Thursday, 1 May 2014

How will be the month of May for you?

Monthly Predictions for May 2014

May 2014 monthly forecast
Planet Mars rules over your sign. The month of May and possibly June are probably the most significant months of this year for you. Your ruling planet Mars is retrograde till 20th, so you may possibly see results only in the second half the month. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, is transiting through your sign as the month begins. You will be motivated to start something new and fresh. You are poised for a new beginning that will add new dimensions to your personality. There is a possibility, not necessarily true for all Aries, but it is a possibility, for sudden unexpected changes in your life. It is the nature of this universe that we have to keep growing and sometimes it is through tough and challenging times. In such challenging atmosphere, we tend to neglect our health or undervalue it, my astrological advice for you, adopt healthy lifestyle.

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty, is exalted meaning very strong from 27th of last through 23rd of this month, and this is good news for you. You may have some plans or ideas but it is my astrological advice for you, do not disclose or share your plans and ideas with others. Loneliness and self imposed isolation may be present during this time (it’s only for few days). Strange as it may sound to you, you may tap your intuition and hidden talents for solutions to your problems and what possible path you should be taking in coming months, and you will surprised how universe will provide guidance to you. Experiences may now come in dreams or when you are sitting alone in solitude. From 29th of this month, you will begin a new journey of your life.

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. From past one year, the divine planet of good luck and prosperity, Jupiter, is transiting through your sign and will finally leave your sign next month on 19th, and through divine grace of this planet life will not remain same thereafter. If you look back, you will see how important and significant the past one year was was for you. If, you still have some desires or wishes, give it a push, you still have time, planets are favorable for you. April had solar and lunar eclipses (though not visible in India) these eclipses will give you further help to make some very close desire or wish come true. Don’t make abstract or vague wishes, like for instance, you may wish -‘I want to be rich’, but this is vague, who doesn’t, be specific and make efforts luck will support you. You may also receive some unexpected news or message in first 20 days of this month.

Moon rules over your sign. Professionally, you are about to enter one of the most important period of the year 2014. Please note, if your lagna/ascendant is Cancer sign, this applies to you too. Your career, reputation and prosperity will be in focus in first 20 days of this month. I foresee, some unexpected career developments for you, you may rise to power or fall from it. Your public reputation will also come under scrutiny for better or for worse. You see the amazing thing is that even if something negative happens, it will be only to change career direction for you. The very theme, the motto of the planets from this month for you, is to bring changes and progress (remember that you can’t progress without change). In days close to 14th, plus minus 7 days, something important related with your children is indicated.

Sun rules over your sign. Not just this month but next two months are very strong for travel. You may make plans or actually travel overseas. Travel could be related with leisure or you may enroll for some foreign university. You may look up for some travel brochures and since Venus, the planet that rules over your career, is strong you may actually find some amazing career opportunities, if you explore work opportunities overseas. If you are related with media, communications, sales or marketing, following months will be especially significant for you. Destiny is strange, whether you want change or not, but events/circumstances will create situations for change. This month may also bring spiritual soul stirring experiences for you.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Presently, as the month opens, planet Mars, the planet of action, is still placed in you sign. Without the help of this energy planet, Mars, nothing significant ever happens. Some matter connected with money may become strong from 1st through 31st; you will have to be extra cautious where money matters are concerned. Virgo, here I want to mention this in my forecast- please be careful and choose your words with caution- in the first 15 days of this month, what you say and how you say is very significant. Though, for no fault of yours, your response to anger may be spontaneous, may be in retaliation, which means you are sure to quarrel with the other person. There may be disagreements at home or at work.

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Something may end or may reach final stages. Jupiter, the divine planet of expansion and growth, is about to enter your career sector on 19th of the next month. For one complete year, Jupiter will bring growth and expansion opportunities for you. Taking a strong stand over any issue/matter is astrologically not advised this month. Transitions and level of understanding with your spouse may also differ. If, you have had differences in the past, with your spouse, you may accept each other for better or for worse, and may make changes in your own personality. This will bring positive turn in your relationship. Not necessarily, but if you share two share irreconcilable differences may be then you two may decide to part. In days close to 14th, plus minus 6 days, you may make some significant decisions, probably related with money affecting your personal net-worth. This is the transitional period of your life.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign and this planet of energy is churning your source of income sector. Presently planetary tide indicates tensions and anxieties concerned with daily work routine. In the first 20 days, there may be someone at work, maybe a colleague or general work atmosphere, may bother you. If, someone says or does things that displease you, anxiety and pressure may mount but going down the path of revenge-even in your thoughts is not good Karma. May be, it is the time to concentrate on yourself. Join a gym or yoga class, or may be, go for morning walks. There are certain things or emotions that may be revealed to you near 17th, plus minus 7 days.

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Jupiter, your ruling planet is getting ready to shift to the next sign. Jupiter shifts to next sign, as per Vedic astrology, on 19th of next month. This planetary shift may bring big changes in coming one year in your life. A desire to express creativity could suddenly come alive. Those who invest in stock market, I advise, caution. Romance could enter or, maybe, exit your life, I know it is sad but in life we always look for someone who can complement or make us feel complete, but alas!!! How elusive is the thought. You may either break off with your love interest or may decide to get married in next six months. It will be a kind of make it or break it kind of situation I foresee for you. Another possibility, for young married couple, is planning for ‘baby’. If you have children, the concern for your children, may be connected with their career/education / marriage, will be especially high in next 3 months from 16th of this month.

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. The first 20 days of this month may prove to be especially challenging for you and for no reason or fault of yours, there may be arguments or heated discussions, testing your patience. Issues over your home life will take precedence. Where you live and your family life will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Some Capricorns, may buy a house, invest in real estate or decide to rent a different place. Another possibility, you may look for new career opportunities for which you may have to move to a different place, especially if your job is transferable. The month of May and June are very significant months for work and also home. See what happens around 16th, whatever news you get or events that happen around this date will directly or indirectly bring vast changes in your life.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. In first 20 days of this month, some events or situations may surprise or bring stress initially but have faith these situations are created by universe to bring positive developments in your life. Aquarius is an airy sign and you think a lot, you keep exploring what may happen in future, and I am very positive whatever you are imagining in your mind will never happen, something totally different will occur in your near future. You may change house and move to a different neighborhood or may be travel more in coming months. If you want to travel abroad, from 14th of this month through 17th of June, looks promising. Personally, your relationship with your brother/sister/cousins may also undergo transition.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Presently till 23rd of this month, planet Venus, the planet of luxury, comfort, money and love, is traveling through your sign. Unexpected short travels and money gains through commissions, sales or someone who owes you money returns it. From this month focus will shift on ‘money’ and how you spend, save and accumulate it will be of major concern in coming months. Touchwood, Pisces, I foresee a foresee increase in your personal net-worth in next eight months starting from now. It may be appraisal time in your office, you may expect good increment, but if you don’t get one, please do not feel sorry, may be destiny wants you to move to a different work place where you are appreciated better.

Yours’ Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra