Monday, 30 November 2015

December 2015 Monthly Forecast: ARIES TAURUS

ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. Rahu, the north node of moon, stays in one sign for about 1½ years and Rahu’s transit with your ruling planet, from 3rd November through 24th December, can be a recipe for burnout and increases mood swings. Stay motivated and you will bounce back, flow in this challenging period with certainty that destiny is about to change for you. Financial matters may be on your mind now, perhaps you are thinking and making plans for future and that may include probably, buying your dream house, investing in business or maybe you need money for your children. Whatever is the reason but surely with Saturn influence you need money and in fifteen days from 12th, your expenditures may increase. As an astrologer, looking at stars for you this month, I would advise you, try not to use your credit card excessively, cut out all expenses that are not essential. I know, I know it is very difficult to define what is essential and what is not, but unlike fixed essentials expenditures like rent, utilities bills, and other payments, which remain the same each month, but this festival year ending season you may go overboard in your other spending, and may use your card excessively and next month, when your bank statement arrives you may be surprised by how much you ended up spending in just in one month. Have a goal when shopping this will stop you from spontaneous purchases. Okay, now I get back to your day to day work life routine. Your ruling planet, Mars, transit indicates very busy days ahead. You probably have deadlines to meet before taking perhaps few days off for year-end party or for leisure travel (how lovely!). If you have any sort of health concern, address them now.

TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign. As the month opens, you may feel low in energy, but give yourself probably a week and you will feel much better, for Saturn will slowly move away from the Sun to make you feel new and more revitalized. Saturn, the planet of stability and commitment is traveling through your marriage and commitment sector of your solar chart. If single, you are in the mood for love forever-style and may find your life partner. If already married, this indicates a period to sort out difference, if any, with your spouse, so good are planets in helping you. Venus, your ruling planet, is powerfully placed in its own sign, favoring marriage alliance, and if not marriage then may be talks of marriage. If, you are already engaged or in love relationship, it is time to clear all misunderstandings. For those who are married and have children, planet Mars under the shadow of Rahu, the north node of Moon, indicates you are stressing and worrying more for your children. Of course, astrology indicates the weak areas of your chart but astrological reading can also help you see light at the end of the tunnel, so if it is any consolation to know in advance, Mars will move away from the shadow of Rahu from 25th, and this will lessen your worries for your children too. Now for some wonderful news- your ruling planet is in indulgence mood for you, for you may shop for new clothes, get new hair style, and look best for season end parties or get-together. Taurus, you will look your best with all new clothes and pampering and, I also foresee, all the money you spend on yourself will have amazingly powerful impact on your self-esteem! Humans, by definition, are imperfect and this imperfection is what makes each of us unique and original but it is possible that all this pampering makes us feel good internally. Social scientific researchers have shown that there is direct correlation between our self-worth and body image. Venus, your ruling planet, is wonderfully placed, so enjoy this period. Let’s now talk about work, this is probably good season for those in business or self-employed, you may be ready to sign new clients in your business, or you may sign a business partner/collaborator. Also hiring an agent, manager or a publicist, for growth and expansion will pay rich dividends.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Life as seen through the ‘eyes’ of an ASTROLOGER.

What we make of your life is up to us. Have you ever stopped to think that we create problems in our lives by wanting things to be different from what they are. We don’t change, we are actually afraid of change. When we are on our path of change, there may be people and situations that will test our strength and in such time we are going to run into anxiety, it’s all meaningless though. Moving forward in life with our desires will always bring some problems and challenges, but it is for us to see what is more important, to remain rooted in same place like a tree or move forward, face challenges but live a life fulfilled!! Letting go is part of moving on to something better. Our days are numbered, so let’s make the best of the time that we have NOW.  It is my personal belief, time spent worrying is wasted and to live life with the thought that innumerable opportunities and possibilities are stored in my future is the Golden Rule to live.
 I am an astrologer; it is my mission to see only future possibilities and not miseries.
“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.”  ~Frank A. Clark

