Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Year 2014: For LIBRA-PISCES Signs

The Year 2014: For LIBRA-PISCES Signs

Libra: Saturn and Rahu are transiting through your sign, this is a kind of ‘test’ like you see in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ if you clear this level you win the jackpot. Concentrate on your karma and listen to your inner voice. In the month of July, when rahu leaves your sign, you will feel slight improvements and then November, when Saturn finally leaves your sign, your life will change. Saturn will not enter your sign for another 30 years. July-August will be the beginning of a very good career phase for you. This will be the beginning of a golden period of your career. You will be duly rewarded for your patience and hard work. This will be the best period to initiate changes and expansion plans. For buying house or property the second half of the year 2014 is good.
Scorpio: Scorpio’s, the year 2014, will be a very special year for you. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, will be in beautiful angle to your sign. Professionally, financially and personally, you are about to enter the most important phase of your life.  It is really amazing how universe works, planet Saturn will leave difficult area of your chart and planet Jupiter of expansion will enter good luck sector of your solar chart. During the first five months of the year you will have to end all that has been troubling you. This will be a much more introverted time for you, when you will turn inward to cleanse and heal yourself. Past memories may come to the surface, so as to remember these times of your life and heal through them. You will be amazed at how quickly you can manifest some wonderful opportunities. In your office, company or organization there will be many changes in coming months. Many new people may take position at high administrative or management level, may be at work there is  a sense of insecurity or atmosphere of tension too but remember for you universe has big plans.
Sagittarius: Jupiter is the ruler of your sign and from June, your ruling planet will enter its exaltation sign, the sign where it feels most comfortable and strong. How it will affect you? This will be the year that will offer you many new offers and avenues to generate more income. Your bank balance and your personal net-worth will increase. It is said, the destiny charts of husband and wife are linked, if it is not you then it is your spouse, who will have financial gains. This year, especially starting from July is also good for rental income, earning good commission and generating income from some different source. Planet Mars is boiling career, home and personal happiness sector in your solar chart.  If you are feeling constricted, stagnant and unhappy, it is planet Mars job to clear and make space for something new and exciting.
Capricorn: Planet Saturn rules over your sign and is placed in its most powerful sign. Yours is a hard working sign and nothing comes in easily in life for you. The year that follows certainly will be more eventful. You may experience a big change in one specific part of your life. Since it is a period of change the tendency to suffer and despair may also be more. There is possibly a sense of frustration when you attempt to achieve something new in life and the change you want is not occurring quickly enough. The stronger Saturn  is placed, the greater will be required amount of efforts. From November, (I know it means almost the complete year ahead), be it your career, your home life, your professional life or marriage, there will be changes. Saturn will teach you the secret of managing life change and will give you an idea of your 'life road map'. Saturn is hard task master and will ensure you do what it takes to make you achieve the goal
Aquarius:  Aquarians, the year 2014, is the big year for you. If you are unmarried you may marry, you may find new work if you are unemployed or looking for career change, you may start some new business venture, and not only this even how you think and look will also undergo change. 2014 is just the beginning of new cycle of your life. What you begin in the year 2014 will bring work, money and gains in relationships through coming twelve years. If you are single and thinking of marriage, certain outside factors may crystallize your wedding plans. Of course, in astrology it is believed if you make efforts when planets are in your favor you get results beyond your own expectations. Your thoughts and opinions will also change because you are acquiring new knowledge. So don’t miss this beautiful planetary phase. Professionally you may start your own business, bring changes in your present career field, if you are just entering job field you may land a good job offer from prestigious company.
Pisces: Pisces, in the year 2014, you are in for some surprises, and sometimes it will be liberating, and other times you may be thrown into utter chaos. Planets will push you to cast off the shackles that keep you from fulfilling your destiny. You might get the courage to leave a stagnant relationship, or make dramatic career changes suddenly even to follow a long-buried dream, and if you are unhappy in your marriage you may think of separation. If, in the past six months, you have not made any career changes or bought any property or change place of residence, then brace yourself in next 7 months. The period starting from July is good for love and romance. Major emphasis this year will be on relationships. Love is a special emotion and starting from July, universe conspires to bring someone special in your life. It will be the beginning of love and the world will seem more beautiful, the weather always perfect and your dream girl or boy the most wonderful person on this earth. Sounds very filmy but watch what actually happens. For married couples, this is also the good period, starting from July, for their children.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Year 2014: For Aries to Virgo Sun Signs

The Year 2014: For Aries to Virgo Sun Signs

The year 2014=7 (2+0+1+4=7), 14 in the century 2000, 2 multiply 7 = 14. So, 7 is the Number of the year. This is the year of change, change in the way we think; it is the year of introspection, of research and also of spirituality. Let us first understand what is the true meaning of the word "spiritual", means "involved with the spirit or the atma," and it is not related with any religion nor any other limiting description; it is only related with atma or the Spirit. One of the most important keys to manifesting our goals and making our dreams come true is following the voice of our spirit or atma. The one who understands this will have an amazing year ahead.

Aries: The second half of the year that is from June through December, will be full of happiness. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and prosperity, will be very strong in its exalted sign. This period is ideal for business expansion, job change and also, if you are due for promotion, you can ask your boss. Please mark months February, March, November-December on your calendar. This will be the best period for your career. This period is also good for buying new house, real estate and house renovations. 

Taurus: It is a saying, ‘Money is not everything’ but we cannot undervalue the power of money too, maybe that is probably the reason on special occasions and also on Diwali, Hindus worship goddess Laxmi. For Taurus you the year 2014 of money, if till now you do not possess healthy bank balance (money is in my opinion very relative for some ‘x’ amount is big and for others the same amount has no meaning, so think how the term ‘healthy bank balance’ applies to you), in the first 7 months you must put your best efforts to increase your bank balance. Astrology can only tell when planets are in your favor but it for you to do the karma.  You have divine blessings. Transit of Rahu and Saturn for past one year may have given you health troubles, if so the period starting from July will show health improvements. 

Gemini: Jupiter, divine planet of luck and prosperity, is traveling through your sign. It has come to travel through your sign after 12 long years and transit of this divine planets brings many positive developments and changes in life, if Gemini’s you have still not profited from this transit, do not worry you still have six more months of the year 2014 and if you do good karma this powerful transit can change the direction of your life. For your career, months from April through June will be lucky for you, if you want you can mark this period on your calendar. In the year 2013 Saturn may have made you work very hard with no time for fun and enjoyment maybe, slightly after July and then completely after November you will be able to relax and enjoy. If you love someone, the period starting from July is good for you. 

Cancer: for all Cancer, a very good news- this year starting from June onwards will initiate the best period of your life. Jupiter, the divine planet of luck and prosperity, will enter your Sun Sign in the month of June for one complete year. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will enter your sign after 12 year and in your sign Jupiter is considered to be strongest of all zodiac signs and from your sign it bestows good luck to all sun signs and for you it will be extra special!!!Think back how the year 2002-2003 was, but then Saturn was not easy for you but from this year starting June through December, planets will be good in every way. If you are not happy presently for any reason, smile! For career, months- May, June and July- will be good. 

Leo: Leo’s for you coming 6 months are the months of expenditures. Money flows in and money flows out…. One of my Punjabi client once remarked, ‘we pray to our god--‘rabb kharchhei de’(God us expenditures), the logic behind this he said was, god first has to give money to do expenditures, umm…well, this seems to be now true for you. You will have expenditures but planets will also give you money to spend. This year’s number is ‘7’, the number of spirituality, and your inclination towards greater good of the mankind and spirituality will increase from the second half of the year. Inner satisfaction that probably one gets from doing good karma probably exceeds the pleasure one gets from buying expensive clothes, cars etc. June, July and August will be best months of the year for career. 

Virgo: Virgo’s, this year is a very special year, normally planet Mars, the red planet of energy, stays in one sign for about 1 ½ months but this time planet Mars entered your sign on 26th November 2013 and will stay in your sign till July 2014(except for a brief period February-March). This long stay of planet Mars in your sign will bring many many changes for you, without Mars, the planet of energy, no work gets initiated nothing important ever happens but Mars energy can sometimes be destructive too. It depends how and where you use this energy. If, you want to bring changes in your career or you want to buy a house/property, then period starting from January through July is the best.