Monday, 14 October 2013

How come Numbers can explain universe but not us living in this universe?

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: The Mystery of Numbers: We use Numbers every day, but taking a step back, what are they, really, I mean……What ARE numbers? How would you categorize them---...

The Mystery of Numbers

The Mystery of Numbers

We use Numbers every day, but taking a step back, what are they, really, I mean……What ARE numbers? How would you categorize them---Man-made or Natural? Answer: Man-made? Our body, brain and the bodily tools were all given by nature, whatever may be the evolution process, but then there are things that has been created through the acts of us human beings, like for instance anything we invent, be it cars, bridges, etc. Numbers and also languages were created by man. Unlike various languages (English, Hindi, Italian, Chinese etc) Numbers are mysterious, as they help us explain the universe. Numbers can explain universe, science like mathematics is based on Numbers. Pythagoras, Newton, Galileo, Einstein and all other scientists have used numbers to explain universe. These mysterious Numbers can describe things like the speed of light, gravitational force or the electromagnetic force and all our fundamental theories of how the universe works rely on these numbers, but it is really most interesting that scientists have no idea where they come from. I am a Numerologist, I also believe in Numbers. I have a simple logic, Pythagoras was a great mathematician and same Pythagoras related Human destiny with Numbers, but why is this not accepted? Why is it difficult to accept that Numbers can also be used to explain human behavior and destiny? I want to argue, our birth date is also a very unique number, and like explaining universe, can you not extrapolate Numbers to human beings living in THIS universe. Are we not the part of this universe?  Then why not this????  The truth is that the mysterious and the true nature of Numbers and this universe is baffling. Recently, 'God particle' theorists Francois Englert and Peter Higgs won the Nobel Prize in Physics. I hope that one day physicists have a Theory of Everything that mathematically describes the complete structure, origin and lives of us human being of this universe and also probably then we may have some explanation of where these mysterious Numbers have come from !!!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sun Sign Libra and the year 2013

Libra in your birth year, September 2013- October 2014, is a period of change….change not just in terms of work  but something very profound. From now through November 2014, planet of karma, Saturn, is transiting through your sign and Rahu will be in your sign till July 2014. Saturn takes 30 years to cycle through the zodiac and Rahu takes 18 ½ (Rahu travels backwards in the zodiac). They conjunct every 11 years, but the last time in history they conjoined in the Libra sign was the year 1865!
Most people believe they have to take massive action to bring changes for betterment in life, but it often isn’t true. Life goes on by itself without you having to force anything. Changes happen, we are not 100% in control of our lives, good and sometime not so good things, happen in life. This is life…not the outside events that count with this planetary tide, but what you do with it is important. Let me make it simpler—for every event in your life always ask yourself whether what you are doing right now really is the best you could be doing. There is a voice inside of you that makes you feel this is ‘right’ or ‘wrong. Just listen to that voice, no matter what anyone tells you stay true to yourself and always act according to this knowledge. If you listen to this voice (I call this voice the ‘voice of God’) Saturn, Rahu and the most benefic planet of this universe, Jupiter, may give fill your life with abundance, work will improve and there will eventually be monetary benefits and comforts in life. This is the prarabhdha, प्रारब्ध the most important period of your life, don’t let this go…..

Libra and their general characteristics: Libra is the seventh Sign of the Zodiac, and is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others represents either humans or animals. Libra is symbolized by scales. Librans abhor conflicts so most of the times just like the balancing mechanism of the scales they wants to stay even, balanced, diplomatic and even tempered. Librans detest conflict between people; occasionally, you can be quick to anger. Being a Libra, I myself have a reputation of being indecisive. But, Librans, you are nobody's fool! You have a keen sense of perception and in more evolved souls intuition too is strong to be able to judge wisely. You’ll be aware when someone tries to take advantage of your generous nature.

Librans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, comfort, luxury and money. Curly wavy hair and dimpled smile is characteristics of planet Venus ruled Librans. Librans love money for the pleasures it can bring but have to be careful for they can be careless about money. 

Libra and health:  Libra governs eyes, lower back and kidneys, especially gravel and stone. Librans need to avoid overindulgence in food and anything that can be addictive especially smoking or alcoholic drinks. With planet Saturn transiting through your sign, be health conscious--bones (especially Vitamin D), heart (esp. cholesterol level), knee joints and teeth.

Libra and color: The color for Libra is Silver White.

Libra and Birthstone: Birthstone is the White Sapphire or Diamond.

Libra and Caution: confusion, indecisiveness, stubborn.

Libra and Spiritual thought:  Everyone has one common goal in life: to achieve true happiness. The biggest factor holding us back from being truly happy is, simply and sadly, our own selves. We put limitations on ourselves, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Ignore negative people and negative situation, I’ll bet that you will have a life worth living!!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: How will be the month of October 2013 for you?

Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology: How will be the month of October 2013 for you?: ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. On 5 th , your ruling planet will shift to the next sign and two months from this date will be ...

How will be the month of October 2013 for you?

