Saturday, 8 June 2013

How astrology can help you lose weight!

Are you thinking of beginning a workout or a diet plan? ‘Beginning’ is probably the hardest parts of staying fit. Starting new physical fitness regime can be intimidating. But first, why do most diet plans fail? Mostly, because they cannot be followed for long-term weight-loss maintenance, hence they fail. Every one of us has liking for certain kind of food, like for instance some like sweets, chocolates, fast foods or whatever,  this universe is a strange place, tastier a food is, more likely it is not a healthier option. Like everything else even our tastes and physical threshold also have roots in our DNA or genes (you may go online and can find research studies supporting this), this probably is the reason, why one diet and exercise regime works for some people only and not for all. You may go to gym, yoga classes or for regular morning walks, but, unless you understand your inherent likings no diet and exercise plans may work. As per astrology, the planetary interactions have a very great influence on us and indicate our inherent metabolic function based on our Star Sun sign. Based on your Star Sun sign inherent nature and just by making minor changes you may be able to reshape your body.
Before you read for your own Sun sign, I know this sounds cliche, beauty is skin deep (translation: do good karma) but let’s not undervalue our health. It is true, every person, every human being and every soul is beautiful, and you should know, even if you feel like you’re hideous, you’re not and in this world someone loves the way you look, whether that is your parents, siblings, spouse, your handsome beau or pretty GF, so be confident. After all, laws of attraction works for all souls but looking and most important feeling good brings confidence and most important improves your health. You may be destined to live say hundred years but, what good would it be if you do not keep good health? Body is like a temple where the soul resides. And of course, before you begin any health and fitness regime, you should always consult your doctor.
So, let’s begin what your Star Sun Sign indicates:--

ARIES: Aries are ruled by fiery planet Mars. Mars is a fiery, energy planet and full of ideas. Since the heat and energy level is high they would naturally prefer hot and spicy food. Aries ruled people show greater affinity towards non-vegetarian food.
 The Ayurvedic understanding, in correlation with astrology, indicates that they have more of “pitta” or bile temperament. When you have excess of bile or heat component in your body system it is best to neutralize this with more of alkaline food which will counteract it. This is more so in summers and for people living in the hotter region where the environmental factors are also not helping.
Astrological suggestion—

Food to eat:1) Eating healthy is simple if you keep it that way: simple. Start making permanent lifestyle changes this way you wouldn’t have to diet to lose weight. You should drink plenty of liquids to cool your body system and to flush out toxins from your body. Eat more of salads and cool drinks. Drinking too many of alcoholic drinks should be avoided. Eat food at regular intervals and do not skip meals and crash dieting should best be avoided. Lightly steamed vegetables, whole grain breads, plain yogurt, skimmed buttermilk, eggs, carrots and vegetable juice, which is alkaline in nature, are good for Mars ruled people.2)Start your day with protein-Paneer, eggs, low fat cheese or soya milk.
Food to avoid: Go for fresher produce than settling for tinned or refrigerated stock. Also, avoid hot and spicy Indian curries.
Exercises suggested: - 1) Do plenty of cardio exercises. 2) The Aries are full of energy and enthusiasm, jogging, treadmill, cycling, brisk walking or games such as tennis, squash, any high energy exercise is suggested.
Important Tip:
Yes, your patience level is low at the end of a tiring work day so you would like to go for anything that is less time consuming and gives you instant results but remember if you want to lose weight –be patient (well that’s a challenge too!).

