Thursday, 2 March 2017

March 2017 monthly forecast: GEMINI, CANCER

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. This month your ruling planet, Mercury, will change three signs, making a very busy month for you. Because, it is changing more signs, you may feel restlessness too. The normal pace of life may seem boring for you. You may want to do something more than ordinary, you may want to push your limits and explore. I have, in my experience, seen people traveling or learning something new in this period. Something related with foreign places or people belonging to culturally different background will come in contact with you. If, you have any matter pending in court then during this period legal matters will especially be important. We all have certain belief system, follow certain faith or have religious inclinations.  You may want to explore your ideas and faith. In days close to 12th, plus minus 5 days, be careful how you put your thoughts into words. Probably, something someone says to you trouble your mind.  The good news is, with a slight shift in your attitude, you can tide over this phase too. The profound reason of astrological forecast is to appreciate the adventure of everyday existence. From 28th March through 3rd June, when your ruling planet, Mercury, enters the sign of energy, you will be initiating the most important career phase of this year. 

Moon rules over your sign. Professionally, from 1st of this month planet Mars will enter your career sector in your solar chart. This is a very powerful placement for career growth and reputation. This month the main focus will be on money. Money will be a driving and a dynamic force in your life. From the start of the month, understanding the power of money, prioritizing your spending –taxes and insurance, EMI’s, shopping money and for some inheritance money will be your main focus. From 7th through 19th, you will be thinking of long term savings. Planet Venus, the planet of love and money, will go retrograde from 4th March through 15th April. In Vedic astrology, a retrograde planet is considered a weak planet, withholding its strongest beams. So, be cautious in your financial dealings, so if you are sitting for financial negotiations or start new investment, it would do you good to read the fine lines and clauses before signing any agreement or contract papers. From the last week of this month, chances of sudden unexpected travel will increase. Some of you may travel abroad or you may receive some news. Professionally and financially, you are entering a period of major changes in your life. We are often resistant to change, and sometimes it is difficult to adapt in the beginning, but without change, there’d be no improvements, so  embrace the professional and financial changes with positivity.

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