Sunday, 1 May 2016

May Monthly Forecast: ALL SUN SIGNS

May 2016 monthly forecast
Planet Mars rules over your sign. The months from May through August are probably the most significant months of this year for you and will bring many new changes in your life which at times may seem challenging too. Sun, the soul of the zodiac, feels most powerful in your sign  and this month Sun placed in your sign will receive great blessings from the most benefic planet of the zodiac, Jupiter, on 3rd and 4th, making first 15days the lucky days for you. If, that wasn’t enough, the other two benefic planets, Mercury and Venus, too will shower you with their blessings and lucky charm from 6th. Venus, the planet of money, beauty, marriage, love and romance, comes to your sign only once a year, so this really is good news!! It is time to take your life forward in a new path. This planetary transit will also make you appear more attractive and also bring love and money into your life. Now, having said this, I would also like to mention some days which may prove difficult and stressful, please mark five days plus-minus around 22nd of May. You should use your enthusiasm and self-confidence to overcome all hurdles and obstacles and enjoy what good fortune destiny brings with it. We all have our own weak and strong periods but it takes wise soul to welcome ALL!

Planet Venus rules over your sign. As the month opens, many planets crowd into the most secretive and private sector of your solar chart. It is time to slow down, think, plan and then move forward. It is a period of reflection and reassessment for you. Let go of past hurts and pains, universe understands you need time to heal. You can spend a long time wondering why certain things have happened in your life but this can be awfully stressing. Past is past, and it is best to let it really go away. Try yoga or meditation and you will feel the difference. On 3rd Jupiter, the great planet of luck indicates there is so much happening in your personal life but for some reason you are not ready to share it with the rest of the world. There is a possibility that you want to sell or invest in real estate. If, you have already listed your property for sale, then in 3 months from 3rd, you may get good price for the same.  On 10th, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and prosperity, will shower your ruling planet, Venus, making days surrounding this date exceptionally lucky for you. One date to mark on your calendar is—22nd, this date and days closely surrounding this date, you need to be calm and avoid aggression no matter what the circumstances are.

Planet Mercury rules over your sign and will rise from its celestial nap from 22nd. On 5th, Venus, the planet of money, love, marriage and comforts will meet your ruling planet, Mercury. This is a great time for love, romance and also for mending any stressful relationships. From 6th, it is good period to begin new relationships, find new friends or love, and in existing relationships there can be greater affection. It is also a good time for net-working and socializing. Except for 19th through 25th, all of May and also first 15 days of June are really good for you. Life may spring few pleasant surprises. If you sign any new contract, agreement paper, lease, appear for some interview or hold meeting with someone important, planets are in beautiful alignment and will work in your favor but of course take into consideration the days I have mentioned above to avoid.

Moon rules over your sign. Month of May increases your opportunities with money, comforts, beauty, love and affection. As the month opens, you have a crowd of planets in one of the most important sector house of your solar chart--- the sector of professional achievements, name, fame, honor and social standing. Give a lot of thought and energy to whatever career decisions you make in 6 months from now. Jupiter, the great planet of prosperity, will shower you with luck, so if you are trying for promotions, expanding your work or any new job keep striving.  The growth which Jupiter bring for you, not only applies to professional growth, but also personally and financially. Sun placed in its exalted position suggests popularity, name and increased social status. In social situations you will share warm feelings and popularity with little efforts. Mars and Saturn will be in combative mood in last 10 days of the month so be strong and allow no distractions in your quest for personal and professional growth. It appears those who are jealous of your growth and are your competitors will stop at nothing to take away the job for themselves but keep your will power strong and be positive in your thoughts and karma.

Sun rules over your sign. This is a month to expand your horizons and enjoy life. This month promises to be more relaxed as Jupiter, the planet of good luck, traveling in your sign will hold hands with Sun on 3rd/4th of May and then on 10th/11th  with Venus. Since, Sun rules over your sign, the first 10 days of the month are good days to schedule important meetings. There is a possibility that you may receive hard warming news this month. In the months- May, June, July- spread your wings and travel, if you want to. Legal matters or matters pending in court may settle in your favor so good are planets this month. If, you are a student and want to study in a foreign university, you may apply or if you are preparing for some competitive exams, bar exams or some high degree Mercury placement this month will be helpful. However, Mars, the planet of energy and confidence, is weak this month, so you need to put in greater energy for positive transformations. Please mark 22nd on your calendar and avoid important tasks on or near this date.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Presently, as the month opens, matter related with money may become strong. From 6th of May, 4 months are very important, for matters that may have to do with the fair division of property in case you hold any share or have inherited property, a legal settlement, an insurance payout, business ventures or anything related with loans. In coming months, Virgos, your expenditures may increase too but don’t feel dismayed after reading this for I foresee it may be something to do with your children, for instance, you need money for their education, marriage, etc. Mars and Saturn will not be in safe angle from Sun on or near 22nd of May, so avoid disagreements at home or at work. Circumstances don’t have prescribed responses, so everything will depend on how you handle situations. Money could be the root cause of disagreements.

