Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. This is a month to expand your horizons and explore life. From 1st through 26th, planet Mars of energy and action, is traveling through professional sector of your solar chart. You will be full of energy this month and may take firm decisions this month for work. Leo’s, of course nothing will be easy, on the contrary, some events, news or meeting, may totally push you out of your comfort zone. Initially, you may feel tension and uncertain but have faith, Leo’s, life is bringing changes for betterment in your life, you have been dreaming about changes for years, so grab the opportunities, even though they seem difficult initially. In 2 months from now, you may have to relocate, move to different environment. If, you are a student and want to study in a foreign university, you may apply or if you are preparing for some competitive exams, bar exams or some high degree Mercury placement this month will be helpful. However, Mars, the planet of energy and confidence, may make this phase very competitive. For those who are self-employed, you may explore new ideas and horizons, surprisingly stars will inspire you to take risk. You can plan a vacation or a business trip too. Six months from 26th of May, the most crucial career phase of your life will begin. You will be ambitious. Yes, there will be stress, tension, compromises, adjustments and deadlines to meet but such is life. One date I would like you to circle—29th May (Plus minus one day), this will be a difficult date for most Sun signs, so play cool and safe on this date.

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Virgo’s coming 6 months from 1st of May are very important. How you earn money or how you save money will be strong, you might think about various ways and additional sources to increase your income. In addition to this finances especially related with following matters will become very important--- joint or inherited property, tax or a legal settlement, an insurance or retirement payout, health insurance, joint business money resources, money for children or anything related with loans. Alternatively, it is not ‘You’ but it could be unexpected things involving your partner's/spouse money. Whatever happens will have an element of surprise and it is something else that you had not considered or thought of. Watch and see what happens from 4th through 15th of May. Jupiter placed in your sign will support you on 12th of May (plus minus 1 day). Saturn will be in tough angle with Mars on or near 29th of May, so avoid disagreements at home or at work. Life may seem unfair or challenging when it throws surprises at us when we are least expecting them but it is during these times we can rise above the situation by taking proactive actions!!