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Remedies in Vedic astrology

Remedies in Vedic astrology

We cannot find any person on this earth without suffering in one form or the other. There are mainly three types of people who seek divine help through astro-remedies. 1-who are going through bad times and want to alleviate physical and mental difficulties, 2- who want to attain material gains like wealth, career success, power etc, 3- who want knowledge for their own personal growth, it is to quench the thirst of their inner voice of soul.
It is entirely logical to assume that our past cannot be changed but present is in our hand. To give you an analogy- 1, we are born with 5 feet body height, once an adult it cannot be changed but we can wear heels (present karma). 2, we are born with black color eyes but through our present karma we can change the color of our eyes (yes, wear blue contact lens). Whatever be the motivational reason of looking up, you will always feel some magical mystical results. Astrology is based on the Law of Karma. Every action that you take, every thought that you have is affecting you and those around you. People whose destines are intertwined with you are your husband/wife, brother/sister, friend or relative. You meet them in this birth, you share happiness, joys and sorrows together till the time you are destined to—it is karmic connection. This is common knowledge. The stars at the time of your birth lay your destiny path, where and when you will meet your destines challenges, joys and happiness. Astrology is a science that can help decipher your destiny plan. Planets are constantly moving so no time whether good or bad will remain forever in your life. Destiny plan is not only based on your past karma only but also on your present karma. Your present karma can improve your destiny plan. You create your own destiny yourself. What you do today will come to you in the future and what you are experiencing in your present is something you made yourself in the past. What you seek can all come to you but except for your karma nothing will be carried over to your next birth. So if the focus is on material gains, nothing wrong, but important in this karma theory is how you acquire and use it, no wave drowns a man but his own karma drowns him in this ocean of life…… God has made such a beautiful and wonderful law of this universe, he has made ‘us’ all the creator of our own destinies and he has also given us power to improve our karma. Astrological remedies also work on this principle. I am listing below few astro-remedies.

1. Meditation 
At some deep level inside us, our desires and our thoughts motivate and create our karma. Mind is ever-changing and ever-shifting mind. To calm and focus our mind meditation is recommended. Mind has three levels-conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious (Sigmund Freud’s theory). To know your mind is to heal both physically and mentally. Mind is so powerful that it can make you feel sick, smell and visualize what you desire. Emotions deep-rooted in your mind can push you to break laws of the society or cause disease. To control your karma it is very important to understand your mind. In order to eliminate negative bodily reactions one has to enter the sub-conscious part of the mind. Despite what scientists and theorists have to say, you do most of the things simply because you are naturally programmed by your bhagya, the destiny plan, in subconscious part of your  mind that inspire life events.
The Law of karma is very similar to Newton’s Law of cause and effect: For every action there is a reaction. The chain of karmic retribution can only be broken when you are willing to pay your karmic debt willingly without resentment, selfishness or bitterness in your heart. Meditation is, in my belief, the best in astro-remedies for asking forgiveness, as you go deep within your soul.
Destiny is strange it brings ‘forgetfulness’ –karmic amnesia, meditation illuminates mind to bring memories of karmas of your past lives. Your inner instinct or intuition is nothing but your enlightened mind guiding you and as you meditate your instincts become strong. That is why always listen to your inner voice of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The sense of justice, of good and bad, is deeply rooted in your mind because of your souls’ past karmic lessons. Your level of evolvement will decide how much karmic memory you will have. 
The desired purpose of meditation is to channel your conscious mind into a more positive direction by totally transforming your state of mind. To meditate is to turn inwards. When you succeed in becoming so absorbed in something that mind becomes completely one with it, it is a state of Samadhi, a liberated state of soul. The conscious mind drops back into that unconscious oblivion. This is the stage of absolute and eternal freedom beyond all time and place. As described in our holy scriptures a path to moksha, a state when soul does not return to bondage of sorrows and happiness’.
‘You are the master of your bhagya and captain of your soul in this journey of life’

