Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign and presently is retrograde in transit. You, Sagittarius, is beginning a new cycle of 7 years starting from 7th of April, when something deep inside you cannot tolerate anymore any kind of rules or constraints. You will find unconventional ways of expressing yourself, either through your creativity or hobbies. This is also the period when your relationships, especially love relationship and with your children. If, you are single, you may attract romantic partners with unusual background (in some way different from yours!). If, you are in a relationship, you may now plan a baby and again something unusual and surprise factor involved. Saturn transit over your sign is highly significant and will bring greater responsibilities and changes in your life, not just the month of April but many more months. Now, let’s get back to the month of April, from 1st through 24th, indicates something important is happening in your personal life. Upheavals, if any, in your personal life need to be addressed with rational and calm mind. Making improvements in personal relationships will also be important as emotions run deeper. Now, if Sagittarius, this does not apply to you then probably it is something related with your house, buying or selling of property or making improvements is one possibility and another possibility is relocating to different place. Last 5 days of this month will be good for you.

CAPRICORN: Planet Saturn rules over your sign. From 1st through 24th, your chart shows opportunities for travel and if you do travel, you may be drawn to places close to water. You will enjoy immensely, if you travel in any dates--7th through 18th, may even make sudden travel plans. Besides travel, from 7th through 24th, it is possible that you may sign some important papers. You may also receive a phone call totally out of blue, email or may start something new. Now, the big news, starting from 7th of April, you are beginning a new cycle of 7 years, I foresee, your home life may be in a state of uncertainty about what should be done, usually, Capricorn, this could be because of some important event preceding this, for instance, it is possible that you move house, relocate, but even if you don’t, there could be some disruptions in your home life. Some unexpected changes in plans or events in personal life (may be related with your parents) may make you feel a bit out of control at times. Travel and change of neighborhood is something indicated for you in next 7 years. This process may be literal, that is moving away from your roots or it could be the move is not so physical, but still there is a need to sort out your true selves away from the shadows of someone authoritative. In month of April, many planets are in state of flux, confusion and lack of clarity, may bring some conflicts. So it is very important for you to start each day with positivity and connect with your soul by letting go of everything that is troubling you. You are in a process of transition.