Saturday, 28 February 2015

#Budget2015 Predictions on IBN7 TV

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Who will be the next CM of Delhi?

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How will be the month of February for you? LIBRA-PISCES

Planet Venus rules over your sign. Libra, have you been making some great efforts (yes, big efforts!) to push forward something that is very dear and important for you, and if your answer is ‘yes’ then from 3rd February, this universe will also work towards fulfilling your wish. You can make whatever you want out of your life, but first you have to DO something in that direction just merely wishing is only a dream…. You may benefit from circumstances that will favor you. Libra, you will have an active and busy month that will demand a lot from you. Mars, Venus and ketu, the south node of Moon, all explosive planets will charge your everyday life with excessive energy. It is a possibility that at home or at work, some tension suddenly brews over to the boiling point. One month from 19th, will be an excellent period for those who work in creative fields-arts, theatre, entertainment, writing, television, just to name a few creative fields. The period after 19th, will be a good period for check-ups, gym workouts and to implement dietary changes and will help you see visible health results too.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. Meeting friends and having good time rate high in your chart. From 3rd through 10th will be a very busy period for you and if you travel, it will be all comfortable and luxury, though expensive. February is the valentine month and this year you are especially chosen by universe to profess love and romance. Love will be in the air and it could manifest in the most unexpected and surprising ways. An astrological advice, as Venus and Mars hold hands with ketu, the south node of Moon, there might be disagreement or tensions too but then planetary combination also indicates eagerness and flirtation. All through the month work pressure will be high. Saturn is placed in your sign, some family matter or house related issue may temporarily weigh heavy on you. Scorpio, don’t stress yourself as benevolent rays of divine planet, Jupiter, is on YOU.

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. I have some good news for you, from 3rd through 15th of this month, are good for money. Monetary gains in form of increment, bonus, dividend or maybe you get some gift in form of jewelry, branded purse or maybe a gift voucher, just a few examples. Okay Sagittarius, there is more for you- you may also have big expenditure/settlement/loan! Travel features strongly in 3 months from 18th. You may feel restless and there may be a sense of uncertainty about the direction of your life, at time you may feel trapped in a situation that was not to your liking. Strangely, I foresee many people in your house this month, probably guests or maybe you need plumbers/electricians/carpenters for some work at home. With Venus and Mars holding hands you may speak a lot about your loved one, you may write love notes, emails, text messages or even poetry!

Saturn rules over your sign. Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, is well placed but till 11th moving backward in your sign. You may be remembering past more often than necessary or required. Planets understand your need for healing so they may pamper you in their own way. From 1st through 15th, marriage features high on your card and if you are already married then the need to spend some quality time with your spouse. Since argumentative Mars is colliding with planet of obstruction, ketu, there is a chance you may have some showdown with someone this month or probably beginning of the next month over an issue that you may have been tolerating over a period of time but then one day you may decide ‘enough is enough’. Understandable Capricorn, you are the most reliable and stable sign of the zodiac. However, you can alternatively heal your soul by letting the negativity flow away from your body and soul and for a change being selfish is okay, as long as you are happy.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. This month all financial matters rate high. Money flows IN and money flows OUT. There is so much going on in your chart. There’s no doubt about the fact that your life is changing, but it’s for your own Highest Good that it is. It so happens, sometimes we bring changes in our looks, hairstyles or hair color or change the way we style our wardrobe, these changes are only reflection of inner changes. Your reluctance to agree with the path just means that you don’t understand it, but in the near future you will. If you are reluctant to do so then this is going to be a very tough period for you. If you are prepared to do so then you’ll be so much happier. If you’re angry then you’re only hurting yourself. 17th, of this month is such an important date, that in India it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious fervor (MahaShivaratri). You may feel all this only after 17th. Think carefully about what you want to do or where you want to go next in your life. If there are some plans or trip you have been dreaming about, something that is oh-so-personal to you, now is the time to take action. Plant your seeds after 17th and then see them blossom over the next six months!!!

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. You have high energy planet, Mars, Venus, the planet of luxury and money, with Ketu, planet of obstructions and also surprises transiting through your sign. From 3rd through 14th of this  
Month, are special days for spending time with your friends, love, relationships and in general having fun. You can spend time with that special ‘someone’ or your friends or even your children, anyone who makes you smile and in general makes you feel good. In India, this month 17th will be celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious fervor as MahaShivaRatri, for you this opens the doors of spirituality. In 2 months from 10th, you may feel more spiritual.  Spirituality doesn’t necessarily really means sitting cross-legged praying but it means connecting with the higher form even in form of knowledge or understanding of humanity. February and March (next month you have solar eclipse in your sign!) are special months of this year for you. Whatever happens over this period will be completely unexpected, and in a way open you to possibilities.