Thursday, 4 January 2018

January 2018 Monthly Forecast: SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

Scorpio: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. From 24th December 2017 through 10th of January 2018, is financially important. This is not the money that you earn but money that you earn as commission, rentals or rebates. The repayment of old debts, taxes, loans and other financial obligations is also possible. Good news is that you may get amazing gifts too. If, you play tambola or such games, it is possible that you may win some prize too! From 17th of January 2018, your ruling planet, Mars, will enter your own sign. Astrologically it is considered to be a very powerful position. Mars will stay in your sign for about 1 ½ months and this occurs once in 2 years. Physically, this placement makes you healthier and stronger. You will feel more confident too. In one month from 17th, you may acquire new skills, promote your work, and hire a new publicist or an agent. You may sign new contract or agreement papers. It is also a good time to write important email and make telephone calls to people who can help you in work. It is also a good time to get in touch with your old friends and close cousins. If you want, you can look out for a house in new and posh neighborhood but it will be the solar eclipse (in February 2018) that will in initiate a house change!

Sagittarius: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. From 21st December 2017 through 17th January 2018, there is a planetary get-together as, Sun, Saturn and Venus, travel through your sign for celebrations. Saturn transit over your sign will bring major re-evaluation and change in your life. Saturn brings responsibilities and duties too. From 25th December 2017 through 7th January 2018, the focus is on relationship that you share with your spouse. It is time to improve your relationship (if already married) by compromising personal and emotional needs. On 14th January, Sun begins the most auspicious or holy phase of transition. In two months from 17th, is a time to start fresh in terms of how you live and value your life. Financial issues may gain great importance. Money may give you that feeling of being more secure and you will find new ways of increasing your personal net-worth and bank balance. Following a sensible financial budget with views to secure your future may gain importance. Sagittarius, you may find strange to read this but in my readings, under this planetary tide, I have seen even the most spendthrift become tightfisted and maybe a ‘miser’ (please don’t be offended by this word!).