Friday, 5 January 2018

January 2018 Monthly Forecast: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS

Capricorn: Planet Saturn rules over your sign and yours is a hard working sign and nothing comes in easily in life for you. With the New Year most people put ‘diet and fitness’ as the number one priority but there are few who follow it through. However, this cannot be said for you, Capricorns. If, you are trying to quit addictive habits (like smoking) this is the best time to quit, you are likely to follow it through. If, it is work and you are tired of meeting unreasonable office demands or long working hours, this is the best time to start looking for new job or new clients. On 14th of January, Sun enters your sign. As per Hindu beliefs and Vedic astrology, the transit of Sun in your sign, ‘Makar’ or Capricorn, is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and is regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase. In 2 months from 17th, it is time to reinvent, formulate new goals and change the way one looks. Physically, mentally and also spiritually it is time for rejuvenation.

Aquarius:  Planet Saturn rules over your sign. From 25th of December 2017 through 7th of January 2018, it will simply a fun filled time for you. If, you are invited for New Year celebration party or a family get-together, do go, Aquarius, for I foresee, you may enjoy it immensely. Love and romance is also highlighted for you during this period.  There will be some emotional moments for you too. Aquarians, the year 2018, is the big year for you. There will be a powerful solar eclipse in the month of February 2018 in your own sign which will bring many many changes in you and your circumstances. However, before the series of events begin, the period 17th January 2018 through 15th February 2018, you need to let go of things, people and of memories that are holding you back. It is kind of self-healing period. Some make use of therapy sessions for healing and others go through spiritual path for enlightenment and self-healing. It is your choice but letting go of all things and people who are hindering your growth is probably of utmost importance now. Your thoughts and opinions will also change because you are acquiring new knowledge through new experiences.