Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October 2015 Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Money does not make who we are but presently Jupiter, Venus and Mars in connection with Saturn, you correlate your self-worth and value as a person with your financial portfolio and/or personal net worth. Well, indeed it is difficult not to think so in our money driven culture. In three months from 13th, your every action and may be thought (at some deep down level!) will be driven by financial security. Sun, in your solar chart, rules over partner (your spouse or business partner) and presently Venus transit in Sun’s sign, indicate your joint financial accounts, joint bank accounts, inherited properties, rental incomes, etc will be specifically on your mind. Now, the good news, are you expecting some gift, or money, may be as bonus or commission, or it is possible loan for buying or investing in real estate. From 1st October through 25th December, your Sun sign is twinkling with golden touch. You may win a legal case or go for final financial settlement. Presently, till 3rd November, Mars is transiting through you’re a sector in your solar chart that rules over your husband, wife or business partner. As I had written earlier for you, everything revolves around money this month and planet Mars transit highlights tensions, strife and underlying ego issues related with money. Yes, money is important in life, nobody can deny that but personal happiness is equally important. So, avoid clashes and keep your thoughts positive and direct it toward those around you, this positive energy will spread to all your circles of influence and eventually improve your relationship. Every thought plants a seed in the garden of your destiny. Practically speaking, the amazing thing about life is that you choose how things affect you and this is how reading astrology forecasts help. You know what is likely to happen and hence make yourself mentally and otherwise prepared to deal.

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Your ruling planet will walk hand in hand with planet of energy, Mars all through this month. If, I say this will be a hectic phase of life for you, actually I am understating, because work, daily routine, financial management, meeting clients, pitching for contracts, new work projects, emails, phone calls, etc etc will keep you too busy to think about anything else, however in three months from 13th, love, romance and even marriage plans will become your priority. For example, I have listed above for you, you may have to overcome an obstacle and find your way, and nothing will come easy. If it is any consolation for you, I foresee, you will overcome all obstacles successfully.  From second half of the month, love, romance and thoughts of marriage will dominate, if you are unmarried, and if you are already married, relationship with spouse will improve significantly in coming months. Now, let’s talk about your career and money. October is a good time to pitch for new projects, it might also be good time for publicity ( depending upon the nature of your work), employing some agent, all your efforts will project you in limelight bringing favorable response. Your work life will be very busy as ever but somehow you will find time to party. In last ten days of this month, I foresee money for you in some form. Jupiter will bless you to increase your personal net-worth. Didn’t I say this is a busy month for you, so how could your health and fitness not be in focus, you may somehow find time to go for gym, yoga classes or may be walks. Phew! What an amazingly busy month.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

October 2015 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS AND CAPRICORN

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. October is the month, when you have all kinds of planetary activity- Venus, Jupiter and Mars showering you with blessings and Mars in aspect to Saturn creating confrontational situations. So, let’s begin your forecast with positive note, I understand , there are times when it’s difficult to feel cheery or positive but keep this thought with you, this month planets may throw challenges, make you stronger, and then protect you and bless you! Venus, Jupiter and Mars bring joys from foreign land, so it is possible you travel abroad for work/leisure or you may think of studies from some foreign university.  Upgrading of skills and knowledge will bring immense benefits for career advancement. In three months starting from 13th, I foresee immense planetary energy affecting both your career and personal life. Sudden, surprising and maybe unexpected events are indicated for you in these three months from 13th.  Don’t feel dismayed reading this because I am not saying they will be negative, all I am saying is that they may be unexpected events affecting your personal and professionally life. My astrological cautions for you—don’t leave work for some petty office politics, instead stay strong and fight! Everything is presently in state of flux, though you may not see that immediately. If, you are connected in any way with public-marketing, sales, legal profession, media, publishing and broadcasting, in international trade, or similar professions you will be blessed. This is a great period for making changes at work. Looking for new work opportunities though may not be easy. From 13th of this month through 19th of the next month, is a time of profitable productivity, career advancement, and success in business. Work-related travel is also possible during this period. Due to infighting among few celestial players- Saturn and Mars-you may have some difficulty in dealing with your boss, the people from politics and government policies. If, you are not happy with your current job or work, this period (from October onwards) is probably the best period of the year to apply for new jobs or diversify your work. You may become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life. You may also be spiritually inclined and may even involve yourself with humanitarian, religious or spiritual activity. Now, comes the best celestial news for all Sagittarius, romantically, you have exciting times starting from 23rd October through 2nd of November. Sharing tender moments with someone you love will charge you with positive energy. Also, you may now be thinking of having a child. There may be some difficulties in coming three months but overall you are going through a very positive phase, but the reason you don’t see this is because you concentrate more on stress of everyday life and less on how life is changing!

