Friday, 3 November 2017

November Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

LIBRA: Planet Venus rules over your sign. This month Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is holding hands with your ruler, Venus. Please mark 12th (plus minus one day) on your calendar, for scheduling important works and meetings. Any work, meeting, moving to new houses or signing of important work scheduled on this lucky day will fare well in future. From 1st through 10th, the focus is not on you but on your partner, it could be business partner or your spouse. If, you are unmarried and have someone special in your life, this could be the time when you may decide to finalize your relationship. From 17th November through 30th December, the focus will shift to money in big way. This is a good period to assess your present financial position and take corrective measures to increase your personal net-worth and bank balance. From 17th through 24th, there is a parivartana yoga (interchange of planets) between Mars and Mercury; during this period you will do everything possible to plug the outflow of cash and minimize your expenditures. Your past actions may catch up with you (not necessarily a bad thing!). You may feel strange to read this but I have seen people under this planetary tide feel restless and may have trouble having peaceful sleep (insomnia!). On 26th of October, Saturn, the planet of limitation and restrictions, moved away from your financial sector. Saturn stayed in your financial sector for past 2 ½ years. Saturn may have brought financial restrictions in these years in some way or probably you used bank loans or credit limits to finance your dreams. From now onwards, you will be thinking hugely about your personal net-worth, bank balance, and in some way your personal identity or individuality will connect with money.

SCORPIOS: As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars rules over your sun sign. From 1st through 10th of this month, at work place there may be few sudden and unexpected changes, I will give you few examples—an employee leaves and you have to shoulder extra responsibilities, you may lose or bag a new prestigious project/client, if something or someone is annoying you will no longer suffer in silence but may take some proactive action (these are just some examples). This may also be a time when you will get going on your gym exercise, yoga or some fitness and nutrition program that you may have been thinking of doing for long time. In 3 months from 18th, you will take many steps to reinvent yourself. Last month on 26th of October, Saturn, the planet of limitation and restrictions, moved away from your Sun sign (this is good news!). Saturn stayed in your sign for about 2 ½ years. Saturn phases in life are when you may have to go through tough experiences, and in such times, decide to pull yourself up and work extremely hard, the person who emerges after this phase, takes advantage of every opportunity, and becomes a worldly success. Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps you focused on your path. Regarding money being cautious will help you, avoid acting on impulses. This month (especially close to 12th) Jupiter will be very favorably placed. Spirituality, charitable work or work that involves serving others, may begin now and bring you much satisfaction, you may even think of going for meditation retreats or visiting places of your faith or religion.