TAURUS: Taurus is an earthy sign and ruled by planet Venus. They like to enjoy all good things of life—good food and good drinks. Stomach filling and wholesome food always tempt Venus ruled Taurus palate. You would rarely find a dieting Taurus eating greens and salads. They cannot sustain diet plans for long; such is the temptation for the good food.  So, do not be surprised to find them trying health club burning all the fat they have acquired.
The Ayurvedic understanding, in correlation with astrology, indicates that you have more of “vaat” or windy and also some “kapha” or phlegm element.
Astrological suggestions-
Food to eat: 1) The general liking is for sweet and sour, so tinge of lemon juice or drop of honey over natural fruits and salads may satiate inner longings. Include high fiber and low calorie food diet like Beans, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and fruits. High fiber diet will help to cover your hunger pangs and also give a feeling of satisfied stomach that is very important for you. A meal should contain a bowl of lentils, salad with lemon and honey dressing (sweet and sour liking!), and fruits like apricots, oranges and grapes. 2) Drink plenty of water.
Food to avoid: You need to cut down on your sugar intake and avoid rich cakes, pastries, soufflés and also to be avoided too much of tinned juices. However, if you have strong craving for sweet use honey instead of sugar and pour it over fresh cut fruits (natural sourness of fruits combined with sweetness of honey).
Exercise suggestion: 1) Strength exercises. 2) Yoga can help Taurus lose weight whether they are 15 or 50 years old.
Important Tip:
Taurus is easygoing people and has weakness for rich and tasty food. You should eat your meals slowly without gulping or swallowing. Take your time while eating, as this will give time for stomach to send the message “of being full” to your brain.

GEMINI: Gemini, the twins is an Airy sign; they have dual nature and personality. They are witty and charming and are ruled by planet Mercury. Gemini is not a fussy eater. They are game for anything and are full of zing. The zodiac sign of Gemini rules over respiratory system, chest and pancreas in body, as per astrology.
Planet Mercury has in its nature all three humors of Ayurveda that is wind, bile and also phlegm. They love people, food and life in general.
Astrological suggestions –

Food to eat: since Gemini is an intellectual sign hence protein rich foods like cheese, milk, Paneer (Indian cheese), Soya beans, eggs etc. will prove to be great for promoting power packed energy and building muscle mass. Including more of protein rich food in diet may help lose weight as protein takes longer to digest and suppresses hunger pangs. Onions and garlic can be used freely in food. Boiled mashed potatoes with garlic and parsley, mushrooms and if non-vegetarian lean fish are good sources of protein and good for your nervous and body system.
Food to avoid: 1) Avoid late night snacks. 2) You need to avoid burgers, pizzas, and white bread to be replaced instead by whole grain or multigrain bread. Butter, desi Ghee, fried potatoes and white bread is strict no-no. Generally, this dual sign people like to do multi-tasking so eating while watching TV, reading books, etc should be avoided.
Exercises to be followed: 1) Crunches. 2) Nervous disorders can affect your digestive system. Meditation and yoga not only helps to sooth frayed nerves but also helps to reduce/maintain weight.
Important Tip:
Gemini rules over nerves hence the addictive and habit forming like drinking excess of tea, coffee and smoking is not good for body system and not recommended if you want to lose weight.

CANCER: Cancer is a watery sign and ruled by Moon. Common complaints found among Cancer are of digestive nature, pain in chest or feeling of bloating in the body. They have weakness for alcohol and wine. They are very obsessive for sweet food; hence in later age in life there is tendency to gain weight if not following active lifestyle.
According to Ayurvedic understanding it has phlegmatic or “kapha” element. Cancer people love rather I should say adore gourmet food, so that’s another reason for them to gain weight.
Astrological suggestions—

Food to eat: Cancer people have weakness for good food and many Cancer ruled people are found to be good cooks as well. Your diet generally lacks calcium, which is so essential for bones and teeth. So, including more of dairy or soya products will be a wise choice. You may also have liking for rice. Now, to lose weight this is one food item I don’t recommend for you but natural weakness will not keep you away from it too hence follow simple formula avoid eating rice at night and also eat small portions of it or maybe substitute rice with brown rice or better still Quinoa (a new grain in the market). Too much salt may cause your body to hold on to water and your body may swell as result, so reduce the intake of salt (remember you are a water sign).
Food to avoid: Starchy foods like potatoes, breads, etc. should be replaced with green leafy vegetables. Avoid alcohols and wine. Drink more of soups and substitute caffeine drinks teas/coffees with herbal tea to ward off coughs and colds, which you naturally are prone to.
Exercises to be followed: 1) Cancers usually are fascinated by water. Swimming is not only enjoyable but also a good body exercise especially in summers. 2) Strength training exercises for muscles even if you use light weights.
Important Tip:
Those who have sweet tooth can have fruits topped with honey instead. You should avoid eating curd at night. Banana in fruits I don’t recommend for you if you want to lose weight.

LEO: Leo is a fiery sign ruled by Sun. The majestic and royal Leo loves to eat in style. Three-course meal with drinks is an ideal meal of choice for them. The proud and royal Lions are very fitness and body conscious. You work out in gym or do highly energetic aerobic exercises. You get easily stressed out too. Leo’s need constant challenges to keep them in peak shape. Due to their high metabolic rate they frequently require intake of food and plenty of water. Generally they eat very fast. They love company of colleagues or relatives while eating.
The Ayurvedic understanding, in correlation with astrology, indicates bilious or “pitta” element.

Astrological suggestions –

Food to eat: Anyone, who has little knowledge or have some interest in astrology may know, nuts especially almonds is associated with Sun that rules over your sign. Almonds and in general most nuts are known for being healthy snack food and are also high in omegas, and does tow jobs, one, fill you up and second, help you keep healthy. Your diet may include more of complex carbohydrates or more of grilled Vegetables/Meat. You may take surplus of fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, avocado or kiwi.  Cool salads and juices are also good for your system.
Food to avoid: Avoid rich spicy and fried food. Cooking oil that you use may also make a difference. Sun rules over your sign so natural oils derived from plants (Sun naturally gives energy to plants) as opposed to animal derived oils are more suitable for you.  In short, olive oil, almond, sunflower oil better for you than lard, butter, ghee etc for making food. Leos are prone to heart problems hence should avoid butter, ghee and red meat.
Exercises suggested: 1) Leos should work out with heart strengthening aerobic exercises. 2) You at times tend to overtax your body. So exercise, eat, work and sleep should be the mantra to follow.
Important Tip:
Since you have excess of bile or heat component in your body system it is best to neutralize this with more of alkaline food, which will counteract the acidic level present in your stomach.

VIRGO: Virgo’s is a highly intellectual sign and this is the sign where planet mercury exalts. Virgo’s is probably the most health conscious Sun sign of the zodiac. They are systematic and perfectionist by nature. But they have a knack of falling into a routine pattern. Their weak spots are pancreas and intestines. They should eat more of fiber rich diet. It has in its nature all three humors of Ayurveda that is wind, bile and also phlegm.
Astrological suggestions –

Food to eat: Virgo’s, you should include more green colored vegetables, whole grains and green salads in your diet. Herbal tea, lots of green vegetables, sprouted beans sprinkled with black pepper and tangy spices, fruit or vegetable juice. Pass up fried foods for baked foods. You may like to eat anything grown from the fields. Fruits, cocktails and drinks are also much to your liking and taste.       
Food to avoid: If, you are not losing weight, one of the most common reason could be that the healthy food you are eating (Virgo’s naturally are health conscious as I wrote earlier) might not be as healthy as it appears. Sometimes eating food that comes branded as ‘DIET’ may contain not be exactly diet but instead be loaded with preservatives, sugar, sodium etc. So, avoid eating or drinking ‘diet’ labeled food. Focus more on eating natural organic foods instead. Avoid or reduce the intake of alcoholic drinks.
Exercises suggested: 1) Virgos are perfectionists by nature and also are born worriers. Basic stretching exercises will not only help lose weight but will also loosen body tension. You may practice power yoga. Power yoga may help lose weight and also you to unwind and recharge your batteries. 2) Better still enroll your name in some nearby gym.
Important Tip:
I recommend meditation and also head massage for you. This helps you calm your frayed nerves and anxiety level and when mind is calm you will feel and also look good.

