Friday, 3 March 2017

March Monthly forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. The month of March is good for you in many ways especially for personal relationships. From 7th through 17th, some events, realizations, meetings or good news may make you feel very emotional. It could be something for which you may have been praying or wishing. Six months starting from the month of March are also probably one of the best in recent times for relationships. If you are not married and looking for a match, you may get suitable marriage proposals. If you are romantically involved with someone, you may consider marriage. That’s not all, if you are married, your husband or wife will have exciting opportunities in his/her career. Activities within your organizations are likely to be disrupted or relationship with your business partner may also get affected, if you have work in partnership. Just let me explain this with examples—if your work is in partnership/collaboration you may decide to work alone or if you working alone, you may get extremely lucrative opportunity to work in collaboration/partnership, in either case this period for work will be important. Men or women, working or non-working be cautious about open’ enemies, the ones you know about, the people who openly oppose you and are jealous of your work, they may create tensions and problems for you. Everything happens for a reason and even if you don’t understand. Probably astrology can help you understand the bigger picture of your life. Circle dates—12th and 29th on your calendar.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Your daily everyday life may undergo a big change in coming 4 months from 3rd of March. The situation at work, at home or both may undergo change. In 4 months from now, the little-little things, related with your everyday life will catch up with you. If, you are looking for new business clients or new part-time job, this would be good time to try finding one. And your personal well-being is connected with your health and this is indirectly connected with your relations. Your goal for this month should be to stay calm.  It’s a good time to try a new diet, yoga or health regimen.  It is also a good time to go for your regular routine body check up and if you are suffering from any chronic illness or on medication, it would be good time to visit your personal doctor as preventive measures and general wellness. Planets will help you get better service and assist healing. From 7th through 18th, especially around 12th an event highlights something (although you have sort of intuitively known so “event” is nothing more than realization) this event can also increase your resources. Certain things, secrets, lies or deceits of others, may come out in open. The ends with focus shifting on joint resources, inheritance or matters connected with legal or tax department.

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