2. Donations
 Life always brings you to full circle and gives you what you give out there. What you give is what you get. What you put out into the universe is what is going to come back to you. Put out negativity and you'll receive negativity, put out positive thoughts and you'll receive positive things in your life. If you give money, money will come to you in ten fold in miraculously abundant ways. However, donations cannot be done out of obligation or a way to get applauded or attention, but out of happiness and kindness. It is really strange, but human race in general is selfish by nature, so even if you start giving donations with a selfish thought of getting some gains from universe, it is a good beginning. Why? Because the pleasure you receive from giving is immense and cannot be described. Giving starts the receiving process unknown to you. If you withhold, you are stopping the flow of abundance towards you. When you give donations with love you receive miracles of abundance and prosperity in your life. It is not important to give donations of big amount, give what you can but with love. Stock market index may fall or may rise, inflation may go up or may go down, but universe treasure will always be in abundance and never dry up. You have been conditioned since childhood to hold on to money, to be frugal and economical. Start today this cycle of money donation but without selfishness and see miracles in your own life. There is limitless treasure of wealth waiting for you but you have to open the doors of your heart to receive it!

3. Feeding birds and animals
In ancient Indian astrological books, unusual attention is given to feeding birds and animals. Every human being has certain aura around his/her body. You can feel it. So can birds and animals. It is a belief in astrology, that if you feed animal/bird associated with particular planets it deflects the negative vibrations and ill-effects of those planets on you. It works on principle of science—like repels like. Strange it may sound to you, but what you feed is also important in astrology.

4. Gemstones       
Gemstones are crystalline minerals or petrified material. They are naturally found in the womb of our mother earth. In ancient astrology, the belief is, donations help in reducing negative planetary vibrations working on ‘like repel like’ principle of science whereas, gemstones influence is based on the theory of light rays. Brihatsamhita Garuda Purana, Indra Purana, and many other ancient Indian scriptures have described astral powers of gemstones. Flawless good quality gemstones are stated to possess spiritual and metaphysical powers and can give luck, peace and happiness. All gemstones are naturally tuned to a particular frequency, vibration and harmonics of energy and increase the vibrations of the planet it is associated with. Gemstones cannot change the destiny plan but can increase the flow of the current of destiny.
 Newton proved by demonstrative experiments that white light is composed of seven colors in its visible spectrum (VIBGYOR). All the colors in the spectrum have different wavelength and the color that we ascribe to any object is because the object reflects rays of that color and absorbs the rest. Gemstones can do the same. Every gem has the power to absorb the radiation emitted by a particular planet. Each gem is associated with a specific planet according to its wavelength.
Gem stones and their associated planets as described in ancient scriptures are:-
 1.      RUBY- It is associated with Sun in Vedic astrology. It can be worn by sun sign Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Metal associated with it in Vedic astrology is gold and should be worn in the ring finger.
2.      MOON-It is associated with Moon in Vedic astrology. Metal associated is silver and can be worn in ring finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
3.      RED CORAL-It is associated with planet Mars in Vedic astrology. Metal associated is gold/copper and should be worn in ring finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Cancer, Leo and Pisces.
4.      TOPAZ-It is associated with planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology. Metal associated is gold and should be worn in index finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.
5.      EMERALD-It is associated with planet Mercury in Vedic astrology. The metal associated is gold and should be worn in little finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Virgo.
6.      DIAMOND-It is associated with planet Venus in Vedic astrology. The metal associated is platinum/silver and can be worn in middle finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius.
7.      BLUE SAPPHIRE-It is associated with planet Saturn in Vedic astrology. The metal associated is silver and should be worn in middle finger. It can be worn by those whose sun sign is Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.
8.      ONYX-It is associated with north node of Moon, Rahu. It should be worn in panchadhatu, the amalgam of five metals.
9.      CAT’S EYE-It is associated with south node of Moon, Ketu. It should be worn in panchadhatu, the amalgam of five metals.

You are welcome to share your views or experiences!!!