Friday, 22 November 2013

Elections, YOU and planets in December!!

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Elections, YOU and planets in December!!

Elections, YOU and planets in December!!

Planet Jupiter and Saturn,the planets of great influence in our lives will be holding hands from 1st December through 17th December 2013. On political level, since this is election time in India, these planets holding hands in a very nice way indicate whosoever is elected will remain in power for long long time...shadow of Rahu indicate false or exaggerated idealism and what is at stake will be quite big.  
On a personal level, for you and me, this is good period to initiate changes. Professionally, financially and personally, you are about to enter the most important phase of your life. Only problem, a big one too, Venus, the planet of love and money and also planet for women, will turn backward in its direction, not a good sign. One wrong move and you get swirled and caught up in the storm. It is not the time to act on impulse and in astrology when you choose to act is always critical.Every change or challenge you will face will contain precious jewels of wisdom, lessons, and the opportunity to grow into a more capable person. It is not possible in life to grow but remain at personal ground level zero.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Saturn- Sade-Sati

Saturn/Shani takes around 30 years to complete one revolution of the zodiac. It stays in each sign for around 2.5 years.
Significant decisions are often made during Saturn's hard transits to our personal planets. Although Saturn transits can make life feel like drudgery as advancements are slow to see, they also give us the opportunity to gain inner strength, to become more responsible for what we do in our lives. Saturn/ Shani transits are viewed with great interest and sometimes an element of trepidation. Saturn will be leaving Libra/ Tula Rashi and entering Scorpio/ Vrishchika Rashi on November 2, 2014.  Depending where in our chart Saturn is placed, changes or stress will be felt in coming 2 ½ years. Sadesati is a period of 7.5 years and is the period of change. Old things come to an end and a new beginning starts, kind of universe restructure.
Sade-sati is the period of Saturn’s transit through 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the house in which planet Moon is posited at the time of birth. Saturn remains in one zodiac sign for about 2 ½ years.
Sade-sati includes 3 cycles of 2 ½ years each. In first cycle i.e. when Saturn transits 12th house from the natal Moon it is said to be transiting the eyes or the head of the person. During this phase a person and his parents may have to face lot of mental problems. In the second cycle i.e. Saturn’s transit over the natal Moon it is said to be transiting through the heart of the person. Worries, stress or problems because of maybe setbacks, in personal or professional life during the second phase is a possibility. In the third cycle when Saturn is transiting through the second house from the natal Moon it is said to be passing through the legs of the person. He runs around for solving his problems. Sade-sati is less dreadful for people whose rashi/Ascendant is Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius. Saturn is yogakaraka (beneficial) for Taurus and Libra whereas for Capricorn and Aquarius it is the Saturn’s own sign. For those who are born under Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Sade-sati is not adverse.
But sometime it has been observed that during the Sade-sati an individual gains lot of wealth (blessings of God kubera) and power too, as was the case with late PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi who became PM when she was running Sade-sati, of course not to forget that she also lost her father in this phase.
Depending upon which house Saturn is transiting likewise the results are observed. Sade-sati may give you mental problems and the reason could be dispute over property, career setback, litigation or marital discord. The nature of problem depends upon the house it is transiting over and the planet it is transiting over. Mainly it gives tensions and it is said that when Sade-sati is about to end it gives good monetary gains for enduring this testing phase of life with perseverance and good karma. Good karma is the key and is the best remedy.

According to the laws of spirituality, 
there is a precise balance that exists in each person’s life.
 Each of us is given measure for measure 
what we need to grow in a way that is unique for our soul.
 We all have advantages and disadvantages,
 but we also have exactly what we need for our specific journey.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How will be the month of November for you?

November 2013 monthly forecast
Happy Diwali to All,
Burn candles to light your soul and be happy;
Sometimes you just need to let life happen the way it is meant to and let things play out naturally.
This is a pleasant time that is good for all………..

ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (though, not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse highlights your personal relationships. If single, marriage proposals may need approval. Relationship with your spouse, your loved ones, and even business partners may go through change in retest phase. you could be making important decisions about money. Saturn and retrograde Mercury will also be involved in this eclipse. Saturn governs our karmic responsibilities and the lessons you must learn in life. Its transit in solar chart is of great importance. The improvements that you will make in your life now will be long lasting. Very strangely, some new faces and people will enter your life in coming six months to help you in your work and also in your personal life.
LUCKY COLOR: Bright red.

TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign. This is festival period and, I foresee, a very busy month for you. Heavy cleaning such as vacuuming, floor maintenance, window cleaning, etc etc are also indicated in your solar chart. you will work very hard and make some progress too in your career. There may be many (at work or in relations) who may secretly oppose you but you will still make gains. Enemies are many but heck this is festival time, let good win over the evil aspects and let your work bring due rewards. Be careful of accidents, what with fire crackers and all. A health issue could come to your attention. Okay, this is festival time and there is a Solar eclipse on Diwali Day (not visible in India though) and Saturn’s presence indicates go easy on sweets, and if I am right in my astro-calculations for you, 3-4 months from now, you may be struggling with weight issues. Take special care of your bones and teeth. In last ten days of this month, you may feel lethargic and lazy. Planets also indicate, you may consider some kind of health regime for instance yoga, gym, or may be morning/evening walks.
LUCKY COLOR: Honey brown.

GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse affects your personal happiness. Some Gemini’s may find happiness in their children, some in creative works they do or maybe some get affected by love relations, whatever applies to you,  there is a possibility it may come out in a way that others misunderstand. This is a festival time, Gemini’s, and in the same positive spirit it may be good to be cautious and find some great alternative ideas to resolve issues. Mercury with Rahu and Saturn bring fear, anxiety and at times misinformation and break in communications. You may be reluctant to say what you feel and then when you do say, it can help you do things you never thought you could do. Eclipses sometimes will open a door that was previously impossible to enter. Romance could enter or exit your life. Children play a role and it is a possibility that you may plan a baby.

CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. Cancer, this is a festival time and there is a Solar eclipse on Diwali Day (not visible in India though) and Saturn’s presence may bring events that may initiate a new chapter of your life in next 5 months. If, in the year 2013 you have worked through challenges or issues then in next 5 months with new ideas and messages will help you move on. Issues over your home life and property matters will take precedence. There is a catch though, in one month from 3rd, you may feel concerned about the well-being of someone older/elder in the family. Familial responsibilities and may be self-imposed duties may weigh heavy on you. I also foresee, you may sign some important document or agreement paper in coming six months. This looks important for you, maybe the papers you sign are property related or it could be related to your work. Please avoid 6th, 7th and 10th for all important works.
COLOR: Beige.

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. This is a festival time and there is a Solar eclipse on Diwali Day (not visible in India though) and since Sun rules over your sign this shows not just the month of November but coming six months will be very important for you and I also foresee this may involve travel or signing of some important legal documents and it is also a possibility that you may send or receive some news, may be an email or a telephone call within a month of this Diwali, whatever you do will stay with you for a long long time. For people placed in high positions, politicians and senior bureaucrats this is phase may prove to be challenging. The close relations may prove to be sources of worry and they may also be demanding. Can you recall what happened in the year 1995-96? Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday. Making progress involves risk.  Period! You will be amazed at how quickly you can manifest some wonderful opportunities.

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse affects your money matters, bank balance and all matters related to self-worth. Changes are likely to happen in next 3 months after Diwali. Sudden unexpected big expenditures, big investments or completely in contrast you may also possibly be able to generate new source of income. Whenever eclipses are involved in money matters it is astrologically advised to proceed cautiously and not to make hasty decisions, about large purchases. Virgo, are you planning to buy/sell a house or have already bought a house and need to pay loan installments?  Expenses may be high, money gains can also be high or a big loan commitment to be fulfilled. This whole drama may have some connections with one of your child or may be with someone you love dearly. You can gain some money too. Circle the days November 5th-12th as very powerful.

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. The most powerful celestial drama is occurring in your Sun sign and can potentially lead to great changes in your life. planetary energies culminates in a solar eclipse on Diwali day. This time eclipse on Diwali, November 3rd, involves Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Mercury in your sign. There will be outward changes even in your perceptions, how others look at you and also majorly some life's big events, for instance, breakthrough in career, a birth of a baby or may be something important happening concerned with your children, may be marriage, important travel, the signing of some important career papers, house changes, the sale or purchase of a property, etc etc. No matter what occurs in your life now will help you move forward in life. Six months from now mark the threshold between your old life and the future.
LUCKY COLOR: Golden beige.

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. This Diwali, on 3rd, a very powerful solar eclipse will bring changes in everyone’s life but some changes will be outwardly evident but some changes are more inwards and outwardly not seen, these changes, I believe, are like sleeping or dormant volcano. The secretive side of your personality will become more apparent or active in coming months, for better or for worse. Psychological fears and repressed desires can manifest after testing you and asking you to take appropriate corrective actions. Sometimes, in my experience, I have seen people under this planetary influence may go under self-imposed isolation. Your psychic, spiritual or intuitive powers will grow. Thinking, planning and then going for what wants is three stage process, and you probably are somewhere in between first two stages.
LUCKY COLOR: Chocolate brown.

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse affects your hopes and desires and will be urged to take some actions. The desire to increase wealth and income will become strong. A word of caution for you, avoid difference of opinion or clash with someone important in management or with your boss. Your relationship with your friends and extended family (in-laws) may come sharply into focus during this eclipse. Saturn is under the shadow of the eclipse, so whatever happens in next 4 months will stay with you for long long time in your life. If you find yourself you are unnecessarily getting into fights and arguments, rethink and formulate a new strategy to deal with problems.    
LUCKY COLOR: Electric blue.

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse affects your career in a big way. You could rise in position, get promotion and if you are not satisfied with your work, may be you will look and also find new work opportunities in coming six months. Professionally, six months from 3rd, is most important period for your work. You may begin new business ventures, apply for new job positions or expand your work, astrologically ‘now’ is the right time to implement your career plans. If, you are having problems at work, try not to issue ultimatums or make big actions under the influence of eclipse. It would be better to bide your time and take actions only when you have something important in your hand. Saturn is under the shadow of this eclipse whatever happens now will stay with you for a very long time.
LUCKY COLOR: Honey brown.

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. This is a festival time and there is a Solar eclipse on Diwali Day (not visible in India though) and solar eclipse shows not just the month of November but coming six months will be very important for you and I foresee this may involve travel or people living in far off land. You plan a trip to a foreign land, enroll in college. You may want to try something new and adventurous. You might question the meaning of your life and because of this inner unrest the desire to a religion or spiritual area is also a possibility. You may also receive some news from overseas or some guests from abroad may visit you, if are unable to travel. Media and communication feature very strongly for you, so another possibility is that you may launch some new advertising or publicity campaign.
LUCKY COLOR: Golden rust.

PISCES:As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. This is the second Diwali in a row that falls on a solar eclipse day (not visible in India). In your solar chart, this eclipse may bring totally transformational changes in your life. For many Pisces, this eclipse may deal with matters concerning money or finances in some form. Since, Saturn is also under the shadow of this eclipse so whatever happens will stay with you for a very long long time. You may want to change the way you handle money and all matters concerning money, taxes and debt may become clear in coming months. I also foresee you sharing intimate and passionate relationship stirring your passions.
LUCKY COLOR: Pretty pink.

Your Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra