Sunday, 5 November 2017

November Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

SAGITTARIUS: Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. On 26th of October last month, Saturn entered your sign with intention of staying in your sign for about 2 ½ years. You may perceive often that everything in life has slowed down and advancements are hard to see. But the reality is that you are getting rid of things in your life that is not working and slowly, from 29th October onwards, shifting your focus on improving and strengthening the things that will serve a useful purpose in your life. This month Saturn placed in your sign is in confrontational mood with Mars. Please be careful what you say or how you put your feelings in words, as Mars and Saturn aspects sometimes brings quarrels too. Family and money will be your top priority this month. Money flows in and flows out (of course it is good as long as you feel positive about spending!). From 1st through 12th of this month, something related to your children is likely to take focus. There could be overwhelming emotions for your child. In matters of love and romance, you may feel overwhelming need to express your feelings and emotions to your lover. From 18th of this month, it is time to retreat from social active life. If, you have some plans and ideas about your work keep them close to your heart, do not disclose your thoughts and ideas to others, wait for right opportune time. In 3 months from 19th of November, it is time to recharge your batteries and some kind of withdrawal from active social life, that does not mean you have to stay indoors or stop meeting friends but it is time to listen to your body, take rest, do not overexert yourself. If you have any health ailment, immediately see your doctor. Keeping your thoughts positive will be of utmost importance.  It is kind of soul searching time, a time to reconnect with your soul.

CAPRICORN: Saturn rules over your sign. Month of November will be a very busy time for you. From 1st through 10th, something important regarding your home, personal life or real estate may be needs immediate decision. Professionally also this will be an uber busy time. Balancing personal and professional life may not be an easy job for you. Another possibility, something important and related with your parents may concern you. It is possible, that you have been holding a grudge in your heart for someone in your family, maybe, it is time to look deeply within you, stop holding grudges in your heart. Start a new chapter today. Mars and your ruling planet, Saturn, are in angry mood all through this month; watch out for angry outbursts and getting easily fired up over differences in points of view. You may feel restless for no reason. Three months from 18th of November, is a period when you will make great efforts to increase your income, networking, meeting friends and close relatives and making contact especially with people living in faraway land. Last month on 26th of October, Saturn, the planet of limitation and restrictions, moved away from income (or earnings) sector of your solar chart (this is good news!). Saturn stays in one sign for about 2 ½ years. This is the time when you need to overcome irrational fears and outdated attachments. It is a kind of ending rather than beginning chapter of your life, in the sense that you overcome psychological fears and make transformational changes in your life. You will be more introspective at this time and this can prove to be quite rewarding. All through this month Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is teaming up with Venus, also the planet of good luck, to help fulfill your dreams. Confrontational Saturn and Mars may make things difficult but by shifting gears and by taking important decisions you will enter an exciting new phase of your life!!!