Wednesday, 3 January 2018

January 2018 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

Virgo: Planet mercury rules over your sign. Have you been trying for new job or new business clients? If, your answer is ‘yes’, then you surely going to get some related in first 10 days of this month. If, your work puts you in front of public, it is possible that you will be greatly appreciated for your work. In first 10 days of this month, there is a lot going in your favor but there will also be immense mental stress during this period. Your behavior, how you conduct yourself in front of others, your status and reputation will be greatly under scanner. What you say and how you conduct yourself will be of great importance. Astrologically, Jupiter will keep a protective hand over your head. If, it is work you are worried, you are likely to see monetary benefits in last week of December 2017 and first week of January 2018. In 3 months from 17th of January 2018 (i.e. February, March, April) something important is indicated for your children.

Libra: Planet Venus rules over your sign. From 25th December 2017 through 13th January 2018, will be a very very busy period for you. So many phone calls to return, text messages and emails to send and in between all this you may also receive some important news from overseas or you may have house guests. If, you have been trying to initiate some work (or study) with people living abroad, it is possible now you may see results or some news. If, your work is related to media, TV or some publishing house, you may get not one but two offers. Alternatively, it could be some legal matter you will be currently working on. Jupiter, divine planet of luck and prosperity, is traveling through your sign. It has come to travel through your sign after 12 long years and will bring many positive developments and changes in life, if you have still not profited from this transit, do not worry you still have many more months of the year 2018. Your home, family and also work will be of great importance 2 months from 17th of January 2018. I have a big career news for you, on 31st of January 2018, there is a very powerful lunar eclipse (grahan) affecting majorly your work, name and reputation. If, you have been working very hard for some job or trying for a client, during this time, sudden and unexpected events may happen, helping you to push your own boundaries and restrictions. February and March will be professionally important months for you.