Sunday, 2 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. Leo’s, you have been unusually active and busy, since 17th of June (last month) and this will continue all through the month of July and also August. I am sorry to write this, as I foresee, you seem very tense about your work and earnings. In first 12 days of this month, you will be concentrating mainly on accumulation of wealth, increasing your source of income or earnings. At work stay out of office politics or management issues. If, you are self-employed, you probably exerting a lot in your career to push limiting boundaries. Yes, waiting for that big break that will set you free from all the work pressures will not be easy to come, you are doing quite well, but you need a break. Leo’s, do not lose patience or your cool, understand the transit of planets, Sun (your ruler) is traveling in company of Mars (zodiac time keeper), who is preparing you for important work but not without great efforts. Planets are supporting you, after a busy work day, you can unwind yourself with your close friends. From 4th through 15th, a budding romance is possible for some Leos and if you are invited for any party during this period, do go, you will get a chance to relax and unwind. Enjoy partying and interacting with your friends in first 3 weeks of this month because from 20th of the month, you will be ready to step away (more so after 23rd) and being alone may seem a better option. Before I end my forecast for you, I would like to add here, on 21st of August, there will be a powerful solar eclipse in your sign (although not visible in India), this solar eclipse will bring many changes thereafter in your life, so continue pursing your path of destiny with positivity in your heart!!!

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is packing its bags to shift away from your sign next month. Jupiter will shift away from your sign in the month of September, so you still have 2 more months to get full advantage of presence of this planet. Jupiter in your sign may have brought many changes in your life. Past one year may have brought new experiences in your life. The way you look at life and the world is changing. New insights and perceptions have transformed and will continue to transform your personality and views.  Professionally, two months July and August are very important. You are entering a very competitive career phase. At work, from 1st through 15th, at times it may seem difficult to hold onto your work. If, you are a freelancer or self-employed, you may get not just one but maybe two offers and each offer may have few clauses that may not go easy with you. Not just work, your name, reputation and how people view in society may also mean a lot to you. From 4th through 15th, something in your personal life of utmost importance will reach a culmination stage. If you have been planning a move or renovation, you may make a decision. In personal life, all emotions and things that you have been holding inside you may bubble up. From 20th, whether it is professional or personal, conflicts and tensions with those who mean a lot to you is indicated for you. Astrologically, I would say step away from people and situations that can only bring negativity. Virgo’s, remember it will not be easy as money, directly or indirectly, is connected with the situations and events that will occur in coming months!!