LIBRA: Libra is an airy sign and ruled by planet Venus. Libra is an airy sign. They are dynamic people and it would do good to build up physical stamina. Librans have to be pushed into doing something because they are indecisive by nature and on their own they would keep debating, remember Shakespeare famous quote ‘to be or not to be’.
The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “vaat” or windy element.
Astrological suggestions-

Food to eat: For Librans the food should look appetizing and should be served with style and elegance. This sign is represented by a weighing balance hence should eat well balanced diet. Chapattis (whole wheat bread) with green vegetables, cottage cheese flavored with exotic herbs, pumpkins, mostly yellow colored foods and fruits like for instance, bananas, Papaya , etc. Oh!…how can I forget Librans have sweet tooth, the main pitfall of any diet. Please, Librans put blinders on your eyes when you reach dessert section of a buffet table. Whatever may be the main menu the dessert is probably always special for you. It is not easy to suppress your inherent nature, you may include lots of fruits and top it with honey or may be use Sugar free Stevia for making cakes, ice creams, pudding or any sweet of your choice or may be once a while treat yourself but portion control is important.
Food to avoid: 1) Eat low carbohydrate diet, meaning cut down on your breads, chapattis, wraps etc.  and if this is a challenge for you then at least avoid eating carbohydrates at night. 2) Your immunological system can be affected by bad eating habits. Librans are ruled by kidneys hence they should drink lots of water or any other liquids to flush out toxins from their body. Limit the intake of salt, it may cause water retention and also not good for your blood pressure.
 Exercise suggested:  1) Crunches mainly targeting abdominals. 2) Librans can make great sportsperson. Librans like to be graceful in everything they do hence running or jogging that will make them sweat is probably not their idea of harmony. Ballet, dancing and exercising or swimming is something they can take up. Style is your middle name and if money is not a consideration you would love to pamper yourself to best of health spa treatments.
Important Tip:
When a body system has a craving for certain food items it is difficult to resist hence mix a very small scoop of ice cream or any sweet of your choice with big servings of fruits. Finely chopped fresh fruits topped with jaggery can be a good substitute for dessert.
SCORPIO: Scorpio is the sign ruled by planet Mars. Physical activities are good for their body system and lift their spirits too. Though they like to be physically active but they hate rigid and monotonous health routine. For you, it is important to be physically and mentally vibrant.
The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “pitta” or bile temperament.
Astrological suggestions—

Food to eat: 1) You are ruled by red planet-Mars, well then select food which is naturally red. Pomegranate in fruit is a good choice but how about using beetroot in salads. Now, how am I supposed to convince you to eat red colored beetroot, I recommend try roasting or boiling them, which makes them taste starchy like potatoes and brings delicious sweetness and nutty flavor. Try using beetroot and reap slimming effects. You may also include red tomatoes, red cherries and oranges in your salad or in your dessert. Mars ruled people may have liking for chilies and exotic food over a bland but nutritious food. Good  news here for you, if eaten in moderation chilies may aid in losing weight (that’s what food studies indicate). 2) Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.
Food to avoid: You have more of ‘pitta tattava’ so use chilies but in moderation. Restrict eating too much of non-vegetarian food in your daily meals and if you must then pair it with vegetarian salads and it will do your body system wonders. At least one meal of the day should be either only salads or only fruits and nothing else.
Exercises suggested:  1) Passionate Scorpios are easily bored by any one exercise routine hence they need to keep swapping fitness routine. Combine cardio exercises with stretching exercises. Reproductive organs and bladder rule this zodiac sign. 2) All your feelings and thoughts are locked inside hence you are prone to tensions and anxieties. You should do pranayam or meditation to calm your nerves.
Important Tip:
Since there is more of pitta temperament and also being the eighth sign of the zodiac your kidneys are weak hence go slow on non-vegetarian food, dry fruits and nuts.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and ruled by planet Jupiter. Sagittarius born has tendency to put on weight on the lower portion of their body especially as they grow older. Hence you should go for brisk walks or jogging regularly. Sagittarius is always experimental with food so you would not hesitate to try out local food and drinks and also new eating joints in town. You like good and well-cooked food. The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “kapha” or phlegmatic element.
Astrological suggestions-

