Tuesday, 4 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. In month of July, August and also September, the spotlight is on your closest relationship, could be your business partner or your spouse. If, you are unmarried, planets will initiate the period of marriage too. You may even get engaged or married. If already married, there may be conflicts and arguments with your partner. Relationships are precious and hence should be handled with care and all the love it deserves, it would be, astrologically speaking with planet Mars so strong in this period, good to compromise a little for sake of love. From 4th through 14th, you may suffer from occasional mood swings or feeling of loneliness. At this time emotions will be high. It is the nature of this world that we have to keep growing whether we want to or not, choosing to change proactively is far better option, Sagittarius. Challenging or tough times show things we need to change, and give a chance to rise above limiting circumstances. You are moving through the transformational phase of your life. All that you have worked for, since last 9 months, is slowly taking shape, putting the spotlight on you. Encircle date 18th on your calendar; even the days close to this date are lucky for you, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, will hold hands with planet of love, money and comforts, Venus. You can schedule important works on or near this date. From 22nd of July, focus will shift from relationship to finances.

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. Capricorn, your everyday life is going to get busier than ever.
If, you are self-employed, you will get more than one job projects in hand, and if you are in job services and looking for change or an add-on job to supplement your salary, this is a good period to apply for. This month, at work, you may have some problems with your colleagues or with people, who are insecure about their own talents. In personal life also someone may behave too bossy. It is also a good time to take charge of your health especially if you are suffering from any illness. Joining yoga classes, gym, morning walks or new diet plans is something that you may think of. Watch what happens, from 4th through 14th, it is possible that certain things be revealed to you and/or you might get to see someone’s true colors. Things that are happening behind your back, or are under the surface, about which you probably are not aware of, may be revealed to you. Encircle 18th on your calendar, on this date or days close to this date are good; you can schedule important meetings or interviews. From 23rd ONWARDS, for those who are unmarried and looking for partner, planets begin the six month period yoga for marriage. If, already married, be careful for there may be great difference of opinion with your spouse. To find more emotional stability and control of how you feel you need to get your validation from nowhere and no one but—‘yourself’, keep this thought with you!