Thursday, 19 September 2013

Major Planetary shift bringing about change

Get ready for the beginning of one of the most important events in your life as the energies of the planets have become more powerful than ever. Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Mars all are interacting with each other. From 17th October through 9th November 2013, pot will boil, especially for people placed in high administrative services, politicians, bureaucrats, CEO’s, CMD and heads of states/organization. About one year period, that has already started from July 17, 2013 and will run through May 24, 2014, reflects a period of huge changes, a paradigm shift and reforms to take place in world and opening new periods of hope and development. Presently this influence is getting even stronger. This influence will play a significant role for the structural developments of the society. Everyone is affected by these global transits. Individually, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your horoscope chart.
Jupiter represents the new visions for the future, justice, judiciary, capital market, prosperity, religion, foreign affairs, economy, currency, finance, law and lawyers. Saturn represents democracy, the executive administration, the working class, commodities extracted from earth (petrol, coal, gold, etc), the structure of a society and politicians. Mars represents aggression, accidents, chemicals, fire and diseases. Rahu hides or exposes secrets or plots. Furthermore, Rahu exaggerates this energy for good or bad depending upon your personal individual horoscope charts. Jupiter aspect is keeping their intensity under control and not to forget its presence in sign of media and communication. Some ideas regarding banks or economics, religion, education, the foreign or inner politics and the laws etc, all will be industrialized but also will face up difficulties due to presence of Rahu and Mars. Mars and Rahu will create problems. Who says transition or changes in life are easy? Any transition serious enough to affect structural developments of the society will require not just small adjustments and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.
Here, I would like to mention a unique characteristic of Indian astrology-the yoga’s. Yoga’s are special disposition of a planet or planets in an Indian astrology, which can produce very specific results. Yoga means union, or that which joins. Presently, a few important yoga’s are activated in transit. Here is the list of few of the important and very powerful yoga’s occurring:-
Bhadra yoga: Mercury in its own sign or in exaltation relates with wisdom and intellect, also    economy, commerce, trade, media and communication.
Malavaya yoga: Venus in its own sign or in exaltation relates with money, love, power and sometimes self-indulgen.
Shasya yoga: Saturn in its exaltation sign and relates with power, politics and position of authority. Sometimes brings frustrating circumstances.
Kaal Sarp Yoga is a powerful astrological combination in Indian astrology. When all the planets other than the outer planets are gathered in between Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of Moon this yoga occurs. ‘Kaal’ represents the time, while ‘Sarpa’ symbolizes for Snake or Viper.
How this planetary tide will affect you?
Read for your Zodiac Sun Sign (you may also check for your ascendant, if you know):-
 Aries- Highlights relationships such as marriage, partnerships, clients, agents, and your public/society image in general, it may help to strengthen these relationships if you are willing to work on them.

Taurus-This period may increase your work load and responsibilities at work. It promotes your career by bringing new clients and projects. This can also be challenging for health due to spending all your energy at work.
Gemini- Love and romantic relations will be highlighted. If married, you may go for baby or your first child might have to step up and take more responsibility in his/her own life. For Creative projects it is a great time. For speculations, import-export and other investments, this is a time to be cautious.

Cancer- House, real estate, a period that may produce a change of residence, renovation/ remodel of a residence or a change of work place. This is a great time to work from home. This period may bring a lot of tension and conflict of ideas among members of family.

Leo-Your relationship with your neighbors, brother/sisters or some close friends may get affected. This might also be a time when you may give important interviews/ hold business meetings.

Virgo- Money, money and money, only this thought may follow you. How to find new ways to increase your income or make savings, alternatively your personal net-worth may be important.

Libra- Present planetary is staged in your Sun sign, so you will be most affected of all Signs, no one stay away from this circle of planets aura. A period to initiate changes in your life and sometimes you simply have to flow with the flow of destiny to see you where it takes you…
Scorpio- During this period your workaholic tendencies may come to fore. You may seek company of good and intellectual people. Physical and mental well-being will be important. Spiritually, a period of enlightenment for you.

Sagittarius-This period will be of making long-term financial goals, increments and finding ways to increase your income. Your relations with your friends and people will undergo a big change, and also at work some kind of management restructuring. You may come under a lot of pressure.

Capricorn- This is a great period for making changes at work. Looking for new work opportunities may not be easy.

Aquarius- Travel, learning, studies and spirituality will be highlighted during this period. This is a good time for pursuing higher education. This transit can also promote travel that is related to work or education.
Pisces-Financial management may not be a choice but requirement. It is also a good time for focusing on finances that are related to partnership or inheritance. Limited use of credit cards is advised.  
To conclude, I would say sometimes we just need to let life happen the way it is meant to and embrace the unknown. We cannot spend our life stressing about things that are outside of our control, and let things play out naturally. Perhaps, the only control we have is over our own Karma. Saturn is karma karaka, it represents the fate of the person.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Is life easy living with ‘God’ or ‘no-God’?

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Is life easy living with ‘God’ or ‘no-God’?: Let’s start with the assumption that there is no God and no pre-defined destiny (this would make astrologers redundant though) and then dr...

Is life easy living with ‘God’ or ‘no-God’?

Let’s start with the assumption that there is no God and no pre-defined destiny (this would make astrologers redundant though) and then draw conclusion about what it means to be human. One of the conclusions would be that we are doomed to be free and no karmic retribution even if do injustice and malice towards one and all. Now, since there is no God, we are born without any soul or atma (as believed in our Indian culture) and we are born with no divine purpose or predetermined path. Just imagine (yes, please do try even while you are reading this) the huge implications of this theory, that we are absolutely free to do what we choose and build our life through our own actions and we can be as unjust, mean and evil as we want and there is no such thing as ‘karma’, after all there is no God, no judgment day or no next life where we get punished for our doing wrong. Now, as you read this with assumption of ‘no God’ do you feel immensely powerful and free? Do you feel taking the charge of your life away from God (because of our assumption that there is no God) in your hand liberating or do you find it burdensome?  Oh, how I hate to be a spoilsport, but do you realize with this freedom comes responsibility, because now you are free, free to lead the life as you want, and you can only blame yourself for your results since you are the cause of your actions. With ‘no God’ in a way everyone is responsible for their own life and the end results. Whether you are happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful, now you cannot pass the buck and blame some disciplinary God above but ‘you’. For, good or bad, you made certain decisions in life that triggered some events as a consequence of these decisions that were not in your control. With this phenomenological analysis of freedom from ‘God’ comes responsibility that for fortunate or unfortunate events in your life you and only ‘YOU’ are responsible. Do you thinking Stephen Hawking ended the God debate or was he in essence angry with God and in denial mode?
Science and God are about fundamentally different things. ‘God’ has never ever been rendered obsolete by scientific evidences, facts or observations and in the absence of being given no substantial evidence to the existence or shall I say non- existence of God, or prove it false, then perhaps God is as real as anything else and will continue to exist. I’m not sure how each of you feel-stressed out or relaxed-with this thought of ‘no-God’ but it does feel, in my view, that ‘God’ add to the essence of a being. God is the greatest conceivable being. It is greater to exist than not to exist, after all how would be the world where ambitious people do evil deeds!

God is accepted by people with belief without knowledge of reasons but simply by a natural impulse. One of the proofs of the existence of God is karma. God, as per Hindu beliefs, lets ‘you’ choose your karma with the knowledge that your karma will bring its consequences and how you affect the world. In life, through experience, you may see an unseen force that links a person with his karma. God is neither an entity in the universe nor a mathematical object and cannot be quantified. God affects the person's environment, even to its atoms; a closest in analogy it is to quantum theory in science. I believe, before we put God on trial lets think isn’t the existence of God probably important to us (please, I don’t mean religion here) and so should one not take a leap of faith!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: September 2013 monthly forecast

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: September 2013 monthly forecast: ARIES: Your ruling planet, Mars, will be combative this month.   In the first ten days of month, Mars will form a tense square ...

September 2013 monthly forecast

Your ruling planet, Mars, will be combative this month.  In the first ten days of month, Mars will form a tense square to Saturn. There could be an explosive argument or clash of ideas at home. Difference of opinion with your life partner and, for some Aries, business partner is also possibile. Tread lightly and if things get really tense (they can), try to relax, and let things play out naturally. You may feel pressure between work and your personal life. Fortunately, there are stars this month to help you; you will be socializing and meeting your friends and relatives, so you can circumvent the tension. You may be happy or sad at certain times; however you have to realize that those two states are not permanent. For love and romance, coming 4 months are simply beautiful. Some Aries may decide to tie the wedding knot in coming seven months, congratulations!!!!Please mark, 7th through 20th, on your calendar; avoid scheduling important works near these dates.

Your ruling planet, Venus, will shift to its own sign on 6th. Some Taurus may now be ready to move over the next seven months, having outgrown present living situation. It is a possibility, you may shift to a new apartment or may decide to re-do your home. This is a good period to make long-range plans for the future, to do any type of house or family-related activities. Whatever your end goals, a new house or renovations, next seven months favor you. However, there is one small hitch to the otherwise favorable planetary tide, Mars, in your sector of communication, will fight with its bitter enemy, Saturn, friction could erupt seemingly out of nowhere, you may have a heated argument over some unresolved or sensitive issues, perhaps with a friend, sibling, relative or collaborator. Please, mark date 9th on your calendar, days close to this date, you may find everybody around you seem to be little short of patience. These challenging tough times are like a fast-track to the finish line of manifesting your greatest potential.

This month, your ruling planet Mercury, may bring exciting news that will play out over the next seven months. Travel is another possibility. There will be general ‘busy-ness’ in your everyday work routine. Business meetings, interviews, reviews, publicity, marketing ideas for a thrilling new project or venture may bring amazing results. This is the month to start putting your ideas into action and don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the buzz around you. It would go in your favor to mix, meet and mingle, interacting with as many people and ideas as you can. It is a good time to send those important emails and make phone calls. However, there is one small hitch, Mars, will form a tense square to Saturn and Saturn will meet Rahu, the shadowy planet, and this may prove difficult for you to understand the hidden agendas and motives of those who may feel threatened or jealous of your progress. You may find months from September through November bit expensive and monetarily draining, what with telephone, electricity and grocery bills, all things mundane going expensive. Accept the way things are and the way people are.

Planet Mars, the planet of energy, is still placed in your sign, giving you a chance to assert yourself and to put your most personal plans into actions with confidence. Many things are prevented from entering our lives because we are too tense to let them in and unconsciously alienate a potentially helpful person/event. Planets in seven months from 6th can bring an exciting new opportunity for money and work. If employed, you can ask for a raise. Discovering new sources of income or investing old savings in new ways to increase your income is featured strongly in coming months from 6th. On 9th, feisty Mars, placed in your sign, forms a tense square to its arch enemy Saturn, which in turn is placed in the shadows of Rahu, the north node of Moon. Anyone who tries to be suppress your individuality in the slightest, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will meet with a new fearsome ‘you’.  
COLOR: Peach.

The Sun, your ruler, is lighting through your own sign at the start of the month, activating an ideal time to begin something new and gives you a fresh start to make important progress over the next five months. It is a time to reinvent yourself and this may also be reflected outwardly in some personal way, such as with a new hairstyle, new style of dressing or may be manner of expressing and presenting yourself. You may even focus on changing personal habits and may be lifestyle in ways to improve your confidence in yourself. This month there is big celestial fight between two heavy weights, Saturn and Mars, which Rahu, the north node of Moon, and Venus, too taking part in this celestial fight. Use your skills of diplomacy when pushed into tricky situations. Rahu hides the truth, so please read all important documents or legal papers before you put your signatures, or better still get an expert advice.

Virgo’s, get ready for the month of big power struggle, that will feature you in cast similar to the drama of soap operas of television. Perhaps you’ll have a minor friction or difference with a close friend, relative or perhaps some kind of management level politics at work. On 9th, feisty Mars, forms a tense square to its arch enemy Saturn, which in turn is placed in the shadows of Rahu, the north node of Moon. There will be times after 5th, when you may feel sad, lonely or, you could have a spiritual epiphany. You could be projecting past feelings, old hurts and emotions onto present, chances are doing too much and getting stressed out worrying. Try not to say or do anything that you will regret later. This planetary tide, in a positive note, gives you a chance to dive deeper into self and do some introspection. Some kind of soul-searching may help resolve old hurts.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters your own sign of Libra, on 6th. Note some important planetary activities this month:-On 9th, Saturn, placed in your sign forms a tense square to its arch enemy, Mars; on 17th, Saturn placed in your sign will meet Rahu for secret talks. You may be full of ambition to begin something new or may want to take your work to altogether a new level, but may have to encounter restrictive and limiting forces. If you find yourself at odds with, well, present circumstances, don’t feel tense, planets are throwing this challenge for a reason, and the truth is, most people fear to break routines because of their unwillingness to wait out every cycle of destiny change needed for lasting transformation. You now have the power to change and things don’t have to stay the same. But, if you want things to be different, you have to be different. Planets are working to increase your earnings. You may meet people make contacts and reach out to others in both a social and professional sense in coming six months.
LUCKY COLOR: Honey brown.

