Sunday, 9 April 2017

April 2017 Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

AQUARIUS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. Month of April and May are months when you will work to increase your financial net-worth, increase your bank balance, buy jewelry or land. This month Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus will be retrograde most part. Retrograde means moving backward. Of course, the planets are not really going backwards only to us here on Earth, it appears to be moving backwards. With so many planets moving in retrograde motion, I would not advise you to take big career risks; caution is the word to follow are there are lot of things that you are probably not aware of and things may unfold in totally different manner than what you planned, so avoid taking unnecessary risks. From 7th through 18th, matters related with inheritance, taxes, bills, loans, sale and purchase of houses too will be strong. You may find this strange to read, from 13th of April through end of May, I foresee, many people coming and going in your house. Now for the big news, you are beginning a new cycle of 6 years from 7th of April, you are likely to make many changes in your life that break you out of your usual life routines. Changes to-- how you look, how you speak and even in your mannerisms will all reflect the changes that are going on inside you. It will be quiet exciting, as you will look at situations differently, think and react outside the box. You may also think about changing your location. The only negative aspect associated with this planetary tide is that you will mentally feel restless and more argumentative at times. Because of astrology, you know now, awareness is the antidote, because it empowers you to act differently!!!

PISCES: As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. From 7th of April, you have ended one 7 years cycle (bringing transformational changes in YOU) and initiating a new 7 years phase of your life. Self-confidence and self-esteem are two jewels that you have collected in these past few years. Changes will continue to move through but this time in your life will impact your ‘finances’. Changes will prompt you to reinvent your financial plans. There will be time in next 7 years when money flows in like you have never ever seen above but again there will be period of lows too. You may adopt more adventurous outlook towards making ‘money’. You may change jobs or even profession. Keep some money as ‘safety’ or reserve for emergencies aside. In month of April, from 1st through 13th, you have Sun, the soul of the zodiac, traveling through your sign with Venus, the planet of love, romance, marriage and also money. Venus gets exalted in your sign and will bring magical improvements in your life. Venus is also the planet of beauty, so whether you are a man or a woman, it may suddenly seem important to look good. You may style your hair differently and wear stylish clothes. All outward changes will reflect changes within. Now a word of caution, this month planet Venus, till 15th, is retrograde in your sign. So, wait till 15th, to make any dramatic changes to your looks and also matters related with money. All expensive purchases should also be made after 15th. Venus will continue to travel through sign all of April and month of May, so important money, marriage related decisions should only be initiated after 15th of April. From 7th through 18th, something related with your spouse is reaching culmination. Monetarily, 27 days period starting from 27th of April looks very promising. If you want to take a trip this month or in month of May, by all means do, single or attached, trip will be romantic and immensely enjoyable.