Food to eat: 1) Carrots are nutritional powerhouse and planet Jupiter, your ruling planet has affinity with carrots. No, you don’t have to be a rabbit to like them they are one of the best plant foods for a combination of Vitamins (A and C), magnesium and fiber (remember, I have studied science as my main subject before destiny made me an astrologer). You can take carrot juice, eat raw, roast, toss into salads or steam with little seasoning. 2) Okay enough about carrots…your sign rules lower body portion so you should also include more of protein foods like cheese, eggs, soya, whole grains, dal or lentils, milk etc which are great for building muscle mass.
Food to avoid: Red meat and sausages should be taken in very restricted quantities. Also you should avoid frozen, packaged and preserved foods. Fresh food should be the natural choice to eat.
Exercises suggested: 1) This zodiac sign is ruled by thighs and hips. Sagittarius born has tendency to put on weight on the lower portion of their body especially as they grow older. The Archer’s have strong passion for adventure. You love to be free and independent physically and mentally. Horse riding, rock-climbing etc are probably your favorite sports but alas!... unless one lives in village or country side it is difficult to follow these sports, so choose instead walking, running jogging or step and slide exercises, it would help lose kilos and keep your body toned. You need to be regular with your physical training exercises. 2) Squats target lower body probably best exercise to slim lower body.
Important Tip:
Since you’re a sign of expansion hence eat five or six smaller meals rather than the traditional big three meals a day.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn is an earthy sign. It is ruled by planet Saturn. Saturn gives discipline and also careless attitude towards what and when to eat. Capricorn person would ideally keep himself fit and trim and no overindulgence as they are very goal oriented but it is impossible to reach a goal if you haven’t set one! Is it not so? You may say ‘I am going to lose weight’ but when, how many kilos and what is the time frame??? No set goals and no results for you Capricorns. You have to plan your meals, set time frames, etc in advance and then see how you lose weight. Once you have made up your mind to do something nothing can stop you. You are generally very tightfisted as far as money is concerned so no expensive health and fitness centers for you (unless of course if they offered some discount deals or packages).
The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “pitta” and “vaat” or wind temperament.
Astrological suggestions--

Food to eat: 1) Eat whole food rather than processed food meaning for instance, eat whole raw apple instead of juice, use multigrain atta or flour, etc. The main part of your meal should constitute fruits and vegetables. Since, you have ‘vaat tattava’ avoid eating more of raw salads but instead go for steamed or baked vegetables. 2) Also, maintain a diary of what you ate throughout the day, for hard working diligent Capricorns this is important for others it may sound silly and as boring it may seem keep track of every little morsel of what you eat, this way you can cut or add certain type of foods or control portions in your diet.
Food to avoid: Anyone, who has little knowledge or have some interest in astrology may know, salt is associated with planet Saturn, the planet that rules over you. So, cut down on the intake of salt in your diet and you may be pleasantly surprised. Skipping meals or crash dieting is not viable for you, it may make you ravenously hungry, and you are much more inclined to over eat at your next meal!!
Exercises suggested: 1) This zodiac sign is ruled by body skeleton system. Regular, yes ‘regular’ exercises are must. If possible, every hour try to stretch your legs or increase your daily activity routine.2) Go for power yoga, squats, cardio or simple walking.
Important Tip:
Capricorn ruled people generally have pale complexion due to excessive bile component. Exercises and eating a healthy and early dinner may give pleasing results.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius is an airy sign. Aquarius born person is dynamic and is totally unpredictable. It is the sign, which is unpredictable and unconventional by nature, hence may not like to follow any set diet chart for what to eat or not to eat. Aquarians are not much of planners so generally would eat what is available.  This zodiac sign is ruled by calves and ankles.
The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “vaat” or windy temperament.

Astrological analysis suggests--
Food to eat: 1) This zodiac sign is ruled by calves and ankles. Include more of green leafy vegetables in your diet, there is a reason why ‘Popeye’ (remember cartoon film) ate spinach. Green leafy vegetables are full of nutrients that help feed body and build muscles. You may include more of dry nuts like almonds, walnuts etc. Food is not just for filling your stomach but also for feeding your brain. 2) Since Aquarius like to eat with ‘what and when-I-like’ eating attitude using olive oil as preferred cooking oil is suggested. Skimmed milk, whole meal bread with lettuce, tomato, egg slices, mashed potatoes, fruit or vegetable salad, black grapes, apples, cherries, avocado will help to increase your energy level.
  Food to avoid: Aquarius by temperament is light eater and has less interest in food. Mostly, they rely on low calories meals and throughout the day they won't eat substantial meals and depends mostly on snacks. They are very fond of coffee and tea, however excessive tea or coffee and also carbonated beverages should also be avoided.
Exercises suggested: 1) Joining a health club or gym suits Aquarians. You will generally be the first ones to catch on to the latest fitness craze. You will give it a try at least once. Most of the health problems you face are probably connected with the circulatory system. Pain and swelling in the ankles or calves due to poor circulatory system. 2) Lower leg workouts (hopping, skipping, and jumping) are great for the calves, knees and some are even good for thighs.
Important Tip:
It has generally been seen that Aquarius ruled would prefer eating vegetarian food out of choice and not out of compulsion or need.

PISCES: Pisces is a watery sign and ruled by planet Jupiter. They are the dreamers and live in the world of their own. Physical exercises give them a boost. Pisceans are basically very lazy (you may prefer calling yourself easygoing) hence you would never see them in an aerobic exercise class and even if they enroll they are sure to drop in between. This sign is ruled by feet. Pisces is also directly connected with the amount of mucus in our bodies. Mucous excess or catarrh can clog up internal organs and result is a general feeling of sluggishness or fatigue.

The Ayurvedic understanding shows that you have more of “kapha” or phlegmatic temperament.
Astrological analysis suggests--

Food to eat: You need to focus more on the quality of the foods you ate and being physically fit rather than looking for perfect ‘weight number’ on scales. Eat nutritious fresh foods and leave fast or junk foods. Apples, artichokes, radishes, lettuce, pineapple, potatoes, turnips, carrots, asparagus, pumpkin etc are good for vegetarians to include and for preparation grilling and sautéing with little oil.  Cereals without refined sugar or preservatives, herbal tea, unsalted cheese, black pepper and mustard can be used in moderation. 
Food to avoid: 1) Food containing chemical additives should be avoided and also limited intake of white flour or maida is recommended. Fried food and rich gravies are strict no-no for dreamy Pisceans. 2) Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and astrology says you should be very conscious of what you eat, so ditch those gym diet or protein supplements. 3) Some Pisces, as per astrology, can easily take to smoking or drinking. I know in today’s world it sounds boring or dull but you need to get rid of drinks and smoking. Your body doesn’t need chemicals and stimulants. In a crowd that’s drinking, may be you can opt for lemon and water?

Exercises suggested: 1) Dreamy Pisceans may prefer power yoga, floating yoga, hot yoga (yes, today these forms of yoga are quite a rage), swimming, plyometrics ( a form of Olympic training) 2) Light walks early in the morning when Sun is rising and there are dewdrops on the grass! 3) Give all your muscles good workout- twists, side stretches, hamstring stretches and arm stretches.

Important Tip:
Pisces ruled people should avoid eating white colored food items like rice, curd and also banana at night. The dreamy Pisceans health can be greatly affected by waxing and waning of moon.