 Wow! Scorpio’s, you begin a very important cycle of change for betterment from 6th. Nothing happens in a day but series of events will help you climb up the ladder of success at work. This is a phase when you will be busy with career and also personal responsibilities. Now, your career looks promising, so make a list of what you desire in your career, yes a ‘list’ a real list, not random wishes and think what all you are doing (or not doing) to achieve your career goals. This is very important because planets are so wonderfully aligned, anything is possible in next ten months from now but you need to do ‘karma’  with pure conscious and when you're driven by pure intention, you can be certain of a beneficial outcome. On 9th, feisty Mars forms a tense square to its arch enemy Saturn, which in turn is placed in the shadows of Rahu, the north node of Moon. Be extra thoughtful and sensitive with your words and avoid taking any impulsive decisions.

Sagittarius is the sign known for being straight-forward, upright and may be tactless… Please, mark date 9th on your calendar, days surrounding this date, you may find everybody around you seem to be a little short of patience, so thinking before you speak can help you avoid unnecessary hurt feelings. A restrictive feeling, a feeling where you feel trapped or stuck in present circumstances may add fire to already suppressed anger, if so, banish all negative thoughts. Something philosophical or spiritual that you read, learn or experience may give you a new perspective on your life. Travel is strong for you in coming 3 months; some of you may even travel to far off foreign lands. For students, coming 2 months are favorable for acquiring higher degrees and may travel to foreign lands for education.
 LUCKY COLOR: Pale yellow.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, will have busy diary this month. Saturn forms a tense square to its arch enemy, Mars, on 9th; on 17th, Saturn will meet Rahu for secret talks and then on 18th will meet its friend, Venus, to discuss money matters for you. You may feel stress between the demands of your professional life and your domestic life. With tough economic conditions that the world is going through may increase your financial woes. I foresee increased expenditures for you in coming two months from 6th but this should not be an excuse for excessive use of credit card. Disruptions and disagreements, related to money and possessions may strain your relationship. Right now, you or your partners’, tendency to save may not sit well with the other half but knowing and understanding the planetary tide in advance can be an advantage. Consider this a test that the most mature sign of the zodiac can fare well. Even in the happiest of couples, disagreements are common and that’s what makes this relationship grow. Things happened, and that’s that. Take them with a grain of salt and move on. It is also a favorable time to start a financial/savings plan or you take out a loan.

Aquarius, you may feel an intense desire to bring change in your everyday life. Aquarius is an adventurous sign of the zodiac, restrictive or dull routine may not go too well with you. You may naturally want to travel, explore or learn something new. However, watch out for stress, and disruption in your everyday life. Energetic Mars is in aggressive mood as it forms a mutual aspect with restrictive Saturn and anyone who will create problems or restrictions in your life will have to face a new ‘you. The happiness in life is greatly affected by the choices you make in your life ‘everyday’, so choose to embrace the unknown, as this is where you will be surprised the most….Looking fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may now be important for you. You may get an unexpected support from someone close to you, may be your spouse, to resolve problems, if any. I have a great news for you, that is if you are thinking of marriage, planets in six months from 5th, will be supportive.

What a busy month ahead, new work projects, new clients, new work environment new machines (say computers etc), or maybe you change office. Your efficiency and enthusiasm to excel will increase, however anxiety may also increase. Sometimes you just need to let life happen the way it is meant to. You cannot spend your life stressing about things that are outside of your control. Any work or project that you will begin now will have an immense growth potential and will become evident to you in the coming seven months. Some unnecessary conflict with your loved one or may be anxiety related with your child is possible as feisty Mars forms a tense square to its arch enemy Saturn, which in turn is placed in the shadows of Rahu, the north node of Moon on 9th. Be extra thoughtful and sensitive with your words and avoid taking any impulsive decisions. You may need to keep an eye on your spending and bills. Watch out for what happens on and days surrounding 19th.  In two months from 6th, is also a time to begin new diet regimes or healthy routines.
LUCKY COLOR: Chocolate brown.

Your Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra