Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 2017 Monthly forecast: PISCES

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. All through the month of February, planet Venus, the planet of money, good looks, and love is traveling hand in hand with its celestial partner, Mars, adding more charisma, attraction and luck to you. From 21st of January through end of May, Venus will remain in your sign. On 4th March, Venus will retrograde in your sign, a time when you need to be extra cautious in love, romance and also money but we will talk more that next month. This month, your personal growth will emanate from the new people you meet. Plus minus 5 days close to 10th, if you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day or are invited for some party get-together do go as planets will bring fun, love and enjoyment. Venus, will bring socializing and group activities a celebratory note to this romantic Valentine’s month. You will start to see your social life pick up. Any changes you make to your looks and style will add extra star to your personality however, Pisces, as I have written above, month of March is not best period for any dramatic changes. I have something very important to share with you, Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player has moved to your career sector on 26th Jan 2017. When Saturn enters one’s career sector it exerts powerful influences in life. Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun and remains in any one Sign about a period of 2 ½ years. So, this means this is once in 30 years influence on you. This is one of the most important times astrologically. Saturn makes sure the career changes that occur will be strong enough to stay in your life for next 30 years. Your name, your reputation and your career will undergo major changes in these three years. Saturn will stay in your career sector for three long years. Most people are used to working in a job that has a specific description but your new work is going to unfold and change, so you need to be flexible. Saturn is famous for being a hard master but with hard work you will gain position and power in your work. No doubt you will be working hard but planet Jupiter of good fortune will give you monetary rewards for the same. Watch out for what happens in 3 months from 26th of February!!

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