Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cancer Sun Sign and the year 2013

 Birth date- June 22 - July 22
Cancer and the year 2013:  Coming one year may bring mixed feelings the onus is on you. For one, there will be expenditures and money outflow and you may have to adopt a more conservative attitude when it comes to your finances. However, this outflow can be categorized as ‘good expenditures’ yes expenditures can also be ‘good’ for instance, to buy property, investment in real estate/business or there could be wedding in family, foreign travels, etc. Travel may be very important this year. Strange, as it may seem to you, I have seen in my experience, people in this planetary tide tends to spend more money on alternate medicines, therapies, nutritive food or beauty treatments. Your motivation now will be to improve your life and move forward. You may need to balance your enthusiasm and optimism with caution and a responsible attitude. You can plan for the future and make changes, but will strive to be responsible and keep your financial affairs in order. You may look for a security in relationships and also may have to face some familial responsibilities and problems at home or in family life. It is a possibility, that you may carry heavy emotional burdens for the family. The past needs to be carefully reviewed. In today’s world, where materialism and ambition is stronger than any other emotion, you may have some hidden enemies or those who feel jealous of you achievements but from now onwards you are less likely to be mugged or cheated. You will be more inclined to be “spiritual” now. When I say ‘Spirituality’ it is not just about religion or rituals but a principled way of life; spirituality as an attitude. Spirituality is something that is found deep within oneself, your way of loving, accepting and relating to the people around you.

Cancer and their general characteristics: Cancer, the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, the sign of Cancer is the Crab. Cancer, the crab, is emotional sensitive souls and quick to retreat into their shells. They’ll just go back to their shell and sulk, or find a way to get back at the source of their pain. Since they are ruled by ever-changing moon they are very interested in what people are thinking. They are able to identify with the situations of others because of the keenness of their imaginations.
Cancer sign is ruled by Moon, and is all about emotions, home and family. They take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. They will certainly be successful in life if their home life is serene and harmonious. More than likely, their family will be large, too. They have excellent memory and can recall in detail for years afterwards. They are strongly governed by childhood memories and since they live intensely in the past in memory.

Cancer and health: Cancer governs the chest, breasts, elbows, stomach and digestion, womb and female reproductive organs. They are prone to cough, cold, fevers, dysentery and other stomach problems.

Cancer and color:  The color for Cancer is Silver white.

Cancer and Birthstone: is the Pearl.

Cancer and Caution: Emotionally sensitive Cancer can exaggerate their problem and think negative.

Cancer and Spiritual thought: Most people fail because they believe in power of ‘problems’. Never underestimate your power to cope with problems of life. Miracles happen to those who believe in the power of miracles!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Jupiter combustion on 19th June; Celestial Drama

Jupiter combustion on 19th June, 2013(days close to this date also included). When a planet is very near to the Sun, it gets combusted, that is, it loses its power or luster and its distance from earth is greatest. Expressed mathematically, ( my science background is always helpful in astrological analysis) the magnitude of the gravitational force that two particles of masses M and m separated by a distance r exert on each other is
where G is a universal constant.
On account of this rationality, the combusted planets are considered weak or malefic in nature, as per Vedic astrology.

Jupiter, as per Vedic astrology, signifies capital market, banks, hospitals, general prosperity, international cooperation, import-export, temples, pilgrimages, religious institutions, schools and colleges, judiciary and courts. When, planet Jupiter is weak the matters related to this planet also suffer, this is ancient astrologers belief. 

1)    Ministers taking oath or post when this planet is weak, oh God! It is just, (in my opinion) ‘Namesake’. Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant of Congress party.

2)    Floods or any natural calamity-yes, a possibility, as Jupiter rules over the same sector in Indian horoscope chart.

3)    On personal level for all of us, not best time for house warming, launch of any new product or anything important.

4)    Mercury rules our capacity for communication, mental acuity, analysis and exchange with Sun and Jupiter in occupation of Gemini, and aspect coming from Rahu, it can be easy to be swept away in the agendas of others. Add to this, we are in danger of falling prey to miscommunication or misunderstanding, confusion and mental exhaustion.

5)    Remember, the planetary tide is only a phenomenon of perspective; it is only an illusion created by the planets moving through their course along the zodiac. A good remedy to this energy is to keep things simple and be content with your choices and joyful in your approach. Knowing planetary tides in advance can help us to maintain the roots and stability and not become scattered or frantic in our actions. Calm your mind and try to focus on the activities that are truly supportive to your path, without falling prey to many desires at once.  Spending time in nature or pursuing spiritual works, healthful activities is a good remedy during this time. The aspect of Jupiter is weakened due to the combustion of Jupiter by the Sun, but still auspicious because it is Jupiter, the divine planet.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Marriage, compatibility and Manglik dosha

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: Marriage, compatibility and Manglik dosha: ‘Marriage’ is probably the most sensitive and crucial issue where I, as an astrologer and also as a psychotherapist (after ...