ARIES: Planet Mars rules over your sign. On 5th, your ruling planet will shift to the next sign and two months from this date will be a very busy period for you. In this period, your duties and responsibilities at work may increase. Planets will help promote your career by bringing new clients and projects. In next 3 months, you may have a busy schedule due to the heavy workload but the beauty of this planetary tide is that you may also get a chance to expand your circle of both friends and casual contacts. You will get opportunities to meet new people and establish friendly relations with them. It is a possibility that you may have an argument or heated discussion with someone who is in authority or position. Sun, Saturn and Rahu transit this month indicate disagreements and tensions with your partner or may be a lover. Tensions too may be high in this period. Many things are prevented from entering our lives because we are too tense to let them in …let the release commence, a philosophical thought for you to think about. On 8th-19th, there is a lunar eclipse, you can make lifestyle changes for personal well-being, physical and mental.
Lucky color: Blue.

TAURUS: Planet Venus rules over your sign, and your ruling planet is traveling through emotionally intense sign. Love and romantic relations will be highlighted. You may meet someone, may be in some marriage ceremony or at a get-together, in two months from 19th. If married, you may go for baby or your first child might have to step up and take more responsibility in his/her own life. For Creative projects, two months from 5th, is a great time. This is a highly charged period, so conflicts can also arise. There will be problems at home among family members, I would call it power struggles, but remember on a spiritual level, it represents transformation, the need for something to end in order for something new to replace. Strangely, two months from now, I foresee many people in your house coming and going, is it because you are getting house white-wash or may be a simple change of sofa fabric????? For speculations, import-export and other investments, this is a time to be cautious as Sun, Saturn, rahu and Mercury move in the same zodiac sign.


GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign and will retrograde (meaning-moves backward in direction) from 21st. Gemini, you sure will be in argumentative mood especially when you feel moral justification for what you stand for. Want to buy or rent a bigger house or may be a new car? Yes…. Well, planets may fulfill your wish in coming 6 month. You may come to a definite decision regarding any vehicle or property. In three months from 5th, you may think of investment in real estate or plan a change of residence, renovation/ remodel of a residence. You can expect much joy and enjoyment in your family and your home life now. Overall a very busy period for you, for you may travel and get a chance to meet many people. You may get a chance to learn new things, increase your knowledge and skills set, and best part is you will find much enjoyment in doing so. You are likely to see mixed results in the areas of work and health, as well as day-to-day routines. You may find new work, projects and clients but it will only add but not raise your professional status. If, you want you can successfully hire people for work at home or office, if applicable. Tough, the number of people who feel jealous of your growth may increase too but they will not be able to cause any conflict on the work-front. As with everything else in this universe, there is a duality. You will be more enthusiastic than usual, you tend to do things in a big way and your timing is really excellent as you combine physical effort with optimism.

CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. Cancer, October and November, may be very expensive months for you, so be careful how and where you spend money. What you will need first, is a clear idea of where you are spending your money and probably then you can look at ways to cut and lower your expenditures. Analyze your needs and do your financial math, I wouldn’t want you with huge bills at the end of 2 months. In my experience, I have seen people with this planetary position also get angry over little-little things. Stop living in the past, yes sub-consciously past affects our behavior but Cancer, there is virtually nothing you can gain if you wallow in past. Take past mistakes as lessons learned, and move forward. You cannot wholeheartedly move on to a better future if you are constantly looking behind you. Your relationship with your neighbors, brother/sisters or some close friends may also undergo some change or something important may happen in their lives in coming two months. Circle one month around,18-19th , on your calendar, for there is a very powerful lunar eclipse that may bring some important news, email, telephone call or may be travel.
COLOR: Honey brown.

LEO: Sun rules over your sign. From, 17th of this month until 15th of the next month, Sun, will feel uncomfortable in the company of Saturn and Rahu, the north node of Moon. Probably this a period to initiate changes in your life and you tend to attract circumstances, persons or objects, including money that can be useful. It is possible, in next 3 months, you may make a major purchase, say, for instance--a house, jewelry, etc. Increase in income may also be accompanied by a rise in expenditure. Mars, the karaka for land is auspiciously placed in your sign, from 17th October through 15th November, real estate and property related decisions will also be beneficial for you. You are likely to see benefits to your earning and saving power. Monetary problems from the past may clear up too. Two months from 9th, are probably the best time of the year to ask for a raise or negotiate a new salary deal in a new job. You may find new ways to increase your income or savings. Income from your business or job, whatever career stream you follow is likely to increase. Okay, now comes not so pleasant news- because of your temper you are more likely to get into arguments and this may land you in some trouble…. Don’t let unhappy person/s to pull you down onto their level. It’s not always easy not to react, but when you are proactive you can move forward in life.
LUCKY COLOR: Off-white.

VIRGO: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Planet Mercury rules over your sign and will retrograde (meaning moves backward in direction) from 21st. Three months from 4th, may bring events that may bring monumental changes in your life. Your perspective about life is about to change and if you resist change, it may unfortunately bring bigger problems and in extreme or worse scenario some kind of legal problems too. Saturn, Rahu, Sun and your ruling planet, Mercury, indicate somewhere ‘money’ and on personal level, your self-esteem, is linked with events that will unfold in coming months and may influence you or someone close to you negatively, getting tense or restless. You will be especially emotional now, and need to avoid blaming outside circumstances or other people for your own frustrations. We ‘all’ are faced with challenges constantly in our lives; the truth is this is life and problems always come throughout our life, whether it is in our personal life or career. On 18th-19th, there is a powerful lunar eclipse, affecting your relationship with your spouse or something important may happen in his/her life.

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. Your life does have profound meaning and purpose -- even if you're not sure what that is right now. The part of the reason is, Saturn and Rahu are transiting through your sign and this month, from 17th, Sun will also enter your sign and will heighten the celestial drama. To find freedom from relationship difficulties, financial stress or worries about health, you’ve got to look inside and cleanse ego, anger, sadness, or any negative emotion.  You, or someone close to you, might require solitude in order to recharge and sort through issues subconsciously and psychologically. The most effective way to process chaos in life would be to surrender to God. Spiritually 10 days from 5th will be a period of enlightenment for you. Contributing to altruistic endeavors, charity and helping others, in whatever way you can, without expectation of reward will be most fulfilling during this period. On 18th-19th, there is a powerful lunar eclipse that affects your physical and mental being and may bring some important job projects, new clients or you may bring some changes in your daily work routine.
LUCKY COLOR: Pristine white.

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign and from 5th will enter your career sign. The next 10 months, from 5th, your workaholic tendencies may come to fore. This is a great period for initiating changes at work. This period will be of making long-term financial goals, increments and finding ways to increase your income also. Your relations with your friends and people will undergo a big change, and at work, some kind of management restructuring is also a possibility in coming months. The unexpected chaos that's brewing around you will only make you more determined. You will be more capable of helping friends and loved ones who are probably going through challenging period or dealing with a crisis.
I have very exciting news to share, if you are ‘single and ready to mingle’--you may get attracted and fall in love. Sweet anxiety of love may also fill you with tension. Even if ‘love and relationships’ not for you, still the universe conspires to bring happiness in your life, as you meet your new/old friends and close relatives. Due to the influence of the transit, people who may have the desire to get children will also be fulfilled.
LUCKY COLOR: Pale yellow.

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. This is a great period for making changes at work. Looking for new work opportunities though may not be easy. From 17th of this month through 16th of the next month, is a time of profitable productivity, career advancement, and success in business. Work-related travel is also possible during this period. Due to infighting among few celestial players-Sun, Saturn and Rahu-you may have some difficulty in dealing with your boss, the people from politics and government policies. In 3 months from 5th, you will be more focused on professional pursuits, long-term career goals and establishing public reputations. Every decision you make will be a seed planted, with good intentions you may produce a miracle in the future but if planted with negativity, instead of a miracle you may get bad news. If, you are not happy with your current job or work, this period (from October onwards) is probably the best period of the year to apply for new jobs or diversify your work. You may become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life. Sometimes this means showing active support by joining a religious or alternative group.

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. From October through December 2013, you may have beautiful opportunity to travel, yes to far off land, for study or may be leisure holiday with your loved ones.  You may also get opportunity to meet and interact with people who probably are of diverse and different backgrounds and if you can't travel (it is also a possibility with Sun, Saturn and Rahu in airy sign) you may possibly play host to your foreign friends or relatives. If you work in media, publishing or broadcasting, you will do exceedingly well in next 3 months.  If you are in field where you need to publicize your work, then coming months are good for you. You will also be more inclined towards religion and spirituality in first half of this month. On an emotional or personal level, you may now struggle to come to terms with the past or unresolved family issues. You will take a greater interest in long-term security and happiness for you and your family.

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. The 3 month period starting from 7th, will be the period of personal transformation and whatever happens will be psychologically enriching. An insurance settlement, tax rebate, or an inheritance could also come your way. This is also the time to work on financial strategy and planning. A new home or new car is also a possibility in the near future. You may need loan for business investment, college fees, or to buy a house. It is also a good time for focusing on finances that are related to partnership or inheritance. Limited use of credit cards is advised. Relationships will be in focus. You may, in all probability, be physically fit but you will be mentally disturbed about certain matters and if you do not keep a control on yourself then anger and frustration may hamper your peace of mind. Remember, life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Being more aware of your karma can help you to use negative emotions to nudge your life in a more positive direction.

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. There will be a very powerful lunar eclipse on 18-19th in your own sign. In coming 3 months from 18th-19th there will be a lot to do and you will be completely focused on getting every little task done. You may take on more projects and duties during this time. You may sometimes appear scattered, because you want to be busy, as you may feel the idle energy will turn into anxiety. When you stop relinquishing control of your life, it may become much easier to make all your dreams come true. Your services will be more in demand and you could make some important strides forward. The period starting from 5th, is very fruitful for partnership and marriage. If, your work takes you before the public, you can expect your popularity to rise and you may also hire an expert to promote your work, such as a publicist, an agent, a PR or other individual to help you get ahead. If you are jobless then you may even get a job soon. In my experience, this planetary position sometimes affects health; you are prone to infections.
LUCKY COLOR: Golden brown.

Your Astrologer,
Sunita Chabra