind. Mars will leave your sign on 14th and Saturn on 4th but these two again meet, but this time not in your sign, on 15th. Coming months from 15th may put a strain on your finances.  No one likes sources of income drying up but if you have lived enough or have gathered enough experience may understand everything in life has its time span. Nothing remains same forever. However I am not saying you will have financial problems. What may seem to you as problem may in fact be a new beginning. For instance say, you may not be too happy with your salary or your savings but may not have the courage to take the bold step. The best thing about reading your astrological forecasts is that you may not be able to control your destiny but you can compose your response.

Leo 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. What happens in days or may be months from 20th may have strong impact on your personality and may be thought process. Near 2nd, plus minus 7 days, the people who lack confidence and feel envious or jealous of your growth may reveal themselves through their actions or words. Don’t waste your time and energy dwelling on such people or incidences. You are about to enter the period of change and it always begin with self. We, as human beings, resist change but change is universal truth, whether we want or we don’t. Think of life that goes on day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year with little or no change. Mild to severe depression often accompanies life without renewal. Major planetary changes and eclipses are destinies tools to bring changes. So, welcome the period change in you life with open heart!
 LUCKY COLOR: Blushing pink.

Cancer 2012 Monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

CANCER: Let me begin with some good news for you and may be then come later talk about planetary war between two arch rivals, Saturn and Mars. Two months from 20th, are good for money matters. You want to increase your source of income or make few savings in present difficult economy times this is the best period for you. If you are planning to buy or sell property, it would be wise to watch land and property rate trends and only then accordingly invest in the property. This trend is important and should not be overlooked while investing in property. Not all Cancer will think of buying property and few may plan to renovate or bring other improvements in their home. Planet Mars and Saturn will affect not only property matters but it will also affect your home and family situation. Few challenging circumstances may arise. It can be through an event, or self-initiated acts spurned on by a desire for change. Under this planetary influence a series of un­settling situations or one incident may be enough to break the illusion of ‘happy home’. The circumstances, which bring about this change, can be many and various but their effect is usually the same.
COLOR: Electric blue.

Gemini 2012 monthly Forecast by Sunita Chabra

GEMINI:Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Venus, the planet of love and money, is transiting through your sign and sparkle you with love and magnetism. The only spoil sport for you is the boxing match between arch enemies, Mars and Saturn. There may be confusion or tensions, with those you love and care about. Be discreet and careful about messages on your mobile phone, if you don’t want your secrets to be revealed. You may travel for leisure near 15th, which also happens to be Independence Day of our country, India. The die-hard work alcoholic Gemini’s, may meet some important person, give job interview or may sign some important papers in two weeks from 17th.  
LUCKY COLOR: Pale yellow. 

Taurus 2012 Monthky Forecast by Sunita Chabra

TAURUS:Planet Venus rules over your sign. Your ruling planet will be transiting through dual sign of Gemini this month. This is good news for all money matters. However, life is not all about money and career. This month you should look after your health. Break the word ‘Disease’ --Dis-ease or when your soul is not at ease and this is an indicator that you are holding on to physical or emotional issues. Past few months, life may have thrown few challenges at you but if you notice that some karmic issue is still hanging around (Saturn transiting with Mars), you may easily choose to let it go. When you are going through turbulent phases of your life it is best to give them all to God to take care of you. It is my belief miracles do happen when you trust and have faith, in powers of almighty. Probably that is the reason we in India have so many festivals to celebrate. Each festival has some positive spiritual message for our soul if we chose to understand. This month begins with the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan!  
 LUCKY COLOR: Marigold yellow.