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. As, the month begins all matters connected with ‘money’ will be on your mind. Venus, Jupiter and planet Mars are beautifully aligned to create the need for all that money can buy. You may want to buy car, invest in some real estate property, in new business opportunity that you perceive or it may be that you want to shop for new clothes, shop for home, etc. Consequently, there will be large bills and expenditures. I, also foresee, inheritance matters will be especially strong on your mind. You may actively, from 13th of this month onwards, promote your work, pitch with all energy for high targets, publicize, hold meetings, interact, and meet formally or informally with people who you think may in anyway help you push forward in life. You may also get opportunity to meet and interact with people who probably are of diverse and different backgrounds as yours and it is possible, you may play host to your foreign friends or relatives. You will also be more inclined towards religion and spirituality. You will take a greater interest in long-term security and happiness for you and your family. On an emotional or personal level, you may now struggle to come to terms with the past or unresolved family issues. With planet Mercury under the influence of Rahu, I foresee, something someone ‘says’ may hurt you emotionally.  If this is you, then focus your celestial energies upon what really matters to you and see how life becomes much more effortless.  Once you move past this emotionally vulnerable phase, you will be free to achieve and create what you want in life with much less stress and effort.

Friday, 9 October 2015

October 2015 Monthly Forecast: SCORPIO

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. Jupiter, the planet of growth and prosperity, is traveling for one complete year (starting July 2015) through career sector of your solar chart. Jupiter will help you build reputation and grow in your work in coming one year, however this month universe is simply showering you with its blessings, as your ruling planet will travel with Jupiter and Venus, the most favorable combination. Scorpio, an astrological advice, you have not to leave work in hand but instead work harder and with sincerity to climb up the ladder of success. There is a common saying: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ meaning for anything important to happen it takes time and efforts, so what I am saying for you, is that present planetary tide is activating the most important career phase that needs to be build into something important by your hard work and persistent efforts. Jupiter will help you for a year from now, and Venus and Mars, will help initiate this good period for you. Patiently and persistently keep working towards your goal. You have to be patient because, I foresee, there may be few management changes in your office. Globally, this month the trend that started (as I had written in my last month’s forecast for every sign) Mars and Saturn, in hard angles, may accelerate war like situation affecting you. This planetary war not only affects nations (war in Syria is affecting mankind and many nations!!) and will have ripple effect on global economies and for all of us on some level. For you, there is a possibility of unexpected chaos at work place is brewing around you; some kind of management restructuring is a possibility. Your relations with your friends and people will also undergo a big change. When I write horoscope predictions (they are Sun sign based) are calculated as per movement of planets but of course all of you have your own personal birth charts too and that is the reason I always ask you all to read your lagna/ascendant predictions too, this helps to get better understanding of what is probable for you in month ahead. I also try to include as many alternatives as possible for events and universe how things may unfold in the same areas in different way (that’s life!). So, it is a possibility, that you may have some misunderstanding with your close friend/relative, or your friend is going through a difficult period. There is another possibility; you are worried about your child. If, you do not have child, maybe you are planning to have a baby, these are just a few examples I have listed for you. You will also have busy social life, from 17th October through 16th November. Due to the influence of Ketu, the south node of Moon, during this social period, I would ask you to maintain moderation in eating, drinking and also avoid too many late nights especially during the weekdays as it may interfere with your work and also your health. Also, be careful not to make any controversial comments to someone you love or to a close relative/friend.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

October 2015 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. Jupiter, your ruling planet-Venus and Mars, are walking arm in arm, in the most important sector of your solar chart. Your desires, your wishes, your need for love, romance, to love or to be loved, need for a child or look after the welfare of your children, a need to achieve something tremendous, money and most important to have fun and good time may never ever be so high as it will be now in this month. Your desires will have wings but to give direction and to fulfill your dreams you may need some planning and time. Mars and Saturn, in hard angles, may accelerate war like situation bringing (sometimes not always!) conflicts also. From 13th, you begin a new phase of planning and sorting through all the things that you have wished for yourself. You, or someone close to you, might require solitude or medical advice. I believe, whenever thing are out of our personal control, the most effective way to process chaos in life would be to surrender to God. Spiritually 10 days from 13th will be a period of enlightenment for you. Contributing to altruistic endeavors, charity and helping others, in whatever way you can, without expectation of reward will be most fulfilling during this period. During this period Sun completes half of its zodiac journey. In India, during this period of Sun’s journey, Hindus follow ‘navratras’, a spiritual period of soul rejuvenation. For all my readers, especially in west, I would say try and contribute to the society in some humanitarian way during this period. You will benefit and reap rewards from this spiritual and humanitarian well-being period. As Rahu, the north node of Moon, casts its shadow, some sudden and totally unexpected situations will occur, in three months from 13th, and will take you completely by surprise. From 17th, Sun will enter your sign and will affect your physical and mental being and may bring some important job projects, new clients or you may bring some changes in your day to day routine. What I foresee for you, you may have totally no clue or idea, how destiny will take an unexpected turn. This is a pleasant and ‘lucky’ time that is good for all Libran's. Many things are prevented from entering our lives because we are too tense to let them in but now planets will not be patient, sudden unexpected events will eventually bring positive developments. Libran’s that’s  not all (I have kept best for the last!) you will be invited, from 13th October through 17th of November, for a number of get-together and parties, and believe me when I say, you will have an amazing fun time, something you can look forward to!!!

October 2015 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. Planet Jupiter, Mars and Venus are all traveling through your sign this month bringing growth, prosperity and good luck. However, as per Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus, the two traveling companions are not best of friends. Jupiter talks of moksha, detachment, whereas Venus loves indulgence. As you see, these two are temperamentally different but they both individually bring growth and prosperity in life but together they bring growth with some associated problems and difficulties. Leo’s, this month it seems universe understands all your difficulties, so you have Mars giving you courage and drive to overcome difficulties. Your ruler, Sun, and Mercury, (money for you) are under the shadow of Rahu, the north node of Moon. You may worry unnecessarily more about money. In three month from, 14th, this is probably the a period to initiate changes in your life and you tend to attract money. You are likely to see benefits to your earning and saving power. In three months from 14th, are probably the best time of the year to ask for a raise. You may find new ways to increase your income or savings. Income from your business or job, whatever career stream you follow is likely to increase. As I have written above, Sun is under the shadow of Rahu, loan, EMI installments, bills and rental woes, may cause some stress too. Practically speaking, the amazing thing about life is that you choose how things affect you and this is how reading astrology forecasts help. You know what is likely to happen and hence make yourself mentally and otherwise prepared to deal. When you consciously choose to create balance and align yourself with the universe, this brings universal abundance and open floodgates of blessings in your life. 

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Planet Mercury rules over your sign and this month your ruling planet is under the shadow of Rahu, the north node of Moon. As per Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu denote the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move in their orbits. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south nodes. Rahu is also a period of prarabhdha. Prarabdha is the part of sanchita karma, a collection of past karmas, which are ready to be experienced through the present body. It does not in any way necessarily mean anything negative. Three months from 14th, may bring events that may bring monumental changes in your life. Your perspective about life is about to change. You will be especially emotional now. You may have lots of plans but when actual time of performance comes your energy will be diverted. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are not comfortably placed this month in your solar chart. How you perceive problems and convert them for your personal transformation is very important. So many times people say this to me that knowing future, getting horoscope charts done may bring superstition and may prevent them to act freely. But the fact is that in life it won’t change what happens, knowing or not knowing, astrology or no astrology, on the contrary you can use astrology as a tool to illuminate your path by acting proactively, this probably the reason why astrology in India is called ‘jyotish’ meaning ‘light’. In coming three months, what you say, what you do, how you look, what kind of actions you take, will all be related with your personal happiness and growth. You may need to identify the things in your life that are probably making you unhappy with, and then start taking steps, maybe even teeny tiny ones, to start improving them. Circle dates- 11th, 14th, 17th and 27th on your calendar.