Marriage, compatibility and Manglik dosha

Marriage, compatibility and Manglik dosha

‘Marriage’ is probably the most sensitive and crucial issue where I, as an astrologer and also as a psychotherapist (after all astrologers do play this dual role), go beyond religious or legal discussions. A growing number of social researchers are concluding that getting and most important staying married is a key to economic prosperity and longevity and a bad marriage can be lethal to economic, physical and emotional well-being. 
A good marriage can bring countless benefits within and beyond the home. In the psychological web that is ‘marriage’, there is no sure formula to know which threads are 'good', crucial and which are illusory. You may agree, the security of a stable and happy marriage provides the sanity and decompression that is so necessary to functioning in such a stressful world today.

‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ but law of nature is such that there is a strong physical attraction between a man and a woman. It is very difficult to comprehend the chemistry of any relationship (is it something concerning with the past birth!). Men and women are psychologically different but have strange vibrations and transmission of feelings from heart to heart, which brings them together. There are many films, books, songs and poems sung and written in the praise of love. But, when two people in love tie the knot that is ‘get married’ it somehow changes the chemistry or equation of love, as if there is tussle between the forces of attraction and forces of repulsion, and if the latter is overpowering it leads to pain and separation.
In this article, I will not talk about the legal and social nature of marriage and not go deep into astrological compatibility also but concentrate only on one of the factors of the Vedic matchmaking of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl—MANGLIK DOSHA. Please note, there are many astrological considerations in match making of horoscopes but I want to concentrate only on ‘manglik dosha’ or planet Mars and its placement in horoscope chart. 

For centuries, marriage was viewed as an economic, religious and social institution, and plenty of miserable and mismatched couples stayed together for various reasons-children, religion or other practical reasons. Not anymore. Today in modern relationships, people are looking for a partnership, and they want partners who make their lives more interesting. I would like to mention here, one very interesting (you may agree or may be find it amusing) research findings that spouses eventually adopt the traits of the other — and it becomes slower to distinguish differences between them, or slower to remember which skills belong to which spouse. It’s not that these couples lost themselves in the marriage; instead, they grew in it, and when I say stable and happy marriage, I mean this and I do not mean marriage with no fights or disagreements. Planet Mars is the commander-in-chief of planets; it signifies a fighting power as is evident from the fact that it is a fiery and masculine planet.  It signifies energy, both constructive and destructive. The position of Mars in relation to the houses or sectors in a horoscope chart is very significant in matchmaking.

What is the meaning of Manglik dosha? Manglik means when planet Mars is posited in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th and 8th house of a horoscope chart.  Dosha, a Sanskrit word, means a flaw. 

As per Vedic astrology, if manglik dosha is found in both the horoscopes of the girl and the boy then this dosha gets cancelled. This is the general belief. Unfortunately, so much importance is given to it that in search of a suitable manglik match many marriages are delayed and probably the cause of acute mental tensions and anxieties. Granted, manglik dosha should not be ignored but there are so many cases where manglik dosha gets cancelled which is completely overlooked. Placement of Mars in 6 houses out of 12 total houses/sectors causes manglik dosha, so as per mathematical calculation, in all probability, there is 50% chances for the manglik dosha to be present!!!
 Following are the cases where Mars even if it is in 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th or 8th house the manglik dosha gets cancelled: -

1.      When Mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio), exalted (Capricorn) or in the houses owned by his friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon) manglik dosha gets cancelled.
2.      If Mars is in the 2nd house but in Gemini or Virgo sign, no dosha.
3.      If Mars is in 12th house but in Taurus, Libra, no dosha.
4.      If Mars is in 7th or 8th house, I have found in my experience, it brings lot of identity issues in marriage and should not be ignored or if you are ‘too much in love’ then understand there will be issues and you will with your ‘power of love’ will overcome them.
5.      For Cancer and Leo ascendant Mars is a yogakaraka wherever it may be no dosha at all.
6.      For Aquarius ascendant Mars in the 4th/8th house, no dosha.
7.      If benefic Jupiter or Venus is in ascendant, no dosha.
8.      If Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter or Moon, no dosha.

Thus, we see that percentage of manglik cases decreases if we consider these factors. 

In consideration of marriage various factors other than manglik dosha should also be carefully examined for a stable and happy marriage and I may write more about this later….