Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October 2016 Forecast: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, PISCES

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. Capricorn, you are entering an extremely optimistic and positive phase of life, in this good period, the feeling that everything is going great may also be strong. You want adventure, you want to travel, and may want to explore options that life presents to you. You may also get opportunity to meet and interact with people who probably are of diverse and different backgrounds as yours and it is possible, you may play host to your foreign friends or relatives in month of October. However, there is slight problem in otherwise beautiful planetary tide, Jupiter is in hard angle to Mars, and this presents conflicts or potentially combative situations. On personal level, you may have power struggle with someone authoritative in the family or in-laws. Professionally, it could be your boss. It would be good to consult a good lawyer, if you have any pending legal matter in the court. Watch out for days—16th (plus minus 4 days) and 19th (plus minus 2 days).
AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. From 1st October through 30th November, your Sign is twinkling with good money luck. Matters connected with your partner, inherited properties, rental incomes, etc will be specifically on your mind. You can also expect some money in form of a gift, or may be bonus or commission. You may win a legal case or go for final financial settlement. Only problem with otherwise good phase is that planet Mars is in hard angle to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, this means though you get money but there will be tensions, strife and underlying ego issues related with money too. So, avoid clashes and keep your thoughts positive. Please circle dates-16th through 20th, these dates are especially not good for money, so avoid borrowing, lending or investing money, if possible. 11th and 26th are favorable dates to schedule important works.

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. You have magnificent planetary tide, as the month opens, wherein Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will walk arm-in-arm with the soul of the zodiac, Sun, filling your sector of commitment, partnership, and marriage. 3 months from October are wonderful to get engaged or married. If, you are already married, then planets, from 1st through 19th, would make plans to bring something new and exciting in your marital relationship. Your life may change soon and not the way you thought but maybe even better! Professionally, Mars is traveling through your career sector in hard aspect from Jupiter, this indicate someone at work may try to be very difficult, bossy and authoritative. Pisces, an astrological advice, please do not let someone’s ego spoil otherwise a beautiful month. Please circle dates-16th through 20th, (these dates are not good), 11th and 26th are favorable dates to schedule important works.

Monday, 3 October 2016

October 2016 Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. Spiritually first10 days of month will be a period of enlightenment for you. Contributing to altruistic endeavors, charity and helping others, in whatever way you can, call it karma but it will be most fulfilling and bring with it rewards. Venus, your ruling planet, is beautifully placed in your own sign, from 1st through 13th. You are undergoing a crucial phase of your life, planning, assessing, creating ideas or deals are being struck behind the scenes and there may be a strong sense of urgency and conflict of emotions going through you. Although, on the surface, it may seem that nothing much is going on in your life, however that is not true, lots of important things are initiated and happening, but all are happening within you. Spiritually speaking, first the ‘idea’ drops in your mind and then only later you work on these ‘ideas’, first phase of ‘ideas’ are equally, if not more, important than the final result phase. Social research scientist, have shown that there is a direct link between how strong we are mentally with the final outcome of any event. So, stay strong psychologically speaking, focus only on good. Planet Mars will keep you extra busy, all of October, what with a lot of emails to deal with, constant ringing of phone calls, meetings (official or personal), and you may even travel more than usual. Two dates- 16th and 19th- are tricky, even a day before and after.

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. Scorpio’s, money will be on your mind all through this month. Jupiter is very well placed to help you make more money but it is in difficult angle with planet Mars, there may be large gains and losses of money and possessions; hence, it will be good to be cautious. You might find it hard to let go of things, attaching much sentimental value to your possessions. Your desires, your wishes, your need for love, romance, to love or to be loved, need to achieve something tremendous, money and most important to have fun and good time may never ever be so high as it will be now in this month. Watch out for dates, from 16th through 19th. One possibility is that at your work place some kind of management restructuring is happening and this may affect you too. Please, be careful not to make any controversial comments in such changing times. It’s a time to focus is on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. Friends and acquaintances can help you in providing introductions to get you to the new opportunities or important people. Explore and re-evaluate your hopes and dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. October is the month, when planet Jupiter is showering you with blessings. In three months from NOW, I foresee immense planetary energy affecting both your career and personal life. Sudden, surprising and maybe unexpected events are indicated for you in these three months. This is a phase of life, when you will be busy with career and also personal responsibilities. Only flaw in otherwise good planetary phase is heightened awareness and power struggle with someone close, could be a close friend, a relative or someone important at work place. What people are saying to you and also about you may become very important for you and you will want to make sure that you are being represented honestly. However, try not to intimidate others with your manner. Please circle-11th and 26th (plus minus two days) as favorable dates to schedule important works whereas 16th and 19th (plus minus two days) may prove challenging.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

October 2016 Forecast: CANCER, LEO, VIRGO

CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. All through this month, your primary focus will be on your children (if you have any). You may think a lot about someone you love, please be careful what you say to your loved ones as they may be touchy about criticism and may not welcome any unwarranted advice from you. The first 15 days of this month, there may be a flurry of activity around you and you may find it difficult to deal with the constant ringing of phone. On a positive note, you may receive some important phone call or news. You may also have something important to talk with your brother/sister/ cousin. Your relationship with your neighbors, brother/sisters or some close friends may also undergo some change or something important may happen in their lives in coming two months (which they will share with you!). On professional front, this is the ideal time to publicize your work, give interviews or apply for new positions; the response may surprise you. Two dates- 16th and 19th- are tricky, even a day before and after. Sometimes, we can through our mental strength and personality can avoid unpleasant happenings or challenges but other times, we may have no control (likes these dates) over the flow of events, however it is my belief, the prior knowledge is always helpful.

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. The focus this month will be on finances. Mercury placed in your sign is having powerful parivatan yoga with Sun, placed in your financial sector. Jupiter and Sun, from 1st through 17th, hold immense energy and will activate the period of 6 months to increase your personal net-worth, help you save money in your bank, pay off old loans or debts, or buy some jewelry; these are some examples of how this beautiful planetary combination can affect you. Strange, as it may sound to you, you may indulge spending money on dining out, eating wonderfully tasty food, getting some beauty treatments for my women readers (actually, nowadays even most men also), so you get the idea, money comes, you save some but you spend some too. Social research has shown there is a direct link between money and personal confidence. Realizing your own personal worth will make you more confident and hence deal with challenges of life confidently. Please circle dates-16th through 20th, these dates are especially not good for money, so avoid borrowing, lending or investing money, if possible. 

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Planet Jupiter is traveling through your sign bringing growth, prosperity and good luck with it for you. However, Jupiter is in hard angle to Mars, this indicates there may be immense pressure and tensions (probably) in your personal or professional life, dealing with someone who is authoritative and stubborn may not be easy for you, a kind of power struggle. Totally surprising and sudden occurrence of events may catch you on wrong foot. However, Virgo’s, the prior knowledge of this is, I believe, the best advantage of reading astrological forecasts.  As there is a popular saying ~ “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” I think we would all agree that we learn more from our tough times than from good, it shapes and improves our personality too. This month it seems universe understands all your difficulties, so you have Jupiter, the planet of growth and prosperity, giving you courage and drive to overcome difficulties. You are likely to see benefits to your earning and savings too. You will realize your personal potential and express yourself more fully.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

October 2016 Forecast: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI

ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. This month, when inspired, you will be totally focused and able to face any challenge with your will and determination. Your power of endurance will be stronger than most. However, you will not take kindly to people, who may try to bully you. Please, watch for dates close to 19th, for there is a possibility of power of struggle with someone in authority, it could be your boss, in-law, partner or a colleague. You may difficult to have a control over your anger, when provoked. Consequently, now you must be extremely careful, where you have lots to lose. Now, on the plus side, you may use this Mars energy to get even the most difficult of works done. You will love to remain active. If, self-employed, you may have new clients and business projects and if you are employed and looking for new work opportunities, the time period of 3 months, starting from 1st, is very good. This month, with all this surplus of energy that planets throw on you, avoid overindulgence with food or drinks. You can party (which you will be doing!) but act with moderation.

TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign. This month your ruling planet is beautifully placed in its own sign, from 1st through 13th, thereafter it joins hands with Saturn to promote and advance your career. Stability and security at work will be your priority. Interestingly, you may get invitations for some get-togethers or party functions, as indicated by your planets, this is the month for you to enjoy and have fun. Although, money and expenditures will give you reasons for worrying too. Taurus, please, do enjoy for this life is precious and any moments we spend in smiling, laughing and with our loved ones are always special but, astrologically speaking, keep a check on the outflow of your money, as your debts, bills and spending this month may mount  . Dates—16th through 19th, indicate warlike power struggles in your love relations and money could possibly be a reason. 

GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign. You, your life and your personality is undergoing a series of change, as you move ahead in life, it brings with it many valuable lessons. Don’t feel sorry or sad, as these lessons will bring immense value to you in coming years. Dates, 1st through 19th, personally and professionally, planets are busy planning surprises for you. Some of you may think of starting some additional work from home or may be connected with internet. Mars (Mars is also called the God of War!) is in hard angles to Jupiter, for you, there may be some conflicts with your partner. Your work and career will be your top priority. Gemini, planet Jupiter will shower you with blessings, 20 days starting from 2nd October, are especially beautiful, some events or planning for future will bring optimism and personal happiness. You may now also be meditating about your living situation as to where to live or probably think of investing in real estate.