Friday, 6 November 2015

November Monthly Forecast: GEMINI

GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Life becomes much more effortless when we are living in alignment with what is important to us. Thanks to planet Mercury’s transit with Sun, the soul of the zodiac, you may entertain friends and family members this month. Planets sure are building all the drama, the kind you see on television soap series, and all through this drama you need to protect your inner goodness. In the first half of the month, especially from 9th through 12th, there may be fear or anxiety in you, hence restlessness and from 12th planets will bring amazing and exciting opportunity to meet many new or probably people you already know but have not met in recent time. From 12th, some Gemini’s may find happiness in their children, some in creative works they do or maybe some get affected by love relations. Gemini, in past one year you have worked through challenges but now planetary tide is over your home life and property matters. Rahu, the north node of Moon, will eclipse Mars, the planet responsible for all actions or karma. You may meet many people this month however uncertainty and ambiguousness will stay strong. You may feel concerned about the well-being of someone older/elder in the family. Familial responsibilities and may be self-imposed duties may weigh heavy on you. If, you go through this kind of situation that I am describing, make sure you’re taking a constructive proactive approach. Pray for God’s blessings as everything in our life happens for a reason and have some profound message. This is also a great time for better understanding and rebuilding life with your family members especially with your children. Cherish each moment of happiness, intimacy and laughter. At some point during this month, you may be reluctant to say what you feel and then when you do say, it may help you do things you never thought you could do.

November Monthly Forecast: CANCER

CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. Moon, as per Vedic astrology, rules over our mind and thoughts. Who and what influences our mind, is basically influenced by our perceptions and beliefs, and also our attitudes and thoughts, in our daily lives and this of course directly affects our relationship be it with our friends or family. Cancer, this month you will be more affected with your relations especially with your sister/brother (or could be your spouse siblings), your neighbors and close friends. This actually will be your “smaller” world of everyday life and in this smaller world, the small white lies (the energy that we misuse given to us by the great divine power!) will so affect your mental well-being. Cancer, you need to stay away from commenting on controversial and sensitive matters, of course it will not be easy but this is how Rahu, the shadow of Moon, transiting with Mars, the planet of action, will test you. I also foresee, you may sign some important document or agreement paper in coming six months from 11th. This looks important for you, maybe the papers you sign are property related or it could be related with your work. Okay, this may sound strange to you, as I foresee, this month, you may spend a lot of time on road (and more strange it may sound to you) I also foresee, that you may get unnecessarily caught in long traffic jams!! So, plan your day before you travel, nowadays with technological developments, you can see beforehand (with Google maps etc), and can avoid getting caught in bad traffic jams, this is how reading this forecast may help you.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

November Monthly Forecast: SCORPIO

 SCORPIOS: Happy Birthday to all Scorpio’s! 
Presently, Saturn is traveling through your sign and, as per astrology, this is considered to be a period of achievement and maturity.  Though, you may feel that everything is slowed down, there may be more delays, frustrations, and pressures but don’t feel disappointed reading this as these times will also challenge you to face reality, thereby opening yourself to increased wisdom and growth. You may perceive often that everything in life has slowed down and advancements are hard to see. But the reality is that you are getting rid of things in your life that is not working and slowly shifting your focus on improving and strengthening the things that will serve a useful purpose. This month, from 7th, planet Mars, your ruling planet, will be under the shadow of Rahu, the Moon. You may for some reason have disagreement with close friend, relative, in-laws and at work place with someone in management. Don’t let demeaning comments get your spirits down, be selective in your battles, sometimes making peace is better than being right. It’s easier for an unhappy person to pull you down to own miserable level, counteract the potentially negative vibes. You need to keep your goodness and personality intact. From 11th, you will get into corrective mode. If you've been living on credit (loans, interests, credit cards etc!) you will be more conservative with your money. Make budgets, examine the ways you spend money, and cut down, if possible (after all this is festival period!), your outflow of money. Strange as it may sound but I foresee, your intuitive powers will be very high. In French, they call this a déjà vu experience meaning “already seen.”