Planet Venus rules over your sign and this month your ruling planet will hold hands with the great benefic planet—Jupiter. For those who are unmarried, this planetary position is favorable. In 6 months from 3rd powerful exalted Sun will light the house of marriage, committed relationships and partnerships. It is also a possibility that in coming 6 months you may hire a collaborator or agent for expansion and growth. All joint projects will be favorable during this 6 months period. Either ‘Your’ or your spouse’s life is about to change in very positive way. For those who are self-employed, I foresee, you would be doing something new and may be pioneer into a totally new territory but related with your existing work. Librans are born negotiators, so if and when you are presented with a great opportunity, it would be good to strike a deal which is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. The only flaw in otherwise amazing planetary tide this month is transit of Mars in confrontational mood on or near 22nd. Mark this date on your calendar and be extra cautious.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sign and this month planet of energy is churning your sign and as a result you may feel restless. First let’s start with the good news- your day to day work life will keep you very busy, you may get a new work assignment, project or job offer. Your daily work routine will not just keep you busy but will also fill you with enthusiasm and passion. You will get an opportunity to showcase your work and talent. Interestingly, you may buy new clothes of latest fashion design. It is possible, you may buy new office equipment too but I would advise you to wait till June, if possible, since Mercury and your ruling planets, Mars are retrograde. Please encircle date 22nd on your calendar; in days on and near this date you may possibly have confrontation with someone in authority. Now that you know in advance my advice to you would be extra cautious. Understandably you will be quite upset but the best way to handle it is with some degree of detachment. Of course, it requires strength of character to handle such situations but Scorpio’s you are ruled by planet of energy- Mars, so you can do it!!

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. As the month opens, from 3rd, with four celestial bodies meeting in a beautiful sector of your solar chart will fill your days with love, romance and enjoyment. If, you are planning a baby, six months starting from 6th are most fertile. If, you already have children, these days will be in some way bringing pleasant happenings. The months of May, June and July will possibly bring financial gains or fulfillment of some desire. For those in love this period will be extra special. Now, let me come to the second part of my predictions for you, please circle date 22nd on your calendar, on or near this date, Saturn and Mars, the two bitter celestial enemies, set a field of battle with Sun, planetary tide indicates tensions and anxieties. In life, if there’s nothing that challenges you, nothing that causes even the slightest bit of tension, then probably you are probably living underneath the surface of life. Sagittarius, challenges drive you forward!!!

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. As the month opens, planets exert greater than usual emphasis on home, family and your personal happiness.  In six months starting from 3rd of May, there is a possibility, that you may think of changing or buying a new house, alternatively you may look for a new job that may require you to relocate to some different city or town. Jupiter first on 3rd reaches out to Sun and then on 10th it connects with Venus, this is a beautiful planetary alignment wherein you may look forward to new changes that will set your life forward in a pleasant happy way. Please circle date 22dn on your calendar, on or near this date, Sun will be in confrontational mood with Mars and your ruling planet-Saturn. These are not favorable dates and may prove to be especially challenging for you and for no reason or fault of yours. Tensions and misunderstandings among close relationships or friends are also possible. Financial issues may be involved too.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. You have one amazingly positive period coming up as Jupiter gets in beautiful angle with Venus and Sun, you may travel, meet new interesting people and also there is a possibility that few Aquarians may shift to a new and affluent neighborhood. If, you travel for leisure there is a possibility that you may choose hills or a grassy land and may even enjoy mountain climbing, hiking and other such interesting activities. Your personal relationship with your brother, sister or cousins may change in a positive way as the events will unfold in 2 months from 6th. There is only one flaw in otherwise beautiful planetary tide, Saturn and Mars, the two celestial enemies, will get into difficult astrological angle with Sun, the soul of the zodiac on or near 22nd of May. Try not to be too impulsive in making career decisions, take your time. If, you sign any contract, agreement paper or appear for interview, avoid rushing into the situations without consulting an expert.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Pisces are basically not money focused on money but this month you will be thinking of ‘money’. Sun, Mercury and Venus all traveling through money sector of your solar chart will make a way for attracting money in your life. Your personal net-worth, bank balance, financial assets and also your savings may increase in coming 6 months starting from 6th of May. Social research studies have shown that a financial net-worth of a person boosts confidence.  There is only one flaw in otherwise beautiful planetary tide, Saturn and Mars, the two celestial enemies, will get into difficult astrological angle with Sun, the soul of the zodiac on or near 22nd of May. If, you are signing a contract or any important document, please be careful and avoid confrontation with someone in authority or senior position. Pisces, you now have more power to shape your future and you have the knowledge of what may likely also go wrong (reading this forecast!) so think of unanticipated troubles as necessary that push you forward to get the best out of you!

Your’ Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra