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How will be the month of April for you?

How will be the month of April for you?

April 2014 monthly forecast
Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Planet Mars rules over your sign. This month is the period of review. May is the month of action for you but for that you need to make plans now. There are lots of things that you are probably not aware of, though you may have some ideas and plans that possibly you do not feel or want to share with others. There may be people working behind your back, so be careful. This month planets are also affecting your physical and mental well-being. Please do not, I repeat do not, undervalue your health. It's a reminder to step away from the pressures of your daily life. Some kind of soul-searching is in order. You are probably not too pleased with your daily work routine and money matters and probably universe understands this. Please mark dates 1st, 15th through 29th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. Dates that I have mentioned above and days close to these dates may bring some sudden unexpected developments too.
Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Planet Venus rules over your sign. From 1st through 27th, your ruling planet is transiting through zodiac sign of Aquarius. As per Vedic astrology, Aquarius sign is ruled by planet Saturn, this forms a very powerful ‘parivartan yoga’. Not just the month of April but coming 2 months professionally there are some big changes indicated in your solar chart. At work place, some administrative changes or may be management shuffle is possible, another possibility is that maybe you get a good offer from a rival organization. Cut throat competition, rivalry, anxiety and tensions looks high at work place but then results too will be dream like. The focus this month will be on making contacts and reaching out to others in both social and professional sense. See what happens in the week- 13th through 19th.
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Planet Mercury rules over your sign. Gemini’s, months of April, May and June are professionally, probably the most important months of the year 2014. This is a phase when you will be busy with career and/or public responsibilities. Sudden and unexpected developments may leave you overwhelmed. Please do not resign or leave work this month that is if you are not happy at your work place, continue working and wait and see how things shape up. This is the period when many new career developments are indicated. On 14th, Sun, the soul of the chart, enters its sign of exaltation, a placement which will eventually bring benefits for you.
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Moon rules over your sign. This month, the Sun and planet Mars, will lay emphasis on your learning, publishing, media, communication, travel and even your career. For students, especially those who want to apply for foreign universities, next three months are very good. Please mark dates- 13th through 18th and 29th April through 10th May on your calendar, these dates are important and significant dates for you. Planets may bring some restlessness and dissatisfaction with regular routines. Heated discussions or arguments over sensitive issues should strictly be avoided. Life is so much bigger and getting involved over trivial issues will only spoil your chances to bring something important in this potentially very important phase of your life. Your desire to explore faraway places and your ability to express your beliefs also grows. Philosophically or spiritually too this month will be special for you. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is about to enter your sign in the month of June, so whatever happens in next two months has some greater meaning.
Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)
Sun rules over your sign. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac on 14th April, a Baisakhi day. In astrology there are 12 Sun signs and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and when Sun, your ruler, enters this sign it initiates a new cycle in your life. Ohh! Leo’s, as the month begins, your mind may be so involved and busy with money problems, taxes, bills, loans, re-payments etc etc that you may feel totally stressed out. But, I have some good news too, if you are expecting (or may be hoping) money as form of commission, refund or maybe you want to lease out or put your property for sale or rent, this is the month, go for it. You may have to sign some important papers near or around 17th.
Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)
Planet mercury rules over your sign. Virgo’s, this year is a very special year, normally planet Mars, the red planet of energy, stays in one sign for about 1 ½ months but this time planet Mars entered your sign on 26th November 2013 and will stay in your sign till July 2014(except for a brief period of February-March). This long stay of planet Mars in your sign will bring many many changes for you, without Mars, the planet of energy, no work gets initiated nothing important ever happens but Mars energy can sometimes be destructive too. It depends how and where you use this energy. This month emphasis will also be on marriage or married life. Mercury, your ruling planet, is placed with Venus, the planet of love and relationships. If unmarried and looking for partner, this is a good time especially through matrimonial websites. Resolving to work on, relationships that are mutually supportive is a good idea at this time.
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)
