Monday, 6 March 2017


Planet Saturn rules over your sign. Astrologically, your focus is primarily on ‘money’. In two months, starting from 12th, you would make efforts to increase your personal net-worth, finances, bank balance and may be invest money. Planets are churning your source of income and savings sector. However, it will not be simple or easy, Capricorns, as money flows in and flows out and probably make it difficult to save. You may find it strange to read, I foresee you surrounded by many people all this month. You may get invitation to be house guest or you may invite some people over. There may be some kind of underlying tension too. From 7th through 17th of March, it can be very stressful as your expenses increase; these expenses include household expenses, such as utilities and groceries, clothing, transportation, travel, phone, electricity etc bills and not forget Taxes. Do not feel distressed reading this, as there is another possibility, you may receive some gifts too. By end of this month, you will be ready to make considerable changes in your professional life. Some of you may travel more or may even plan to relocate. The period starting from 27th, indicates that you are ready to sign some important papers, I will talk more about in next month’s forecast!!

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. What an amazing month you have Aquarius!! It is a time when you may in some way try to reinvent yourself. Standing up for your own needs, rights and empowering yourself, be it with knowledge, money or expression. However, an astrological reminder, believe in yourself but do not act in haste or simply on your impulses. You are about to enter the most important phase of your life. No matter what occurs in 2 months from 7th, it will be destiny’s strong hand to change the direction of your life. The year that follows certainly will be more eventful. You may experience a big change in one specific part of your life. It takes time for results to show when you make changes in your life and align your day to day life. Changes will be for betterment. If, something is not working right, you will make efforts to change, from 12th through 27th, be it personally or professionally. From 28th of March and also in month of April, focus will shift to ‘money’.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. On 4th of March, planet Venus, the planet of love and money, starts to move in backward direction in your own sign and remain that way until 15th of April. If, you are feeling insecure and confused about your life, like how and what you should do, be it personal or professional life, this is a time for surrendering what you can’t control and let God show you the light and direction. You could do more work behind-the-scenes or quietly. Because what is at stake will be quite big so it will work better for you if adversaries and those who are jealous of you are not aware of your work and relationships. This is a period of review and letting go of things that are causing stress. You will be amazed at how quickly you can manifest some wonderful opportunities this month especially after 26th.  You may find strange to read this but I foresee, from 7th through 18th, some new faces and people will enter your life to help you in your work and also in your personal life. Taking up new job, project or business client, is also another possibility. However, a word of caution, planet Mars, the planet of energy will be traveling, from 1st March through 12th April, through financial sector of your solar chart. When it comes to money, you will attitude will be more risk-taking. Hold you money tightly, planet Mars is notorious, for in its presence money flows ‘in’ but flows ‘out’ fast. If, you are taking on new work, it would be good astrological advice, to hold on to your money. This month around 13th and also days close to 27th, there are few surprises in store for you. Pisces, have faith, you are entering important phase of your life, and during this period, the more you work on minor details, research and development, the sweeter will be the fruits of your labor, starting from the month of April. In a way, stronger you build foundation of your life NOW, better will be results later!!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

March Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Planet Saturn is travelling through your sign and this may have given you more serious and mature outlook. Your perceptions, beliefs and views may also undergo change. Certain events after 26th of February, last month, may have brought some news, a telephone call or message or change in behavior of someone close to you. All this may seem bit too much to take for you presently, see what happens in days from 7th through 18th.  Coming months, starting from 11th, will be a very busy period for you, you may have so much on your to-do list that 24 hours may seem too few hrs to complete. You may travel more than usual and if you don’t travel then you may spend more time on roads traveling in your own city. Circle dates 12th, 13th, 18th and 25th on your calendar-for some new developments!

March Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Libra, your ruling planet, Venus, will retrograde, on 4th. What retrograde means? Although the planets always move in the same direction round the Sun, the apparent motion as seen from the Earth is not always the same, sometimes planets appear to move backwards, of course they don’t actually move backwards in motion but they appear to move backward as seen from the Earth. Since Venus rules over sign, astrologically this is not the best time (that is starting from 4th March through 15th April) for love, marriage, money and investments. Venus retrograde is not necessarily negative but on the contrary it gives you options to reconsider matters related to love, money, investments, taxes, inheritance and also personal relationships. Don’t rush but think about things and then move forward. The events in months of March, April and also month of May will highlight matters related with children. Also, depending on your age group, your children may be going through their own changes and may need more of your time and attention now. If you already have children, then the concern for your children may be related with your children’s career, education or marriage may especially be high. Young married couple may plan for ‘baby’. The planets in these 3 months, starting from the month of March, are very powerful. A love affair may begin or end under this influence. This is also a good period for those who are involved in creative and artistic work. On or close to 12th, you may be invited for some party or a get-together, though you will enjoy meeting friends and close relatives, but something seems to weigh you down. Circle dates- 12th, 13th and 25th of March on your calendar. Certain things, secrets, lies or deceits, may come out in open. Certain surprising happenings and events are indicated for you especially after 28th.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign and this month your ruling planet is very powerfully placed. March and also the month of April when there is a lot happening in your life, be it personally, professionally, home or family related. It’s a period when home related issues such as plan to buy a house, sell some real estate property, plan to relocate to a different place, or refinance. Some of you may have to make some critical decisions, probably arising due to surprising turn of events. Personally, things are changing rapidly and you are ready to move on to the new phase of your life. Romantic inclinations are also highlighted. Professionally, dates from 7th through 18th, are significant, whatever you have been trying for very long time may start to show results now. You may get new work assignments, clients and projects. It will also be a very competitive period for you. You may feel strange to read this, I foresee you surrounded by many people, but do not trust anyone blindly as I foresee some of them on face be very sweet to you but secretly feel jealous and in some way do things that may frustrate you. It’s a bitter truth so be on your guard. By end of this month, life will once again turn sweet and fun!

Friday, 3 March 2017

March Monthly forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. The month of March is good for you in many ways especially for personal relationships. From 7th through 17th, some events, realizations, meetings or good news may make you feel very emotional. It could be something for which you may have been praying or wishing. Six months starting from the month of March are also probably one of the best in recent times for relationships. If you are not married and looking for a match, you may get suitable marriage proposals. If you are romantically involved with someone, you may consider marriage. That’s not all, if you are married, your husband or wife will have exciting opportunities in his/her career. Activities within your organizations are likely to be disrupted or relationship with your business partner may also get affected, if you have work in partnership. Just let me explain this with examples—if your work is in partnership/collaboration you may decide to work alone or if you working alone, you may get extremely lucrative opportunity to work in collaboration/partnership, in either case this period for work will be important. Men or women, working or non-working be cautious about open’ enemies, the ones you know about, the people who openly oppose you and are jealous of your work, they may create tensions and problems for you. Everything happens for a reason and even if you don’t understand. Probably astrology can help you understand the bigger picture of your life. Circle dates—12th and 29th on your calendar.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Your daily everyday life may undergo a big change in coming 4 months from 3rd of March. The situation at work, at home or both may undergo change. In 4 months from now, the little-little things, related with your everyday life will catch up with you. If, you are looking for new business clients or new part-time job, this would be good time to try finding one. And your personal well-being is connected with your health and this is indirectly connected with your relations. Your goal for this month should be to stay calm.  It’s a good time to try a new diet, yoga or health regimen.  It is also a good time to go for your regular routine body check up and if you are suffering from any chronic illness or on medication, it would be good time to visit your personal doctor as preventive measures and general wellness. Planets will help you get better service and assist healing. From 7th through 18th, especially around 12th an event highlights something (although you have sort of intuitively known so “event” is nothing more than realization) this event can also increase your resources. Certain things, secrets, lies or deceits of others, may come out in open. The ends with focus shifting on joint resources, inheritance or matters connected with legal or tax department.