Friday, 1 December 2017

December 2017 Monthly Forecast: GEMINI, CANCER

GEMINI: Planet Mercury rules over your sign. As the month opens, there will be many things or secrets revealed to you. In past few months, there have been many developments and things happening behind the scenes. It could be either YOU or someone close to you is planning things but probably it was not the time to disclose your plans. Your intuition will be strong and being spiritual will help you fulfill your dreams. See what happens in first 10 days of December. This month, from 16th, Sun, the soul of the zodiac, moves in company of Saturn, the planet of stability and commitment. If single, you are in the mood for marriage or commitment. Some of you, Gemini, may actually put marriage plans in action, though you may have some major responsibilities and duties to take care of first. Month of December 2017, January and February of the year 2018, are favorable for marriage and relationship. If already married, Gemini, this indicates a period to sort out differences, if any, with your spouse. Please mark following dates on calendar and be extra cautious on these dates—1st, 12th, 19th, 20th and 21st.  Any matter pending in court, legal, litigation or for dispute may not go smoothly. Doing astro-remedies for Saturn may help.

CANCER: Moon rules over your sign. In first 10 days of this month, you may be planning some for big event, wedding or a social get-together. Moon, your ruler, will be in happy phase, putting a big smile on your face. Personally and professionally, since Jupiter changed sign few months back, a period of change, where old order of life will be replaced by new, has begun. In 40 days from 19th, you will be shouldering many responsibilities and you may be weighed down by work and everyday duties but this must not be the reason for neglecting your health. Self-denial to please other others may improve your prospects but may not go well with your physical well-being. Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, will be casting its shadow, from 19th, so avoid putting too much stress on your mind, instead channelize your work, energy and time productively. It is also a good time to hire new staff at work or help at home. Mercury retrogrades, from 3rd through 23rd December, so avoid buying new gadgets, electronic items or machines specifically in this period. If, you are not too happy with your current job, astrologically I wouldn’t advise you to change jobs now. Please mark following dates on calendar and be extra cautious on these dates—1st, 12th, 19th, 20th and 21st.