Planet Venus rules over your sign. Saturn and Rahu are transiting through your sign, this is a kind of ‘test’ like you see in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ if you clear this level you win the jackpot. The office where you work or atmosphere at your home is probably charged. If you're not happy by your work and routine, this is probably the best time for investing in developing a skill or finding a fulfilling work by increasing your efficiency through re-organizing and handling details enthusiastically. It is also a good time for analysis. On 17th, there will be a lunar eclipse in your sun sign, though not visible in India, this eclipse astrologically will be important for you. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is about to enter your career sector…….. life is reaching its tipping point and what happens in next one year is your ‘destiny’.
Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)
As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign and sparks your creative juices. Romantic inclinations are also highlighted this month. Your personal life and your children’s welfare will be something you will be concerned this month and this is positive tension, nothing negative about it. If, you are unmarried, then matters of heart will make your heart flutter. You may meet someone on internet or through some group meetings or may be while you are traveling.  At work, high level manipulation is indicated that is, someone posited at top management level or your boss may play office politics. See what you get to know or see near 13th. You probably feel lonely or sad for some reason and to fill this gap you may keep yourself super busy in next three months. If you are feeling good about yourself then possibly you will fairly radiate during this expressive period. 
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)
Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Your personal life and your children’s welfare will be something you will be concerned this month and this is positive tension, nothing negative about it. This is a good time to make to do any type of re-organizing or even re-modeling of the home or home environment. Some Sagittarius, not all, may change house or buy some property this or in the next two months. Sun enters its sign of exaltation sign on 14th, a period stirring big creative ambitions. If you get an invitation for a party or a get-together, on or near 13th, attend it, maybe you meet someone important, anyways you will immensely enjoy meeting interesting peoples. This period also highlights love and romance for you, an excellent time to come in touch with your feelings and needs.
Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
Planet Saturn rules over your sign. What a happening month for you! Unexpected phone calls, emails, sudden travel plans, maybe interviews, starting something new…and general “busy-ness’. Please mark dates 14thand 29th on your calendar and do not schedule any important work on these dates. Something important on career front for you is indicated in days-from 11th through 19th. You may feel highly charged or emotional during this period. This month there will be two eclipses, though not visible in India, but will be very powerful. You may experience a big change in one specific part of your life. Since it is a period of change the tendency to suffer and despair may also be more. There is possibly a sense of frustration when you attempt to achieve something new in life and the change you want is not occurring quickly enough.
 Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Aquarius, this month ‘money’ is seriously on your mind; you may want to increase your earning power and assets. Materially and emotionally it is very important for you now to increase your net-asset or net-worth. Financial issues come into focus. From 31st of March last month all through this month planets may offer you many new offers and avenues to generate more income. Your bank balance and your personal net-worth will increase. It is said, the destiny charts of husband and wife are linked, so if it is not you then it is your spouse, who may have financial gains. Students, especially those who want to go abroad for studies and for those who want to take a sabbatical break for studies the period starting from 15th April through 20th May will be important.
Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)
As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, is transiting through your sign and will shift to next sign on 14th. What a magical period for you! From 1st through 13th, is a time to reinvent yourself in some way to improve your confidence for instance, changing personal habits or maybe how you style your hair. All outward changes will reflect changes within. Planets will push you to cast off the shackles that kept you from fulfilling your destiny. You might get the courage to leave a stagnant relationship, or make dramatic career changes suddenly even to follow a long-buried dream, and if you are unhappy in your marriage you may think of separation. Your focus will be on your personal values and all matters concerned with money will become very strong from 14th and next month will be even better. Before I end this month’s forecast for you, I have to add, please be careful regarding money matters, on and near 15th, for there will be an important lunar eclipse in financial sector of your solar chart.  This eclipse also has to do with your own personal transformation, sexuality, relationships, and joint financial situations.  One or all of these topics may become important for you.

Your’ Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra

Monday, 10 March 2014

#politics trending

#politics trending
The Election Commission of India has announced the dates for the Lok Sabha elections 2014. The elections will begin on 7 April and end on 12 May. 16 May has been set as the counting date and the EC will complete counting on this day. With the election less than a month away, politics seems to be on everyone’s hearts and minds. Whether they are commenting on the political rallies to issues, online readers have plenty to say when it comes to the upcoming election.
Who would ‘you’ vote for? Which current issues ‘you’ identify with most? Can your Sun Sign also influence your preference for any political party? Lets see:--

Aries: Aries is ruled by the get-up-and-go planet, Mars and are the ones to let their feelings known. Martial qualities of Aries are very similar to a General in an army going for a war. At times he does get carried away and influenced by the flow of events. Now, this I would specially say for Aries men. BJP, Congress or AAP who to choose from? Aries will decidedly go for the party who supports his ideologies on security and safety issues. He is sure of himself and it is difficult for others to fool him. Their power of tolerance is low and simply cannot bear injustice but power of sustenance is high. Once they form an opinion about certain matter in their mind then it becomes very difficult to deviate them from it. Aries favors political party that can bring change and transform what is not working and bring what may work. Change and transformations are key words. Most Aries woman will also follow the same trend and political preferences.

Taurus: Taurus is ruled by feminine planet Venus. Venus is mild and very diplomatic in its approach. They are generally very practical and down-to-earth kind of person. Their first instinct in life is to resist the new and the unexpected. They are courageous and have the ability to face all odds and adversities in life. They are the person with common sense, stability and self-determination. They simply know where they stand and where they are heading. So they are not much influenced by popular voting trend. Planet Venus is also the planet of finance hence the growth and economic conditions are most important for him to decide which party he wants to vote for. Inflation rate, growth and progress rate and job opportunity are the deciding factors and on these factors they are very sure to vote for. They like to feel settled and secure in life. They believe in government with a large role in the economy and fiscal matters. Most Taurus men would follow this trend and in women probably only a senior citizen would close her eye to economic and fiscal conditions of the country.

Gemini: Gemini is ruled by intellectual planet mercury. They have a keen and sharp mind. Their mind is like a sponge that can absorb and soak in all the information that is offered or wanted. Strangely, the media analysis has major impact on Gemini. Their ruling planet, Mercury is the planet of communications; they make inferences, deductions and also probably try to find solutions through media. A Gemini man follows newspaper and survey or exit poll research and he is likely to follow the same trend. For Gemini woman social/corruption or security  are most important issues to follow. “Freedom and rights” cannot be compromised. A strong emphasis is placed on this.

Cancer: Cancer is very sensitive and moody person. They can wait for things to come to them. Nothing is done impulsively in their life. They think and then act. They have a very sharp memory and the past experiences are certain to be engraved on their memory plate. This acute sense of perception helps to deal with own dilemmas and miseries. They also imagine that it is their duty to vote and select only ‘the Party’ and ‘the candidate’ who deserves. They tend to stand with political parties on an issue-to-issue basis. The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by watery moon and their ideologies are like “an ocean with many ripples”. Some Cancer ruled people might have partial leanings in regards to certain issues such as economic policies but they may stand united on issues like safety and securities.

Leo: Leo is the Lion who is slow to anger but once he blows his fuse it is difficult to control though afterwards he will forget everything as if nothing happened. They are like a king in the forest who wants to rule over everyone and to be in control. For them pride and respect is very important in life. They are not the kind who would follow others but they are the leader whom everybody else has to follow. They are extremist by nature and can carry their own flags and will not look back to see whether others are following them or not (they expect them to follow). They are great self-motivators. They simply cannot endure injustice and do what is right morally. Their philosophy encompasses freedom, morality and individualism. Security, moral values and their strong belief in equal opportunity for all to succeed after putting forth an effort-- are the deciding factors in political preferences and this is irrespective of the popular voting trend. They strongly adhere to it because of their belief in “individualism” and their support of strong moral character. Leo man may sit at a distance and wait for right opportunity but a Leo woman is more aggressive and will fight for her beliefs and vote is her ammunition to fire.

Virgo: Virgo is a sign ruled by intellectual mercury. Their endurance power is very high and is highly temperamental and sensitive. At times they can be unpredictable and impulsive too and let the other person unsure whether they actually know them or not. They realize early in life that triumphs and all great accomplishments are achieved because they had the courage and conviction to do it. In life irrational behavior of others can prove to be exasperating for them. Communication is important for them because this the way they connect with others. Intelligent and intellectually high people are always held high in their eyes. They are liberal and favor changes and are open to new ideas and encompasses acceptance.  Hence in voting they often look for ‘new’. Virgo women may slightly differ in this opinion not completely.

Libra: Librans are symbolically represented by weighing scales. They have got strong sense of duty and responsibility. Occasionally they get this irresistible urge to revolutionize society. They strongly support ethical and moral values but the greater emphasize is on policies like Taxation, Business Regulation, Government Spending Policy, Wealth Distribution (Welfare) and opportunity for new jobs and political party, who in their opinion, will favors their economic growth will also get their vote. They like to feel financially settled and secure in life. Venus women may be wearing velvet gloves but they have iron fist that is they are even stricter in following each political party’s policies than Libran Man.

Scorpio: Scorpio is ruled by planet Pluto that is known for its transformational changes. They are generally of suspicious and of impulsive nature. Pluto shares more or less same ideological views as does planet Mars that is transform what is not working and bring what may work. Above everything else in life, Scorpio’s, have very strong sense of belief in them and they like to keep everything secretively locked in their hearts. They possess an intense and concentrated outlook on life and are focused on problems a common man faces. Their psychic abilities, shrewd judgment and strong mind hold government accountable for all social, fiscal and moral problems. So for them voting and then selection of a government is a step or move towards transformation (Pluto!) towards betterment. Ideological preferences of Scorpio man will be same as ideological preferences of a Scorpio woman but there may be ideological differences in age groups here. Younger, the stronger, are their views.

Sagittarius: They need plenty of freedom and space to be happy and contended in life. They cannot stand restrictions otherwise they would like to break all bonds. They have a positive outlook in life and a strong desire of expansion. They are open and candid and although sometimes abrupt in their manner. They have a very philosophical and humanitarian interest and this causes them to have preferences and opinions about issues in which they have no vested interest. Since they have humanitarian interests at heart hence they extract the ideas or values of each ideology like taking away the cream over the churned milk. Sagittarius man or woman, young or old and rich and poor may have degree of difference on their political views but basic underlying thought is always the same—humanitarian and political party that favors it, in their opinion will also get their vote.

Capricorn: The zodiac sign Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn. They set certain norms for themselves and would follow them throughout their life. They are the kind of person who like to do everything in a very organized and systematic manner. There is a tendency in them to get obsessed about their aim and inspirations. Money is a very important factor in their life. They consider fiscal and economical issues primarily but sometimes the overwhelmingly preference vote for only that party “who respects their religious sentimentsis also a strong criteria in their mind. Saturn is a placed very far away from sun hence it is dark and cold in nature. In Astrology judiciary system is represented by planet Saturn. They are not easily swayed by popular voting trends. They judge a Prime Ministerial candidate and then vote. Capricorn men are more rigid and disciplined in their views than Capricorn women.    

Aquarius: Aquarius is ruled by unpredictable planet—Uranus. If in a region there are more of Aquarius born then it is very difficult to predict the election outcome results of that region. Since they are not very open and vocal most of the time it is even more difficult a task to get any political analysis. People form opinion about them that may not be correct and quiet difficult to comprehend. Money or rather to be self-sufficient in life is an important factor in life for them. Hence job problems, inflation, scams etc will figure high on consideration. They have very unpredictable nature and may vote on issues, which others may not even think of choosing. Unlike general categorization of other sun signs one can't be sure with Aquarians, to an observer they may seem to be focused on one party, although that's the opposite of what they would do during voting. Woman voters are more likely to do the above said than Male Aquarius.
Pisces: Pisces is a watery sign and ruled by imaginative Neptune.  Since they have great intuitive powers hence they should be member on the panel of team working on election analysis. They can be successful as psychologist, philosopher or a psychiatrist and their accuracy of election prediction results may surprise others. What would be there political preferences?
Their actions are motivated more by feelings and emotions. Their heart rules over their head. Moral, religious and cultural values are integral part of them. This becomes more difficult as politicians, news people, pundits, and other commentators get wrapped up arguing with each other and forget common goal, which is most important for both Pisces, men and women, that is—“The development of their countrymen”. This is their only political ideology or political preference and for them their vote is as precious as gold in fort Knox.